#CoutureForEverybody: PUG in the Big Apple

When Pinup Girl Clothing announced a few weeks ago that they would be hosting a series of meetups and events in New York City during Fashion Week, my entire social lineup came to a screeching halt.

It was very much a STOP THE PRESSES moment, and nothing short of tragedy was going to make me miss this opportunity. After all, the Cali girls boast plenty of PUG face time but us East Coasters are oft left out of the fun, simply because of the distance.

Events were scattered throughout the weekend: drinks and socializing on Friday, a meet up and lunch on Saturday afternoon followed by the (in)famous PUG Yardsale and hangout in Brooklyn, and a vintage crawl in the big city on Sunday. Time, money, and a pesky little thing called “my full-time job” got in the way of a weekend of debauchery, however I was lucky enough to swing an entire Saturday in the big city. Best friend in tow, I took the town by storm in my hot pink Jessica dress. (It felt apropos, given that it is my namesake.) First stop: Lincoln Center Square.


Requisite “Selife On The Train”

Lincoln Center Square is a different kind of beast during Fashion Week, and unbeknownst to me, a pin-up in the Big Apple is actually kind of a spectacle. Despite New York’s reputation for the unusual, we stuck out like two sore thumbs, and the cameras certainly paid us some attention. We were the first ladies to arrive to the meet up, so we  spent our extra time strolling, lounging by the fountain, taking in the sights, and keeping our eyes peeled for a glimpse of another set of Victory Rolls or pin curls in the crowd. Finally, we spotted someone. A navy blue Luscious dress, petticoat, and some of the prettiest red pin-curls I’ve ever seen. “I think we’re probably here for the same reason!”


Dizzy Doll of Beauty Set Apart, pin-up girl and maker of rockin’ hair accessories.

We wandered aimlessly for a while, in search of the other PUG fans that were sure to be in attendance. After an hour or so of walking, we spied them from across the crowded square: hair flowers! We had found our people.

If  one pin-up in the big city was a spectacle, a whole group of pin-ups is enough to bring the house down. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before: photographers swarmed. Style bloggers, tourists, fashion photographers–everyone wanted a piece of us! After plenty of photography time (all of the ladies looked gorgeous!), we were off to lunch for a bite to eat before the yard sale.

photo (7)

I can’t pronounce anything on this menu. Also, these girls are gorgeous!


Let me tell you something, readers. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a room with so many beautiful, vivacious, and (quite frankly) stunningly-dressed women all at once. We talked, laughed, ate, drank (in moderation, because come on: margaritas.), and then it was game time. Yard Sale time. 

This is where we split up. A group of us decided to brave the subway, while the rest of the ladies hopped into a cab to Brooklyn’s Slapback Boutique, our gracious host for the evening. I was part of the subway-bravers, and let me tell you this: Pin-ups on a train? You guessed it: Spectacle.

Baby's first ride on the metro!

Baby’s first ride on the metro!

Pin ups on the train.

Pin ups on the train.

Under the city, over the bridge and up into the sunlight, we hopped into the quickly formed line at Slapback, waiting our turn. Thankfully the rain held off, and many of the ladies in attendance walked away with some fabulous goodies at fantastic prices. Me? I kept it small and settled on a gorgeous navy blue Laura Byrnes Janelle dress from previous seasons. The deep, rich color and thick fabric will make it perfect for this upcoming fall, and at a measley 40$?! The excitement was palpable. However, fantastic shopping was not the point of these events.

Pinup Girl Clothing is one of those rare by-women-for-women companies that truly believes and supports the idea that Every Body Is Beautiful. They have some of the most diverse models I have seen, their size range is impressive for a smaller company, and their dedication to their business is unrivaled. It is rare that a company actually practices what they preach–and PUG certainly delivers. It is this attitude that consistently brings me back, both as a customer and a fan. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that packing up boxes of goodies, suitcases of clothes/flyers/giftcards, toting the kids along, and flying across the country is no walk in the park. Yet some of the famous faces of PUG did just that. Not only to promote the brand, but to spread the message of #CoutureForEveryBody.

The Supreme Overlord herself, Laura Byrnes

The Supreme Overlord herself, Laura Byrnes.

Not only that, but time was spent actually getting to know us–the customers and fans. Let me tell you something, Laura Byrnes is hilarious. She’s quick witted, obviously intelligent, and very personable. And Micheline Pitt? It amazed me. Micheline Pitt spoke to every girl that approached her as if she’d known her forever. She was welcoming, friendly, and fabulous as all hell. I’m no designer and no business owner, but it takes true personality and passion to be able to exude that kind of positivity to every person you meet. Being able to spend an afternoon with these strong, driven women was truly inspirational. (Oh, and obviously the nanny in me wanted to cuddle the hell out of Gaia, Laura’s littlest.)

The one and only Micheline Pitt.

The one and only Micheline Pitt.

In all, PUG in the big city was an absolutely incredible experience. Every moment was filled with laughter, and just being able to network with this group of fantastic women was empowering. I connected with some fabulous girls on this trip, and I look forward to maintaining those connections and hopefully forming them into full-blown friendship. The Couture For Everybody event in NYC was a smashing success, and here’s hoping that the ladies of PUG decide to bring it around again in the years to come!


Eyebrows in progress

Oops, I nearly forgot. (And seriously, how could I forget!?!) Who’s got two thumbs and got a new set of brows during Ms. Pitt’s brow demo at Slapback? That’s right ladies and germs, yours truly. They’ll never look like this again, so naturally I had to preserve the memory. Cheers!

photo (8)



Another Dose of Deadly: Kiss Me Deadly Review

Suffice to say, I’m addicted to Kiss Me Deadly.

Besides the fact that I’ve always had a soft-spot in my blogger heart for smaller independent brands, I also have mucho respect for anybody–person, business, or otherwise–that does their own thing.  And if any of you are even remotely familiar with the Kiss Me Deadly brand, you know that they do the hell out of their own thing!

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that when my birthday (and subsequent birthday monies) rolled around last January, I leaped at the chance to give some of my lusted-after garments a try.

Enter the Pink Alouette six-strap waist cincher and brief:


Pink Alouette Cincher and Pin-up Brief by Kiss Me Deadly

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

If you pair blush pink satin with a sultry lace overlay, I’m already hooked. But put these two characteristics into a piece of lingerie that not only cinches in my waist,  but offers six detachable suspender clips to hold up my stockings? Love. Love, in it’s truest form. It meets in the back with a hook-and-eye closure, which requires a bit of patience to close up, but once on, you may never want to take it off!

Back in January when I purchased these items, I was a bit larger then my current stats, so what was a perfect fit on my 33″ waist back then is a bit loose on my now 29″-30″ waist. For reference, I own a size Large in this piece, which is still wearable at my current size. However, it does not necessarily offer any compression or shaping that I suspect it would in the size smaller that I now need!


The sexy-sweet briefs showcase the same lace print as the cincher, and feature sheer mesh at the sides and back. A sweet little bow finishes off the keyhole. I ordered these briefs in a size XL way back when, and I am happy to say that because baby got back, they still fit my newly reshaped derriere! I measure 44″ at the hip–most of which is rear–and I find these to run a tiny bit small. I was happy with my size choice, as the waistband does not cut into my hips.

The only issue that I have come across with these pieces is that the suspender clips require a bit of gentle coaxing to stay in place. The first few times I fastened them they slipped from their positioning and left my stocking falling south. Once I’ve convinced them that they’re to hold tight to my stockings, I fell in love all over again…


…and I mean, come on. How could you not?

(As I am sized out of Kiss Me Deadly’s bra offerings, I happily paired this set with my trusty Freya Deco in black. It’s not a perfectly cookie-cutter match, but I’m not complaining. And I daresay I don’t think my girlfriend will, either. ;) )

Because I have a serious shopping habit healthy appetite for lingerie, I also popped a Lydia suspender belt into my cart at the time of my order. As Lydia is a discontinued set, I got it for a song. And you can imagine that many moons later when I scooped up my first Avocado lingerie set and I realized that the two different brands were actually a perfect match…well..

It would have been a crime to not pair them up and take some snaps.

DSC_3322editLydia is another one that had my heart a-fluttering. Gorgeous teal (Teal? Turquoise? whatever the color, it’s lovely.) satin with a black lace overlay, six suspender clips and a wide top to hide a multitude of sins? Bow details around every corner? And it closes easily in the back with three sets of three hooks-and-eyes. How did they know!

Kiss Me Deadly, are you sneaking into my dreams at night?!

I also purchased this lovely in a size Large, which is sadly too large for my new frame. However for size reference, at the time of purchase (41″/33″/45″) this piece fit my body as if it was made for me! I wore it lovingly underneath my swingy-est of dresses, and eventually took a seam ripper to the bows so that I could utilize her underneath more form fitting wiggles. Lydia shaped up to be both a sexy and utilitarian piece of lingerie. Ten points to KMD!

If you are looking to inject a little functional ingenuity and creativity into your lingerie collection, I highly recommend Kiss Me Deadly as a brand to follow. Their personality shines through in every photoshoot, blog update, and Facebook status, which is something that I really admire! They are a brand that obviously and truly cares for their customer base. They listen, and they deliver! Passion is obviously in the forefront of what they do. From corsets, to cinchers, to girdles and everything in between–I firmly believe that Kiss Me Deadly has something to suit every body!


Cupless Vargas Dress in Red: Limited Edition! Preorder at Kiss Me Deadly


(Don’t believe me? Check out this Cupless Vargas dress that has just been released for pre-order! Available in both black and red, it is perfect for large and small busted ladies alike. Versatile and sexy. Kiss Me Deadly, I think you’ve truly outdone yourselves this time!)


 Hey guys. I have the best photographer ever. Check out Sarah King Photography on Facebook! Any questions? Interested in booking? Want to tell her she’s awesome? Email her at SarahRKingPhotography@yahoo.com!

A Trip to Tatyana

I firmly believe that every woman is entitled to treat herself, especially in times of trouble. When emotions are running high, sometimes the only person who can really make you feel better is yourself. And so, we search for ways to ease the strife.

Some girls indulge in tantalizing treats. (Ohgodyes, brownies.)

Some throw themselves into a fervor of exercise.

Me? I shop. I get impulsive, and I shop like there’s no tomorrow. And in these most recent weeks…oh boy, did I come home with a haul.

After a recent emotional upset lead me to an impromptu solo-trip to New York City, I suddenly found myself gliding through the doors of Tatyana Boutique’s flagship store around 1st and Bowery. Allow me to set the scene:

Deep breath in, exhale. Must not squeal, exhibit self control! A chorus of angels harmonizes in the background while afternoon sunlight glimmers over racks and racks draped with fabulous retro-chic clothing. I’m greeted by a team of beautiful women, all dressed to the nines in the latest that Tatyana has to offer. Deep breath, exhale. There’s no place like home (away from home).

I came dressed for the day in a current-season purchase from the previous weekend–the absolutely stunning Shame dress in red–and found my kindred spirits in two similarly polka-dot clad (and absolutely wonderful!) employees.

Lots of dots at Tatyana Boutique NYC

Lots of dots at Tatyana Boutique NYC

After much excited chit chat with these lovely ladies, I set to scouring the inventory, determined to try on essentially every damn thing in the store. Countless swimsuits, dresses, and separates later, I made my choices and practically skipped to the register, brandishing my credit card. Here’s what came home with me…

The Sweet Berries Dress:

DSC_3212It’s all in the name. The Sweet Berries dress from Tatyana Boutique is one of the sweetest dresses that I own. It has very quickly morphed into my favorite go-to “casual day out” dress. With it’s red and white polkadot motif and bow accent, it is a dress that (in my humblest of opinions), can do no wrong! Fully lined and made from fabric with just enough give, it’s perfectly curve-hugging and fits my body as if it was made for me. At 40/30/44, I purchased this beauty in a size Medium.



The medium requires just the tiniest bit of wiggling to get into, but it’s no stress on the rugged zipper, and once into the dress I can breathe, sit, and dance with no issues.

DSC_3192editThis dress retails at $120.00, and is available in sizes Extra Small to Extra Large. While this is a smaller size range then Tatyana usually offers, I would encourage my 2XL ladies to give the XL a try, given my size experience with this dress! Love it? Order your own here!

The All Aboard Blouse and Catwalk Skirt:

I am very much a dresses-before-separates kind of lady, but in an effort to broaden my wardrobe horizons, I tried on a few separates while gallivanting through New York City. And despite my original misgivings about a two-piece outfit, I fell truly-madly-deeply for two particular items at the Tatyana Boutique: The All Aboard Blouse in red, and the Catwalk Skirt in black:


Maybe I’m predictable in that I love anything red-white-with-bows, but when I saw this pretty, I couldn’t resist. This top is not only gorgeous, but it is flattering, breathable, and loaded with s-t-r-e-c-h! I initially tried this on in a size medium, only to be swamped by fabric in my shoulder region. The size small that now hangs in my closet is a perfect fit and leaves room for me to lose the last few pounds I’m working on without the need for alterations. Besides that, what’s not to love about a big decorative bow and a keyhole cut-out? The All Aboard top is available in both red or navy, and retails for $58.00. If you love it as much as I do, grab your own here.


It’s hard not to feel cheeky in patriotic stripes, but it’s even harder not to feel downright sexy in the perfect black pencil skirt. Enter the Catwalk Pencil Skirt in black. Made of a stretch material that I can only classify as bengaline, it hugs my curvy hips and thighs in all the right places. Button and kick-pleat details adorn the front, giving it just the right amount of sass. Be warned, though: while the body of the skirt is stretchy, the waist is NOT. The side buttons and zip of the skirt are firm, so pay close attention to your waist measurement if ordering online. At 30″, I walked out with a size large and I struggle to get the buttons done up if I’m particularly bloated.  This skirt is available in sizes XS to 4XL, and retails for $70.oo. Need a new basic in your wardrobe? Order yours here!


What I Wore: “Shame”


Of course, a Tatyana-exclusive post couldn’t come to an end without discussing my all-time-favorite dress! The week before my NYC trip, I walked into “my”  Tatyana on Walnut Street in Philadelphia wearing a purple wiggle dress. I walked out about fifteen minutes in “Shame”, deeming a wardrobe change in the fitting room 100% necessary. As is apparent at this point in the post, this dress ticks all of my boxes: red, polka dots, bow accent.


It has a shoulder-skimming front and a v-back that shows off both my hard work at the gym and my favorite tattoo. Form fitting with a keyhole cutout under the bust, the only issue I’ve had with it is that my gold-star bra (the Freya Deco) tends to show out the bottom. I circumvent this issue by wearing solid shapewear under the dress. (My holy grail shapewear from dMondaine, if you’re interested!) I initially tried this beauty on in a size Large, but sized down to a Medium. It takes only a tiny bit of wiggling to get into this stretchy little number, and is absolutely worth it. This dress hugs every curve of my body without highlighting any of the little lumps-and-bumps that I (and everyone else in the world) have.  I have found that it can very easily transition from a day out in the city to a night out on the town with a few hair and makeup switcheroos. Versatile and comfortable, this piece has definitely earned top marks from this vintage-repro enthusiast.DSC_3254editPriced at $126.oo and available in sizes XS to 4XL, I’d highly recommend that every vintage-loving beauty out there run to Tatyana and snatch up their very own bit of “Shame”. It’s definitely a must-have for every pin up’s closet!

In a nutshell, I’ve become a frequent-flier at Tatyana Boutique. I can always count on their clothes to be beautifully made and high-in quality. My recent trip to the New York City flagship store left me not only 100% pleased with their products and customer service, but itching for another trip…and soon!


Let’s take a minute to discuss my fantastic photographer, shall we?! Friends for nearly ten years, Sarah King of Sarah King Photography was one of the few people I was comfortable enough to commission to shoot me not only in these pin-up lovelies, but in my undercrackers (for future posts). If you’re local-to-me, I highly recommend her services! Check her out on Facebook, and if you’re feeling really sporting, give her page a “Like”!


Music, Martinis, and Made In Preston: A Busty Girl Clothing Review

As if being a curvy girl isn’t enough, the clothing conundrums that accompany the figure can be downright tiresome.

Business casual tops with buttons that pull.

Jeans with gaping waistbands.

“If it fits great here, it doesn’t fit here, here, or here.”

It can be a nightmare but not all is lost, ladies! Never fear.

I was recently contacted by the lovely Nikki over at Made In Preston. Made In Preston is a British designed-and-manufactured company that offers gorgeously on-trend dresses, swimwear, and lingerie that is designed with a busty girl’s frame in mind. They realized what many high-street stores have not: that style goes far beyond a “DD”.

While it is already impressive that MiP offers lingerie and swimwear ranging in size from 26-38 DD-J, what’s even more fascinating about their line is their unique method of sizing. Each dress is available in sizes UK6-16 (US4-12), but let’s take it one step further:

“FIT … The same fit as you’d buy on the high street
FOXY … A little bit of extra room in the bust
FAB … A lot of extra room in the bust”
The magic is in the silhouette! Each Made in Preston item is offered in three shapes “Fit”, “Foxy”,or “Fab”. Ladies without the need for too much extra space in the bust could order a __”Fit”, and find little difference than on the high-street. But go with a “Fab”? You J-cup ladies may find this shape to be just what you’re looking for!
But how does Made In Preston shape up? I was given the opportunity to try out their Polka Dot Bodycon Dress in a 12Foxy (US10). As a 32G, I am not quite into “Fab” territory, and I found that the bust area of the “Foxy” silhouette was practically perfect. I trialed my dress for a concert in the city. Here’s how she fared:
photo 3

Made In Preston Polka Dot Bodycon Dress £32.00


Construction: Upon pulling my dress out of the parcel, I noticed right away that the construction of the dress was lovely. The stitching was strong and secure, there were no loose threads, and the seams were even. It was quite stretchy, and the only issue that I had was that the fabric itself was noticeably sheer and lightweight. Personally, this was not an issue for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear this with appropriately skin-toned lingerie on a hot summer day, or with a shaping slip underneath on other occasions.

Fit: When I was first discussing sizing with Miss Made In Preston herself, I was clueless. Quite simply, I sent her my bra size and my measurements (currently 40″/31″/44″, 32G), and she waved her magic wand. Just five days later, my dress was in my hot little hands! The 12 Foxy that landed in my mailbox–and subsequently onto my body!– was nearly spot on in both size and shape. My chest fit wonderfully into the bust portion of the dress without gaping or stretching (another busty-girl woe). The waist of the dress was the tiniest bit big, but not noticeably so. A quick trip to the seamstress for some tightening would give me the va-va-voom that I prefer in my wiggle dresses.

photo 2

At the concert, the dress was comfortable for equal parts dancing (Uh Huh Her, yes!) and sipping strong martinis in the mezzanine. The fabric is stretchy and breathable, and moved easily with each shimmy to the music. I did not find myself adjusting my clothing all night long, which is a definite “gold star” quality!  This is a piece that I feel could be dressed up or down. In this case, I paired it simply with black flats, a fierce red lip, and tousled hair, but I think she’d do nicely with a pair of sky-high heels and an up-do!

In all, I am very impressed by this offering from Made In Preston. (Not to mention the several other styles that have caught my eye.) I love the fresh and on-trend styles that the company has to offer, and it feels good to have high-street style options with my bigger-bust needs in mind. While their pricing may be considered a little higher for us USA-based ladies it is definitely worth a second look if you, too, are struggling with the Big Boob Conundrum. The shipping options to the US are quite affordable, and if you’re quick about it, MiP is offering a whopping 50% (!!!) off of your first order if you place it between May 29th and June 2nd.

Happy Shopping!

Bonus Shot!: "Martini in the Mezzanine"

Bonus Shot!: “Martini in the Mezzanine”

Bonus Bonus Shot: "Too Many Martinis, Bathroom Selfie Edition"

Bonus Bonus Shot: “Too Many Martinis, Bathroom Selfie Edition”

A Dose Of Glamour: (What Katie Did Girdle Review)

As a long-torsoed lady and self proclaimed shapewear addict, I’ve always been a huge fan of longline underbust girdles. In my humblest of opinions, they offer me the most for my money: garter clips for my favorite stockings, enough coverage for the requisite smoothing and nipping of my tummy area, and the ability to wear my own bra.

Amongst many a vintage/reproduction enthusiast, the Rago 1294 reigns supreme in this category, and it’s really no surprise. It boasts quality, affordability, and from retailers such as Orchard Corset, dye options in a variety of colors. It is regarded by many pin-up and lingerie bloggers as a wonderful girdle choice.

But there’s another contender. And she is one that won’t go down without a fight!

Recently, a friend of mine listed a piece of shapewear for sale. It was the What Katie Did Glamour Zip Underbust Girdle, and I immediately snapped it up, excited to give it a try. On the What Katie Did website, this girdle is described as:

Strong, layered powermesh trims, non-stretch satin smooths and added steel boning flattens your tummy while preventing roll-up. The high rise of this girdle eliminates any unsightly bulges that could appear below your bra. It also features six garters, and a hook and eye fastening, which is in turn covered with a zip for a sleek finish and easy entry and exit.”

Ah, zippers. Katie, you had me at zippers, because with a set of hips, thighs, and a bum like mine, one does not do a lot of wiggling into the tightest of shapewear without a little help from my friends. And since my last experience with WKD’s lingerie was a complete and total disaster, I was excited to give it another try with a more positive outlook!


What Katie Did Glamour Zip Underbust Girdle
Sizes US 6-16

Wow, wow, wow! I was not disappointed, to say the very least! I actually acquired this piece in a UK16/US12, which does not appear to be available on What Katie Did’s Website. This size proved to be perfection my 30″ waist and 44″ hips. The girdle was smoothing without being uncomfortable, and nipped in all the right places.The side metal zipper (which closes with hook-and-eyes), sat smoothly against my body without bulging or showing under my tight dresses, and the bottom of the band did not cut into my thighs. Usually I prefer adjustable garter straps on my lingerie, but in this particular piece I found the length of the six garter clips to be just right for my 5’6″ frame. What’s more, they held firm and secure to my favorite and ever-present What Katie Did stockings!


What Katie Did Glamour Zip Underbust Girdle

As far as quality and workmanship, this piece is flawless. The powermesh is thick and luscious, and the non-stretch satin panel in the front smooths beautifully while adding just a little extra “something pretty” to an otherwise fantastic functional piece. While the price point is a bit higher than it’s other reproduction counterparts, the What Katie Did Glamour Zip Underbust Girdle stays true to it’s namesake with that added injection of glamour. What Katie Did has definitely upped the ante with this piece, and pushed it into “luxury lingerie” territory.

Overall, I am very pleased with this girdle! Despite being a bit out of my usual price range, I am thrilled to have made a place for it in my collection. I’m quick to admire What Katie Did’s pieces from afar, and when the opportunity to splurge presents itself, I can’t resist!

photo (2)

Bonus!: “Dramatically Getting Ready In The Loo” shot. ;)

Fashionable, functional, and fabulous, I highly recommend that every vintage-loving lady make a place for a little bit of this luxe in their lingerie drawer!

Meet “Marilyn”: dMondaine Shapewear Review

As a lingerie blogger, I spend a significant amount of time on the hunt for that one “it” piece of lingerie. Hours upon hours are spent pouring over websites and catalogs, and even more time is spent in front of a dressing room mirror, critiquing and deciding which piece is going to make the cut and end up on the blog. It’s a time-consuming gig, but someone’s gotta do it (and let’s be honest, I love every minute of it).

However, very seldom does the “it” piece of lingerie actually fall into your lap. I thought it impossible, until I received an email from the lovely Giovanna of dMondaine . Giovanna wanted to introduce me to dMondaine, a luxury shapewear brand with a longstanding history of catering to the stars. Their designer, Kiana Anvaripour, strived to design a collection of shapewear that was both gorgeous and functional, and if their press history has anything to say about it, they’ve succeeded tenfold.

After a little bit of back-and-forth (and a lot of gushing on my part), Giovanna offered to send me my very own piece of dMondaine–and when that parcel arrived on my doorstep just days later, I immediately understood what the hype was about.

Meet: Marilyn.



“Marilyn” Full Body Slip by dMondaine
Available sizes XS-XL

The Marilyn Full Contouring Slip is a dMondaine best seller, and it is very plain to see why. Constructed of breathable “ResultWear” performance fabric, it nips, tucks, and smooths and holds everything in place while still remaining comfortable for long-term wear. Besides being completely functional, it is a rare gem in the world of shapewear–it’s pretty. The fabric is thick and of obvious quality, and the construction is practically flawless. I was sent this lovely piece in a size XL and tested her out over the course of two days out in the city. What better to test the abilities of some serious shapewear than with drinking, dancing, and a room full of lesbians? :)


“Marilyn” Full Body Contour Slip by dMondaine

Marilyn features a full back-zip, a built in bra, and  firm-control panels to slim the waist and smooth the tummy. As a 32G, I definitely needed the added support of my trusty Freya Deco underneath this slip, as the idea of a built-in bra working for a busty lady is almost laughable. However, the added support of the slip’s bust panels made for some serious cleavage, which couldn’t have been more perfect for my night on the town.


On night 1, I wore this slip underneath my “Erin” dress by Pinup Couture. The dress fits like a second skin, and Marilyn was nearly invisible underneath. Not a line nor seam was visible underneath Erin–the tightest dress in my wardrobe. Through a night of dancing and too many vodka seltzers, I didn’t have to adjust myself at all. Riding up wasn’t an issue either. Marilyn and I made it through the night unscathed, and when the opportunity for another outing presented itself the next night, I was game.

_SMF0963Night two featured a brand-spanking-new dress, the Megan Lace Wiggle by Tatyana. With Marilyn underneath, I felt smooth, secure, and confident. She gave amazing (admittedly, eyecatching) cleavage, but because Megan is not nearly as form fitting as my Erin dress, I did experience a bit of riding up while I was moving around. I don’t attribute this to a product malfunction, but to my recent weight-loss.* Simply put, I shrunk: Marilyn didn’t. She is simply too big for my body now, and this issue was rectified easily with a bit of fashion tape. Once again, Marilyn and I made it through the evening unscathed and happy. Despite a bit of adjusting while dancing, I felt smoothed and secure in my wiggliest-of-wiggle dresses.

Even with my continued weightloss, I find myself reaching for my Marilyn quite often. It is a simply designed but incredibly effective piece of shapewear that is functional underneath almost every outfit I own. When I’ve completely shrunk out of my XL Marilyn, I can guarantee that I will be paying a visit to my seamstress and begging her for alterations! Who knows, maybe I’ll even be bold and start wearing my underwear as outerwear. ;)



TL;DR: Full-body contour slip. XS-XL (Runs large, in my opinion). Available in black/beige. 169.00$. Built in bra (for smaller busts), cleavage boosting (for larger busts). Smooths and shapes while still remaining comfortable.

Like what you see? Think you might want your own? Take a look at dMondaine’s entire line of luxury shapewear over at dMondaine.com.


*I received this product for review at the beginning of March and trialed it 2 weeks later. In that time, I lost approximately 7lbs, which I believe attributed to my fit-issues. Upon arrival, this item fit perfectly in an XL on a 41″/33″/45″ body. At time these photos were taken, my body measures 40″/32″/44″)

Falling For Fraulein–“Falling In Love” Reviewed

There I was, lazing around in a plain-Jane chain hotel. My hair was a mess, I was drinking bad hotel coffee, and  staring at generic watercolors that were painted and printed by Joe Nobody.   In my mind, though, it was a little different.

In my mind, I’m rolling around on a California-king sized four poster bed, instead of the cramped full-sized mattress. (Tiny girlfriend, you take up a lot of space.) My crummy hotel brew is replaced by a mid-afternoon mimosa, and instead of staring out the window at a dingy Walmart parking lot, my room-with-a-view allows me to drink in rolling hills of the sunny Italian countryside.(This is my fantasy, and in my fantasy it is the summer, dig it?)

“Why?” you ask. Because, ladies and germs, it is difficult to feel anything but glamorous while prancing around in this little beauty:

"Falling In Love" by Fraulein Annie

“Falling In Love” by Fraulein Annie
Fuller Bust Bra: 30D-38G Approximately $79.00
High-waisted Panty Girdle” UK8-18 Approximately $79.00

“But Jessica, I’ve seen that set before.”

Well, yeah. I’ve been salivating over this particular set of lovelies for months now, and finally finally I can call them mine! You see, I recently had a birthday. And because the folks at Large Cup Lingerie are possibly the best people on the face of the earth, they ever so kindly offered to send me the very bra and pantygirdle that my heart had been wishing for! Call it a belated birthday gift, they said. (“I love you!” I replied.)

Fräulein Annie is a brand that I am no stranger to. Once upon a dream, I owned their Falling In Love full cup bra in black/chestnut, before my chest decided to make a break for it and grow three cup sizes. I was completely blown away by the craftsmanship and attention to detail in these pieces, and the romantic-vintage feel of the collection spoke to my inner enthusiast. It was my first dive into the world of luxury full-bust lingerie, and I could not get enough.

“Falling In Love” by Fraulein Annie Fuller Bust Bra and High Waisted Panty Girdle

Now, you can see that the pieces are downright drop-dead gorgeous, but let’s talk fit.

(I’d like to note that at the time of review, this bra fit me perfectly in a 34FF. It was snug and supportive on the last hooks, I filled the cups nicely and without wrinkling, and gave a rounded, subtly uplifted shape. Since that time, I have lost around 15lbs, and while the volume of my breasts hasn’t changed much, I am now pretty firmly living in 32-band territory, and thus this bra needs altering.)

The Bra:

The Falling In Love Fuller Bust Bra is made of sweet cinnamon colored satin and cream lace, and is double lined for durability. It features two strong vertical seams as part of it’s three-part cup construction. The straps are actually part of the cup (instead of being flimsy and thin), and are half-adjustable. Small bows adorn both straps at the point where cup and strap meet, as well as at the center-gore of the bra.
Aesthetically, it is positively stunning. The cinnamon/cream color combination oozes Victorian vintage charm, and I have fantasies of having an afternoon tea party swathed in just this set, and nothing more. (Because truly, in a set this beautiful, the only accessories a girl needs are some curls and a set of pearls!)
At the time of review, this bra fit me well, and I would say the cups are true to size. Fräulein Annie lingerie has a reputation for running more snug in the band, and as someone who fell between 32 and 34 bands, my original choice of a 34FF was spot on. Snug and supportive without sacrificing comfort, the band sat smoothly against my skin without digging or chafing.
As a self described Freya Deco-addict, the non-moulded cups were a bit of a new thing for me. I am so used to the va va voom of my Deco that the subtle, romantic cleavage of this set took some getting used to. However, once swooped and scooped into place, I was very happy with the rounded and natural shape that this bra provides.
I had just two complaints about this bra, (neither of which were deal breakers.) As a small-shouldered person, the half-adjustable straps are almost not short enough for my frame. I need to tighten them almost completely to get the fit that is most comfortable to me, so I would note this to other small-shouldered ladies. My second issue lies with the wires of the center gore. They are tough and poked me pretty significantly in the beginning. Thankfully it was easily rectified by bending the wires ever-so-slightly away from my sternum.

TL;DR: Cinnamon satin/cream lace. Unpadded but well-lined cups. Half-adjustable straps. Band runs on the tighter side. Wires may dig, bend if necessary. Luxury quality. Wear with curls and a smile!

The Panties:

I love them.

I had to get right to the point with that one, ladies, because there aren’t really words to describe how incredible this girdle is. In my hunt for shapewear, I have searched long and hard for a fashionable, functional piece that doesn’t conjure up images of my great-great grandmother’s lingerie drawer. In this world where shapewear automatically equals “dowdy”, the Falling In Love panty-girdle is a breath of fresh air. The front panel is the same gorgeous cinnamon colored satin and lace of the bra, while the back and sides are made of a powerfully shaping mesh that expertly smooths and cinches while still remaining comfortable. I received this piece in a UK16/US12, and 15-pounds ago, it was admittedly just a little bit snug. Keeping this in mind, if you have no body-altering diet or exercise plans in your immediate future, I’d recommend sizing up in this piece! Now that I’ve slimmed down just a bit, the 16 is perfect on my current measurements (31″/44″), and still gives the desired slimming and shaping effects.

But that’s not all!

(Allow me to paint you a picture.)

Last weekend, (after a particularly hellish week at the grind) I shimmied myself into the tightest dress in my wardrobe and went out for a night of drinking and dancing with friends. After some pleasant conversation and a few vodka-seltzers, I felt the call of nature and slipped off to the loo. (Can I use that word? I love it, it’s much cuter than “bathroom”.) So there I was, jammed in a tiny nightclub bathroom stall, swathed in my most figure hugging outfit and seriously lacking space to move. You’d think this would be a nightmare situation–no elbow room and layers of shapewear to peel off. Or worse! Having to hike your dress up to your chin in order to wiggle your underlayers off. That’s a lot of trouble to go through just for a quick pee. Right? Wrong. Wrong, because Fraulein Annie is some type of genius, and added snaps to the crotch of the girdle. (!!!)

"Falling In Love" by Fraulein Annie High Waisted Panty Girdle Available Sizes UK8-18

“Falling In Love” by Fraulein Annie
High Waisted Panty Girdle
Available In  Sizes UK8-18

If the gorgeous fabric and quality construction of this set hadn’t sold me on it already, that particular feature definitely would have. I’m a woman that’s easy to please, so something as simple as being one step ahead of my undressing conundrums is very valuable.

TL;DR: High-waisted. Firm shaping and control. Cinnamon/almond details. Run a bit small, size up for comfort if between sizes. Button crotch for ease of wear! Pretty and practical, the ultimate lingerie staple piece.

There you have it, ladies and germs. Do you think you could you Fall In Love with Fraulein Annie? If you fancy picking up a set for yourself or your significant other, might I suggest the ever-wonderful folks over at Large Cup Lingerie as your first stop? They are always quick to respond to customer inquiries and offer always free shipping, no matter where in the world you lay your head. :)