Body Image, Feminism

I Hate Victoria’s Secret

I hate Victoria's Secret. There. I said it. And god damn it, I feel liberated. I didn't always hate Victoria's Secret, I'll admit, but we all do thing that we aren't proud of when we're young. We learn from our mistakes, and I sure as hell have learned from mine. Maybe it's because I learned… Continue reading I Hate Victoria’s Secret

Bra Fitting

“Quit yer bitchin’ “

A few months back, I wrote THIS article for In The Powder Room. It was on bra-fitting, and an informative response to a previous post on the same website about breast reductions. The original writer complained of back pain, sagging, and slipping straps. To me, the red flags were waving violently in front of my… Continue reading “Quit yer bitchin’ “

Queer Folk

Diary of A Femme-bot

As a lesbian, I tend to frequent gay/lesbian bars. (Shocking. I know.) Logically speaking, you would think that frequenting these places of business--those geared specifically to my community--I would be free to go about my girly-gay business without the permeating stares that I get on a regular day out and about with my girlfriend. You… Continue reading Diary of A Femme-bot