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Hello, My Name Is…

So, it seems that introductions are in order.

I’m Jess! 22 years young. Nanny by trade. Lesbian by birth. I’m a quirky one, or so I’ve been told, with interests ranging from vintage fashion to bra fitting, writing, civil liberties, tattoos, and everything in between.

In all honesty, I made this blog months ago, and it sputtered to a halt pretty quickly. Why, you ask? Because I have an unfortunate case of ADD, and I can’t focus on a single topic to save my life. Originally, Warning:Curves Ahead was going to focus mainly on curvy-girl clothes and bras, body positivity, and pretty things that I like. As it were, I just couldn’t box myself in like that.

(I have way too many opinions!)

My name still fits, however, it’s just on a more abstract level. Think of this blogging experience as a winding road. Go straight and you’ll find some posts on clothes. Swing a right and you’ll hear about the trials and tribulations of my life caring for wee-ones. Over that hill, there’s some bits about my experiences being a femme-bot in a boi’s world. (Queer community lingo, ahoy!) Turn left at the stop sign and maybe you’ll find a bra-fit review, or a rant about body-snarking. No MapQuest necessary.

Don’t like what I have to say? That’s cool too. I’ve got my opinions, you’ve got yours. The beautiful thing about this road trip is that you’ll always have the option to turn your car around and go home!

Happy Travels!

1 thought on “Hello, My Name Is…”

  1. I wish you all the best of luck with this page. She speaks truth and I know her good people. Listen up and enjoy. ~Jersey Jim

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