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“I Do!” (Not Tolerate Bigots)

Marriage Equality

For me, the subject of Marriage Equality is a hot-button issue. Maybe I missed the window for this discussion, and it’s not “hip” anymore to change your profile picture to a little red “=” and talk about how all human beings deserve equal rights. Regardless, that was then and this is now, and I think it’s important to keep the discussions going.
If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll notice that there’s usually some in-my-face occurrence that leads me to ramble about any given topic. For this particular topic, it was this little gem:


Now, if I keep telling you people about how I delete friends from my Facebook list, you’re going to think that everyone I know is a douchebag. Not true, my friends are amazing and I love them dearly. (Hats off to you, friends!) The person who posted THAT, however, did receive a deletion that was swift and sure. It was a serious “screw you!” kind of removal in which I literally typed up a massive rant on his post, deleted it, gave my computer screen the finger and gave that fucker the proverbial boot into cyberspace.

“But Jessica!” You say. “Everyone is entitled to their beliefs! That post wasn’t outright hateful. Why did you cut that person off like a minivan in traffic?”

Because, beautiful readers, what is written on that post is quite possibly the DUMBEST SHIT I HAVE EVER HEARD.

That statement makes not one single, solitary bit of sense. It says: “I’m your friend. I won’t judge you. But I don’t support homosexuality.”
To me, that actually reads this way:
“I won’t judge you, but I don’t support who you are. So really, I’m actually judging you even though I said I wasn’t going to, which makes me both a liar and a hypocrite.”
To me, that post says nothing but “I consider you to be less than me because of who you are. And because I think this, you do not deserve the same rights as me.”
Why would anyone want a “friend” who believes that? I certainly don’t.

I’m sure this post will ruffle a few feathers. A lot of Christians* use the Bible as a reference point for their bigotry. But listen here. I went to catholic school. I can sling bible versus with the best of them. But to my knowledge, the whole basis of the Good Book is “treat others as you want to be treated” and “judge not lest ye be judged”….
…But we conveniently forget that when we don’t agree with something, don’t we? We paraphrase the book, take what we want, and screw you to the other parts that are inconvenient to us.

“But Jessica!” Some of you might say. “Being gay is a choice. You are choosing to go against the word of God.”

As much as I hate using cliched arguments, riddle me this: when did you decide to be heterosexual? Have you involved yourselves with another man (for the guys), or a hottie lady (for my girls), just to be sure that you are truly heterosexual?

(I could write a series of blog posts on that topic alone. It makes my blood boil. A man once asked my girlfriend if she had ever tried having sex with a man, just to be sure she was gay. Her response was much more polite and ladylike then mine would have been, which is something along the lines of: “Hey buddy, why don’t you take your own advice, start handing BJs out like candy, and let me know how that goes for you, ok?”)

I did not choose to be gay. I AM. And honey, I DID try men. The big “D” is not my cup of tea, thanks, so take that little nugget and go somewhere. I don’t know any homosexual person who chose to have a life more difficult then others. People don’t like to be discriminated against, dummy. I chose to be gay the same way that you chose to be straight. Dig it?

Here’s the thing: there is supposed to be a clear and definite Separation of Church And State in our government. So if someone could please tell me why the whole basis of a lot of anti-gay lawmakers and citizens argument is “because it’s a sin”.

Uh…”Separation of Church and State…”

If that’s your argument, I don’t think you realize what that phrase means…

So let me educate you! It means:

Keep your god-damned**religion OUT of my civil human rights. Keep it out of my government. Keep it out of my constitution. Keep it to yourself.

*not all! My best friend in the world is Roman Catholic, and has never preached to me a day in her life. This post is for the ignorant or extremist Christians. You other guys are cool in my book.)

**pun not completely intentional, but valid nonetheless.

4 thoughts on ““I Do!” (Not Tolerate Bigots)”

  1. Is it sad that I want to take a bright red pen and mark all the grammatical errors in that little gem your “friend” posted? 😉

    That argument makes my blood boil, and I think you’re very brave to address it with such a passionate voice (I usually avoid issues that could lead to heated debate like the plague and am always so impressed by people who tackle them. I am trying to get better at being confident in my opinions, though!). I get so discouraged about bringing up equal rights, because if I try to rationally argue the point with the people I do know who believe the same as your former FB friend, they repeat those exact words in that little blurb over and over and get angry when I don’t see the “logic” they are using to support their arguments. Note to others: repetition does not automatically make something logical or true.

    1. And this, Absurd Curvy Nerd, is why you are awesome! You understand, and if I’m not mixing up your blog with someone else’s, you’re one of those awesome Christians that I talked about that actually treats other people the way you want to be treated, amirite? I hope it didn’t come across as me hating on religion, because I definitely have no issue with it at all! It’s the few faux-religious people, the people who make everyone else look bad. Stereotypes go all ways! So in that aspect, yeah, I can agree with that ridiculous meme. But “I don’t support homosexuality, but I’m not judging you” is the biggest load of bollocks that I’ve heard recently.

      1. I think you did a good job differentiating between what you don’t like about certain religious peoples’ views and the religion itself, actually! On a sort of silly side note, I have a “Green Eggs and Ham Philosophy” as a Christian:

        “Eggs is eggs.” Eggs don’t choose their color when they come out of a chicken. An egg’s greenness certainly never hurt anybody, and what does making it feel guilty or evil because it can’t suddenly change its color actually accomplish? We should love it in boxes, love it with foxes, love it here or there, and love it everywhere. We don’t say, “I love you, egg, but I don’t like that you’re green.”

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