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Broke Girl Reviews- “Rosa” by Panache

I am a broke girl.
It’s a vicious cycle, really. I have a shopping habit. I have actually worn bits of the electronic swipe on my debit card away. I have a drawer full of lingerie and a closet full of dresses to prove it to you all. Some argue that I need rehab.

The fact that I am a broke girl means that usually, though an item may set my heart a-flutter and get my credit card fingers itching, sometimes I have to do something that I don’t like doing: wait.

So I wait. I stare wistfully at the objects of my desire, with only a glowing computer screen (and a warehouse, and UPS between us. I stalk the internet like an ex-boyfriend on a mission, and when I see that it has been red-tagged into my price range, I snatch-and-grab.

I know I CAN’T be the only lady out there that dances with her wallet this way. Thus, Broke Girl Reviews was born. Sure, there are other reviews. They were done back when the object of my lust was freshly pressed–hanging shiny and new on a hanger. WITH A 50% MARK-UP. Pfft.


Truly, ain’t nobody got time for that. See, my boobs don’t care if I’m wearing last-season’s sexy bits. (Don’t worry, I asked them, they’re totally cool with it.) My girlfriend wouldn’t know an AW2012 from a SS2009. Her knowledge of lingerie stops at “Ooh, cleavage!”. She likes it that way. I like it that way. I get gorgeous lingerie at half the price, my wallet gets a break, she gets well dressed tit-tays to ogle. Everyone is happy.


I picked up the Panache Rosa bra from a Facebook swap/sell group catering to busty women for a steal. 27$. (!!!!!!!) With an original retail value of $89.00, the very idea of a 2 followed by a 7 in regards to this brand-new-with-tags item was too good to pass up. With a solid excuse reason to back up my purchase, I messaged the seller and paid so quickly that I actually got a little dizzy. When my package arrived two days later, I snatched it up and ran-like-I-stole-it to my bedroom, because there is no such thing as patience or virtues when it comes to brand spankin’ new lingerie. I needed to get that puppy on STAT. Off with the shirt and on with the new goodies: I fell in love. I could end it right there, but for the sake of being thorough, lets do this:

This bra is BEAUTIFUL. Harlequin by Panache is known for churning out some seriously gorgeous lingerie that oozes class, sass, and just a little dash of sex appeal. This was an Autumn/Winter 2012 piece, and the muted pinks, dusky rose, and pretty greens in the rose-print pattern reflect that beautifully. The cups are moulded and well structured, with a deep-plunge center designed to give soft, subtle cleavage. Matching bottoms in the form of a thong or short were also made available when this bra was released.

I find the band to be firm, but for my particular tastes, I probably should have gone with the 32FF instead of the 34F, as I measure 33″ under my bust. I usually find 32 bands to be more supportive, however the 34 gets the job done wonderfully and doesn’t move around during the day.
The straps–while not fully adjustable–seem to come up short, as they are perfect on my small-ish shoulders, and I still have a bit of wiggle room for adjustment.
The cups gives a subtle, rounded shape. Even though Rosa hasn’t stolen that special place in my heart from my Freya Deco (which I worship, long for, and adore), she is definitely more appropriate for say, a day at work. (When, in my case, in-your-face cleavage would only be seen by hungry babies and thus is a TERRIBLE idea.) The only issue I’ve seemed to have with the shape of this bra’s cups is this: since the gore doesn’t sit quite as high on my chest as that of my Deco Plunge, my (very soft) breast tissue sometimes wiggles its way out of place and needs a firm reminder to “get the hell BACK where you belong”. I don’t really see this as a bra-based issue, but a breast tissue/shape problem, as I have the same spillage with my Curvy Kate Tempt Me: another style with an extremely deep central gore.

Here’s the TL:DR version for those of you without that patience and virtues I talked about before:

-Moulded cups, nice shape, subtle cleavage
-Low, plunging central gore
-Firm band, but size up/down according to band firmness preference (as with all bras)
-Non-fully adjustable straps, but still functions well on those with small shoulders
-Did I mention gorgeous?

Here’s the fun part. As a broke girl, I like to help out my FELLOW broke girls. And while I couldn’t find any 27$ (!!!!!) steals for you, I did manage to dig up two listings for this exact model. At 45% off.

Amazon is offering this beauty at 44$ shipped, as is E-bay. (Presumably from the same 5-star seller.)

If you’re anything like me and 44$ is still out of your budgetary constraints…well, make like a crazy ex-boyfriend (or girlfriend, ahem.) and stalk. Last I checked, the internet can’t file a restraining order. 😉

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