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Deco Shape: A New Love Affair

It has been a very good week for bras in the Warning:CurvesAhead household. This week alone, I have received not one, not two, but three wonderful new booby-holders, all of which I am excited to share with you lovely readers. To say that I am ecstatic is a gross understatement: new lingerie makes me giddy.… Continue reading Deco Shape: A New Love Affair

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Parfait by Affinitas to Expand Size Range!

After publishing my Lingerie Lust List a few weeks ago, I was having a conversation about Parfait by Affinitas with a very dear friend of mine. She is around a 34K and drop dead gorgeous, and was lamenting her inability to fit into their gorgeous line of retro-reminiscent bits of satin and lace. And then… Continue reading Parfait by Affinitas to Expand Size Range!

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I Want To See You Be Brave

Sara Bareilles just released a new song and video from her upcoming album, entitled "Brave". It encourages the listener to be brave, speak up for what they believe in, and to not let fear control their lives. (I think this is awesome. Ten thousand brownie points for Sara Bareilles!) As I was driving to work,… Continue reading I Want To See You Be Brave

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“You Would Be So Pretty If…”

We've all heard it. "You would be so pretty if..." " just smiled." " lost some weight." " changed your hair." " changed your clothes." When I was 18, I had a dentist tell me that I would be "so pretty" and "attract so many boys" if only I just got braces to take care… Continue reading “You Would Be So Pretty If…”

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To Wear, or Not To Wear? (A Discussion On Modesty)

The internet has been buzzing recently, and it's all about modesty. image from First it was The Modesty Panel: a fascinating look at the different perspectives on modesty from various body image/bra fitting bloggers from around the world. Then, the web erupted when the news of Sarah Minder hit. (For those of you who… Continue reading To Wear, or Not To Wear? (A Discussion On Modesty)

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“Tell Me A Story”

Currently, I'm sat in a hotel room in Dover, Delaware. My girlfriend is off doing Air Force-y things for the Air Force, and I am alone. The television is turned to some show I'm not actually watching, and I've just hit "confirm" on a bra order at (Freya Ashlee for 24$ with my 20$… Continue reading “Tell Me A Story”

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Calling Shenanigans On “Discrimination”

A story has been floating around national news outlets that tells the tale of a teenage girl, booted from prom because of the size of her breasts. High school senior Brittany Minder's search for her perfect prom dress took her all the way to Canada, and subsequently got her reprimanded at her school dance. Here's… Continue reading Calling Shenanigans On “Discrimination”

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Lingerie Lust List

It's been a long time, readers, but I'm back with a vengence! Those two adorable, sweet, amazing little germ factories that I call my daily grind got me viciously sick, and I was laid out for quite some time. BUT! Now that I have regained the ability to breathe out of my nose (what a… Continue reading Lingerie Lust List