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Lingerie Lust List

It’s been a long time, readers, but I’m back with a vengence! Those two adorable, sweet, amazing little germ factories that I call my daily grind got me viciously sick, and I was laid out for quite some time. BUT! Now that I have regained the ability to breathe out of my nose (what a luxury it is!) and can move more then five inches without getting nauseous, I’m ready to jump back into this blogging game.

During the time I spent making sweet, sweet love to my bed and a box of Kleenex, I had countless hours to fill with Law & Order reruns. When SVU got old, I naturally turned to my favorite past time: undercrackers. And despite the fact that I am broke as a joke (Because I just sent the tax-man a hefty chunk of change via snail mail. Gotta keep the IRS happy, amirite?), a girl can dream. So, it is with great pleasure that I present to you: The Lingerie Lust List.

1. Kiss Me Deadly Paradise Long Line Girdle

Kiss Me Deadly has been on my mental lust list for a long while. They make some seriously sexy vintage-inspired lingerie, ranging from bras and panties to corsets and girdles. Alas, these 34FF’s do not fit into their standard size-range (32-38 A-DD), so I’ve been biding my time and scrimping my pennies, just waiting to see what new item would make me swoon. I needed something that would make me go “Ooh!”. And let me tell you…I got it.
Enter the Paradise Long Line Girdle.

20130604-232500.jpgimage from Kiss Me Deadly
It is…..(wait for it….wait for it…) customizable! Each gorgeous girdle is printed with flowers and hummingbirds, and comes with a set of fabric paint, so that the piece can be customized to your liking. It’s like a paint-by-numbers. FOR YOUR BODY. (!!!) Breathable power mesh for shaping and six metal garter tabs for your stockings complete the package. Kiss Me Deadly has pretty much taken my childhood dreams, applied them to my adulthood addictions and come out with something amazing. At £55, this girdle is a little on the pricier side for those of us that dwell Stateside, and suffer the wrath of poor currency exchange. (Damn you, dollar!), but I have no hesitation shelling out that kind of cash for a product from a company with a long standing reputation for quality. The Paradise Longline is a limited edition item, and quantities are limited! So if you’re drooling over it like I am, pre-order it here!

2. The “Betty” set by Tutti Rouge

Ever since news of new British lingerie designer Tutti Rouge hit the web, the lingerie sector of the blogosphere has been buzzing. Word on the street was, this was a brand offering sexy, playful, pretty lingerie to the DD+ market, that was going to be affordable. Say what!? When Tutti Rouge released it’s teaser video for their new Spring/Summer 2013 line, it not only made me want to bake cookies in my underwear with my best friends, but it succeeded in accomplishing what I’d imagine was the main goal of the promo: I want it. I want all of it. I want it in my closet. If my panties looked like that, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’d garden in my undercrackers without hesitation. However, despite the major affordability of this line (the two bras released at this time are 49$ and 38$ respectively, which is less than what you’d spend in Hell at Victoria’s Secret.), this Nanny has bills. Bills that take precedence over undies. Thus, I have narrowed my original desires of “All of it” down to one: the Betty set.

20130604-234544.jpgimage from Tutti Rouge
I had about fifty reasons lined up as to why I so desperately desire this piece of lingerie. I was going to talk about light padding, floral and ruffles, and two sets of hooks-and-eyes up to a G-cup, and a size range from DD cups up to HH cups (amazing!). But seriously, people? Do I have to say all that? Look at it. If you aren’t salivating just a tiny bit over this gorgeous piece of ruffled, floral-y goodness, then I question your sanity. (Ok, I’m exaggerating a little. But look at it!.)
Betty offers what many lingerie sets do not: she’s pretty, affordable (!!!), and comes in a great size range. What’s not to love? You can snag your own date with Betty here at Bravissimo.

3. Danielle from Parfait by Affinitas

I love me some Parfait by Affinitas, truly I do. I just managed to snag a free Casey set from Venusian Glow’s blog give-away (whoop whoop!), and I loved the Charlotte set so much that I bought both the padded plunge and the balconette. So naturally, with this kind of obsession in mind, you can imagine my excitement when Parfait released it’s SS13 lookbook.
I’ve experienced that take-your-breath away kind of love twice in my life. The first time was when I met my girlfriend, of course. The second was when I saw Danielle:

20130605-000835.jpgimage from Parfait by Affinitas
Isn’t she lovely!? Dusty pink with ivory lace and button detailing, Danielle is available in a longline or a bralette (30-40 D-G), with matching shortie and high waist brief option (XS-XXL). This set has a wonderfully vintage feel, and I have dreams of lounging around in this and set of pearls, with my cat named Cat and Breakfast At Tiffanies on my television. You can grab your own set over at, and if you hurry, there’s even a 20% discount code!

4. WhateverTheHellThatLongLineIsCalled by Curvy Kate

A few days ago, someone posted this link to Lingerie Insight, which featured a sneak peek of What’s To Come at Curvy Kate. As a huge CK fan, I had to check it out. As a person with eyes, I nearly fell off my chair when I spotted this little number:

20130605-002153.jpgimage from Curvy Kate
If I had been in a movie, I’d have spit my drink out all over my computer screen in a very cinematic way, sputtering and choking from my excitement. Because, really people? That longline. Those stockings. That garter belt. Oh my. Be still my beating heart, I need you, Oh-Beautiful-Unnamed-Longline-Bra, and I need you now.
Except, you can’t always get what you want, apparently, because this spasm-inducing number isn’t available until Spring/Summer 2014. ONE YEAR FROM NOW. 365 days.
I don’t know what it’s called. I don’t know what it’s size range is (though I’d imagine it’s close to Curvy Kate’s usual size range, which is something like 28-38 D-K!). I don’t know how much it is, and I can’t send you anywhere to buy it. (Which has me conflicted, as I’d love to send Curvy Kate some well-deserved business, but…mine.) All I can tell you, lovely readers, is that exact millisecond that this piece of beautiful fabric construction is available for purchase, it will be mine. Hey, Curvy Kate! Shut up and take my money. 😉

And that, dear readers, is my current Lingerie Lust List for June 2013. In all actuality, there were going to be five items on this list, as I’m slightly OCD and have an affinity for multiples of 5. Alas, it is late. I am tired. I have two teething munchkins to care for in the early hours of tomorrow. Responsibility, ahoy!

Adulthood: 1 Jessica: 0

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