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Wishes Granted (Parfait by Affinitas “Danielle” Review)

Have you ever been so excited about something that you actually felt like Christmas came early?

Because that is really the only comparison that I can give to the feeling of receiving an email from the lovely folks over at Large Cup Lingerie after I posted up my Lingerie Lust List back in the beginning of June.

“Would you like to try out the Danielle set by Parfait?” they asked.
“Yes.(!!!!!)” is the only applicable answer to that question,every time, all the time, no matter what.
Only a week later, after a run-in with the Post Man and an out-of-the-way trip to the post office later, I had my hot little hands on my new set. And my, oh my, I was in love.

I actually tore open the box in the parking lot and rode home from the post office with the 34FF longline bra and size XL bottoms perched on my lap. My mother was highly amused at the sight of me stepping out of my car, brandishing a brand new bra and panties,sans wrapper. I ignored her chuckles, because there were more pressing issues on hand: getting that new set onto my body as quickly as possible. I’m going to be really honest with you all here: this is easily the best longline bra that I have ever tried. (For reference, I also own the Playful Promises “Dominique” and the Freya “Piper”, which are both lovely, but don’t fill the space in my heart that Danielle does.)

Aesthetically speaking, this set definitely aims to please! Danielle features gorgeous dusty pink satin with ivory lace embellishments on both cups. The center gore is dotted with three tiny fabric covered buttons in ivory satin to match the lace. I was concerned with this bra being too light colored for my practically translucent very fair skin. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the color not only flattering, but beautifully feminine and ladylike.

20130708-142356.jpgfeast your eyes on my blinding whitness!

The band is boned, and has three sets of five hook-and-eye closures for maximum support.
…DID I MENTION THE BAND IS BONED? Do you know what that means? It MEANS if you have a slightly flared ribcage (reporting for duty, sir!) your lovely longline band will not, in fact, roll up as if it’s trying to make a break for the border. Nope, that sucker stays put. (Cue angels rejoicing and birds singing, because hallelujah! my prayers have been answered.)

The cups are a tiny bit east-west on me and just the slightest bit pointy, but I attributed that to the retro feel of the set. I popped a sweater over this bra just for shits-and-giggles, and was pleasantly surprised with the not-quite-bullet-but-still-vintagesque results! I was a little concerned that the cups may cut into my underarms (an issue I had with the Casey model by the same brand), but am happy to share that they are just right: no cutting, rubbing, or bruising for miles around! Same goes for the straps: no cutting in, digging, or being an otherwise pain in my ass. (Yes, I know, “the straps on a well fitting bra shouldn’t cut in, blah blah blah”. I get that. But guess what? Even Fuller Figure Fuller Bust agrees that sometimes, even a “perfectly fitting bra” isn’t quite so perfect.) Oh, and another note: them being only half-adjustable has affected me and my small-shouldered frame in approximately zero ways.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have an affinity for matching undies. This set is no different, and I was lucky enough to be offered my choice of either the matching high-waisted bottoms, or the shorts. True to my lust-list and my love of vintage everything, I chose the high-waisted panties, and…wow. I made the right choice!

In the same gorgeous dusty pink/ivory color as the bra, the bottoms boast a luxurious satiny fabric, and feel amazing next to my skin. I was pleasantly surprised that they hit exactly above my belly-button (as high waisted items should!), instead of hovering below it (Which I usually deal with. Thanks, long torso!). They are light-weight, breezy, and have the look of expense without hitting the wallet too hard! The only “negative” aspect of these (and I say “negative” very, very lightly) is that–because of my waist/hip ratio–they could stand to be taken in about a half inch on each side so as to accommodate both my ginormous bum and my not-so-ginormous-in-comparison waist. However, it isn’t every retailer’s job to shape their products to my specific body type, and an alteration that tiny definitely doesn’t have me complaining.

I have to give major props/Internet High Fives to both Large Cup Lingerie and the folks over at Affinitas. Large Cup Lingerie (who I fondly refer to as LCL) has supported me in my blogging endeavors since the beginning. They have brought many of my readers to me through the sharing of my posts, and were officially the first company to offer me lingerie to test out. (I can not describe to you the excitement. I squealed. It was ear-shattering.) They are truly a wonderful company, comprised of beautiful, positive, honest individuals, and I can not recommend them enough! (Plus, free worldwide shipping anyone!? Whoo!)

And Affinitas, who couldn’t love Affinitas? First of all, they’re a US based company, and with the recently passed Independence Day, I can’t help but get the warm ‘Merican fuzzies at that fact. They recognized a needy market and provided an affordable, quality product to fit those needs. And just when you thought they couldn’t get any more awesome? They announced that they had, infact, listened to our cries, and were expanding their size range to include 28″ backs, and up-to-a-K-cups.
So here’s the deal, folks of Large Cup Lingerie and Affinitas? Let’s get drinks. First round’s on me. 😉

***Lingerie provided by Large Cup Lingerie. All opinions are my own. And if you have any doubt that I’m willing to post a negative review for a pro-bono-product? Check out my WKD Torsolette review, hmmph.***

One thing that I forgot to mention in my review (bad, BAD Jessica!) that was brought to my attention by a reader: the cups on this bra are a bit shallow to start (no deep plunge off into the cup from the underwire, here!). While I have soft breast tissue, and can mold easily to the shape, this may not work as well on a firmer/fuller breasted woman. As I have no experience with being either firmer or fuller, I can’t say for sure. All I can say is that I absolutely adore this bra, and found that it suited MY body perfectly. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Wishes Granted (Parfait by Affinitas “Danielle” Review)”

  1. I can’t undertand such a glowing review when the cups are so shallow that the underwire is two inches lower than the inframammary fold where it should be.

    1. I don’t know what’s so difficult to understand: I tried the bra, I wore it frequently enough to gauge how much I liked it, and I reviewed it, using my opinions. I have enough knowledge of bra-fitting to know how a bra is supposed to fit, and that comfort of the wearer is the most important part. I find this model in this size to fit comfortably and suit my breast shape.
      I also find it interesting how you feel confident enough to draw this conclusion using only one (admittedly awful, my lord that photo is terrible!) photo of this item on my body. A photo which, if you would read the post again, was meant to demonstrate the color in relation to my very fair skin. Thanks for your feedback, I definitely need to include better photos in future posts in order to showcase fit.

      1. I also can understand where you’re coming from re:shallowness. This style definitely would not suit very firm/full breasts, but as mine are very soft (yay, weight loss/gain/loss, ugh!) I seem to “mold” to the bra a lot better then some would. I should (and will) add to the review to reflect that information! Thank you! 🙂

    2. The bra wires are a bit low, I have some bras that are low on me but after I take the bra off the wire hits right below my breast tissue. It all just depends on the the persons shape, if you notice the bra is giving her the support that she needs

  2. I got this bra and boyshort set (or a VERY similar one) through Adore Me (for $20!) and I love it too! I’m a heavy set girl – 40DDD/G and I find that the cups feel right to me. My only complaint is that it is a little tight. Feels like my 38’s instead of a 40 which is a little tight in a longline, for me anyway. The boning is my favorite part as well, because I have extra “curves” right underneath my bra band and usually long line bras roll up on me.

    1. Parfait’s bands typically run at least a band size small! I measure 33, and find that the 34 is definitely snug. (Not uncomfortably so, but definitely snugger then some of my other 34 bands.) Also, 20$!? What a steal! 🙂

  3. The shallower bottom cups are the only thing about this bra which I wish I could change because as far as longlines go, this is top notch quality. The cup shape just isn’t as universally flattering as it could be. Have you tried the unpadded longline yet (the Arabella)? I’m curious to see if that one has the same kind of boning to it as well. Great review though!

  4. I tried this bra in my usual size and am having trouble with the inner edges of the cups sticking out rather than curving back. I have soft tissue and seem more full-in-middle than on top or bottom, and this bra kind of flattens out the middle tissue so the side profile is weird…a nice curve but then the white lace part is flat and veers away from my torso instead of curving back toward it. I’ve tried tightening and loosening the straps and the band, but no change. What do you think: size up or down in some way, or give up on Danielle? (Don’t want to! So pretty!)

    1. Hey there! I have been away from the blog for a while and just saw this comment! Can I do some research for you and then get back to you? I’d like to consult some other knowledgeable ladies. Do you mind if I ask your size range? Sometimes different styles fit differently past a certain cup size.

      1. I’d love to hear what you can find out! I’m in a 36H, but I’m definitely one of those cases where the larger size is due to softer tissue as much as it is to actual size. Thanks!

    2. I am a big,big spaz and a horrible flake, and for that I am sorry! Judging by the curving-out that you are describing, it’s possible that your cups are a bit too small, and your tissue is putting strain on the fabric of the bra. If you get the opportunity to try a larger cup size, I definitely think it might be worth it! If the band is comfortable as is, keep it the way you like. I found Danielle to be incredibly shallow, so a larger cup might compensate for your issue. Let me know if you get the chance to try on a larger size, and if the problem persists! I’d love to know more/try to help more if possible. 🙂

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