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It’s Tutti Tattoo Time

If you exist, breathe air, walk on land, and have D+ boobs, you have probably heard of the new kid in town: Tutti Rouge. Image

As if it was not enough that they offer a fun, flirty,and girly range of bras in an incredible size-range (28-38 DD-J for their first offering, Lilliana and 28-38 DD-HH from the gorgeous Betty), they keep dreaming up new ways to make their fans happy.

First it was the Friday For Five contest series, which gifted five lucky fans with various Tutti gifts, from candy to lingerie, over the course of five weeks. Then after that? Well, they decided it was time to stop playing Little League, and start playing hardball.

Enter: The Tutti Rouge Tattoo Competition!


What’s Up For Grabs:

The entire Autumn/Winter 2013 collection!

No, really! I would never jest about free lingerie.

What To Do:

It’s simple! Send an email over to HI@TUTTIROUGE.COM, requesting one (or many) of their adorable Tutti Rouge temporary tattoos. (Make sure to include your full name and postal address, lovelies!) Once your temporary ink has skipped to you from across the pond, slap it on and get creative! Get your friends together, brainstorm, go somewhere cool. Show off your Tutti tattoo, snap a few pictures, and wham bam! Enter your photo under the “Tutti Tattoo” contest tab on the Tutti Rouge Facebook page. It couldn’t be any easier!

Why Would I Do This?:

Need I remind you? THE ENTIRE A/W2013 COLLECTION. Allow me to demonstrate…


and that’s just a taste!

If you aren’t falling over yourself to get to your computer after that sneaky-peek, then there is no hope for you. What are you waiting for, ladies?! Go, go, go! 🙂

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