Lingerie Lust List: August Desires

Despite the fact that I started writing this post in the middle of July, life and work tend to get in the way. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know that back in June, I started a to-be-monthly “list” of the lingerie items that have my salivary glands working overtime. Some pieces I’ll work to get my hands on, other pieces I’ll simply admire from afar. All pieces are seriously gorgeous and cater to the fuller-bust market with style.

So, debilitating lateness aside, I bring you the Warning: Curves Ahead Lingerie Lust List: August Edition!

1. “Sophia” by Parfait by Affinitas

I’m going to be honest with you folks. If Parfait by Affinitas keeps up the work they’re doing, they are likely to end up on my Lust List every month from now until forevermore. Last month, I featured their gorgeous “Danielle” set which I (was subsequently gifted by the a

image from Parfait by Affinitas

mazing folks at Large Cup Lingerie!) reviewed here. And while Danielle is beautiful with her vintage glamour and lace, who I really want to talk about in this post is Sophia.

Sophia, Sophia, Sophia. I love me some colorful-crazy-patterned lingerie, but something about this set’s simple/sexy lace-over-black makes the tiny hairs on my arms stand on end. The Sophia collection is available in a padded T-shirt bra, built-in bra camisole, wire bra, hipster, and high-waist brief . (So many options, I don’t know what to do with myself!) The entire line features rich black coloring and floral lace detailing. I’m very much a molded-T-shirt-bra kind of girl, but there’s something about the wire bra and high waisted brief combo that oozes sophistication and sex appeal. I could see myself pairing this set with a simple garter belt and some cuban heeled stockings to go under-my-unders for a night out. (Or a night in… )

Sophia is part of a beautiful collection being offered by Parfait for Autumn/Winter 2013. She isn’t available as of yet in this particular colorway. However, if your credit card fingers are itching and you just can’t wait, her white and nude counterparts from SS2013 are available for purchase over at Amazon.

2. “Bye Bye Mein Herr” by Fraulein Annie

image from Hepburn & Leigh

An “oldie” but still gorgeous nonetheless, I have to dedicate some time to pay homage to the “Bye Bye Mein Herr” collection from the fabulous Frauke Nagel of Fraulein Annie. While the collection was actually launched in 2011 it holds a high place on my Lust List, even two years after it’s debut. I am of the opinion that the Bye Bye collection is sometimes overshadowed by the equally gorgeous and wildly popular Falling In Love collection (which I actually own in a 34E, and still wear despite it being two cup sizes too small. It is too amazing to part with). And while Falling In Love is incredible in it’s own right,”Bye Bye” embodies such subtle sex appeal and vintage charm–it is hard to ignore. This collection definitely embodies the glamour of the Cabaret, while still remaining classy and utterly wearable. Bye Bye Mein Herr is available in a fuller-bust bra, plunge bra, shaping thong, shaping brief, short, and underbust girdle. Talk about options for those of us who love options! The collection features a sultry black base with smoky grey detail, and clean lines keep it simple yet still sexy.

The Bye Bye Mein Herr collection is a true showcasing of luxury and expert construction, and with those qualities comes…price. As a stateside dweller, I get hit time and time again with this sad and true fact: our exchange rate sucks. So, what is moderately pricey for UK dwelling ladies becomes “Do I really need to pay my rent this month?!” for me. (Note To My Roommates: If you are reading, this is a figure of speech. I solemnly swear not to spend my rent money on lingerie!) I’m not saying that these pieces aren’t completely worth their weight–I’m saying that my broke behind can’t swing it. However! If you aren’t like me, and you’ve just hit the lotto/come into some inheritance/settled a lawsuit/whathaveyou, you can grab your own Bye Bye Mein Herr set over at Hepburn and Leigh!

3. “Flourish” by Freya

Hi everyone, I’m  Jessica. (Hi, Jessica.) And I’m a Freya Addict. There, I’ve said it.

Freya was actually one of the first full-bust brands that I explored when I began my “Journey For A Perfect Bra”. I purchased the Freya Deco (*chorus of angels*) in my old “new” size of 34E, and I haven’t looked back. That first Freya purchase fueled an addiction that would eventually lead to my winning the entire SS2013 Deco collection as part of their Deco365 Competition. That’s 10–count ’em–10 new bras, matching bottoms, and a shaping slip. (BESTDAYOFMYLIFE.) You would think that I’d be done after that, right? Wrong. So, so, incredibly wrong–and I owe it all to “Flourish“:

image from Freya

Featuring a vibrant tropical-floral pattern on a black base, I think this set is a perfect combination of sexy and fun. Pops of coral/pink and green lend a hand to the playful vibe of the collection, while sexy sheer lace adds just a dash of naughty! Flourish is available in a plunge balcony bra, brief, short, thong, and…longline. And oh, how I can’t wait to get my hands on that longline! According to Freya’s website, this collection won’t become available for (my immediate) purchase until November 2013, which (in my humble opinion), is too damn far away. When it is finally in stores, Flourish will be available in sizes 32-38 C, 28-38 D-G, with bottoms available in sizes XS-XL. Keep your eyes on the skies, folks, and remember: November 2013.

4. “Eleanor” by Harlow & Fox

Once Upon A Time, a woman named Leanna Williams realized that there was no luxury facet of the full-bust lingerie market. So, she set to work with all of her wonderful little woodland friends. They scoured the globe for the highest quality satin and lace, stitched together their pieces with the utmost care, and viola: Harlow & Fox was born. The brand is designed and manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom, and features a variety of 30’s-40’s inspired knickers, suspender belts, DD+ bras, with a floor-length kimono and gorgeous nightdress thrown in for added glamour. And while all the pieces offered are positively gorgeous, only one collection set my heart aflutter: Eleanor.

photo from Harlow & Fox
photo from Harlow & Fox

Oh, Eleanor. Those knickers are incredible, and that suspender belt has me a little short of breath. French lace and it’s purple? Be still my beating heart. Of course, as is “on trend”, luxury items tend to come with a luxury price tag attached. Eleanor is no different, with prices ranging from £149-£189 for bras, and £95-£130 for briefs. I actually refuse to do the currency conversions for us US ladies, because it will only cement the fact that she will never be mine into my brain.   If I’m not careful, I’m going to have to rename this post “Lingerie Items That I Can Not Afford”. Either that, or I’m going to have to take on a second job to support my addiction. But by the looks of this collection, it might be worth it. ; ) And for those inquiring minds that might have the cash on hand? Harlow & Fox debuts part of their collection in time for Christmas 2013, with the rest following for SS2014!  Sign up for their mailing list over at their website!


There you have it, folks. Four more incredible lust items that set my salivary glands into overdrive.  Four more amazing designers that listen to the needs of the fuller bust market, and deliver!

Happy shopping! xx

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