The Fabulous Freya Flamingo

(Psst: I love alliteration.)

Last month, an amazing thing happened.

There I was, laying in bed in the early morning hours, dreading a long workday and running on nothing but coffee and good intentions. It was quiet in my room, and I was doing my best to keep it that way (so as to not wake up my lovely, snoring, sleeping girlfriend). When out of the darkness, came that ding-a-ling noise from my iPhone–the one that says “You left your sound on, dummy. Also, you have a new email.” So, with one eye still closed and the other squinted at the scorching light of the screen, I checked.

“You’re the winner…”

“Congratulations! somethingsomething stylish, somethingsomething THE WHOLE SS2013 DECO COLLECTION.”


(“Keeping it quiet” became a distant memory.)

With that in mind, you can only imagine my reaction when–a few weeks later–the majority of my prize arrived at my doorstep. (A HUGE shout out to Heather over at Freya for appeasing my anxious heart and sending out my bras so quickly! She truly is incredible!) I’ll tell you folks, there is nothing quite like coming home to a big box of free bras.

Inside my big box o’ goodies were the following: the Deco Honey in Iris, Deco Shape Multiway, Deco Halfcup, Deco molded plunge, Deco Shape slip, wire free Deco t-shirt bra, and the Deco Flamingo. Still out in the universe and making their way to me is the Deco longline and the strapless Deco.


Thus begins the first of a series of reviews! I want to start with what is easily one of my favorite bras in the collection: the Deco Flamingo.

image from Bravissimo

Right off the bat, I want to say that this bra is absolutely as cute in real life as it is in photos. The bright coral color pops off of a creamy ivory base, and the flamingo print is quirky, fun, and perfect for the summertime! It features two button embellishments at the center gore (and at the front of the pants!), and is finished off with piping the same coral-ish color as the bird-printed fabric. As far as aesthetics: this bra aims to please. Of course, aesthetics aren’t everything! Some ladies covet function over fashion.

So let me break it down for you:

-Fully adjustable straps, that are thick and supportive

-Molded, seamless cups (perfect under those thin summertime t-shirts!)

-Three rows of two hooks-and-eyes


-Deep plunge for lower cut tops

I found the band on my Flamingo to be a tad bit stretchier in comparison to my other Decos, without sacrificing comfort and support. I personally am quite happy with the size I chose, though I could foresee those of us who prefer a really tight band sizing down. The Deco Flamingo bra ticks a lot of boxes for me: fashionable, fun, and fit. It is definitely another great offering from Freya.

And the matching bottoms!


Oh, the bottoms. I know that I said (in my last post about Freya) that the Deco Multiway shorts were the most comfortable undies to ever swath my bum. Well as it turns out, Freya is out to make a liar of me, because these are divine. Soft, stretchy, and emblazoned with the same adorable Flamingo print as the bra, I can not get enough. I usually buy a standard XL in pants, thus avoiding the dreaded muffin top, and with these it is no different. The XL is soft and comfy against my skin, and even (surprisingly) a little big! Still totally wearable, but I wouldn’t pass up a size L if they ever wandered across my path.

In all, I find myself with another excellent offering from the Freya brand. Deco Flamingo is bang on trend, with excellent construction and fit as an added bonus! They continue to fuel my addiction–and I’m okay with that!

1 thought on “The Fabulous Freya Flamingo”

  1. Did you find the cup fit the same as the normal Deco? I noticed with the Ashlee and Taylor that have ribbon details on the edges that I could use about a half size larger than a normal Deco, so I never bothered with those, because I would have needed a GG.5 or some such craziness 🙂 (probably like a G.5 now). But I adore this flamingo print…

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