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Hello, Harlow!

Ever since the preview images from Harlow & Fox hit the lingerie circuit, my salivary glands have been working overtime.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that any woman with functioning eyes and an interest in lingerie would be mopping drool from around their computers after eying up that sneak-peek. Being a wildly nosy blogger wonderfully caring blogger, I decided to reach out to the lovely Leanna Williams, brainchild behind the brand, to see if she would be willing to answer a few questions:

“Please, pretty please, may I have an interview?” I asked.

And the answer was: yes!

While our virtual-interview actually took place on my end from a messy hotel room, I like to imagine that we (eager to embody the class of the brand) were actually sitting in a quaint French Cafe, sipping mimosas in the warm late-morning sunshine.
(This is my interview, so we’ll do it my way.)

As the waitress sails by with a tray of croissants and another round of chilled drinks, we get down to business:

Tell us about you! Every line has a brainchild behind it, and I love knowing more about the “person behind the curtain”, so to speak. What are your interests? Have you always had an interest in lingerie and design?

“I’ve always loved design in all it’s forms, and would probably be an interior designer if I wasn’t making lingerie – when I imagine a new lingerie creation, I always imagine the room around it as well, and my mood boards are always full of the places and interiors I can picture the Harlow & Fox woman wearing the pieces! Pinterest has been my utter downfall with this, I have to ration my time on there as it could just be an endless journey into image after image of exquisite things otherwise! As with many designers, I’ve always had a love for vintage fashion, and the walls of my office as well as my wardrobe are adorned with beautiful vintage dresses and nightwear pieces I’ve collected along the years. I love to think of the stories they could tell.”

Harlow & Fox
Eleanor in Almond

Maybe it’s my own vivid imagination, but I like to think that every designer has a “light-bulb moment”, where it hits them that they need to create–and see their creation come to fruition. What was your “lightbulb moment” that lead to the birth of Harlow&Fox?

“I was re-fitted at Rigby & Peller in 2011, and discovered an entire new world of bras I hadn’t been expecting once I was no longer in the below-DD size range. I had always loved lingerie, and felt even though there were so many brands out there creating incredible DD+ options, what I wanted to find still seemed to be missing. It coincided with being made redundant from my job, as a registrar of marriages – a rather unusual career path! It just felt like the time was right to take the leap, and create what I wanted to wear, and what I believed other women would want to wear also. So the journey began!”

(At this point in the interview, I’d nod my head empathetically and nibble on my pastry, because let’s face it girls. We all know the feeling.)

By round three, we’re chatting away like old friends. The croissants are whisked away, replaced by crêpes filled with fresh fruit and jam, and with food on the table we turn our conversation to brand logistics. Harlow & Fox will be offering a size range including 30-38 DD-G, with bottoms offered in UK size 8-18. Not bad for the new kid on the block. However, inquiring minds will always inquire, and anxious buyers will always want more, so I had to ask…

You’ve got a pretty impressive size range for an up-and-coming brand, and people already love what they see! But you know, us consumers constantly are looking for “more”, and inquiring minds must know: any plans to expand that size range in the far-off future?

“As a small brand starting out, it’s important to us to create garments as beautiful, focused and well-fitting as they can possibly be. There has been some really enthusiastic feedback already about extending the size range, and that’s great to hear! As we grow and develop, we’d love to do everything possible in the future to make the collection available to a wider range of sizes if the demand is there. If anyone would like to contribute, we are running a quick survey at to gather thoughts on sizing, styles, preferences, everything. It’s the perfect way to have all the information at our fingertips for what customers would like to see in the future, and which sizes in particular there’s a demand for. We’d love to hear from you all!”

(Seriously folks, fill out the survey. It’s quick, easy, it will help an incredible new brand, and it’s all about undercrackers. What’s not to love?)

As our interview comes to a close, I had to throw out a just-for-fun question; whether it was fueled by these (fictional) mimosas or not, I can not say. But Leanna, being a great sport, answers promptly.

If you had to choose just three pieces from your own line to take onto a deserted island–what would they be and why?

“Well, I would probably start with the Sophia kimono, as after I’d enjoyed lounging around drinking coconut milk and sunning myself looking glamorous, I might want to build a life raft to get back to civilisation (or just to go for a day trip to the other side of the island) and I think the kimono would make the ideal sail. As I can’t bear to be mismatched, I’d have to choose the other two pieces from the same set as each other, and I think the Eleanor bra and briefs in almond would be the perfect choice for that. It’s so classic, it wouldn’t matter how long I was gone. Besides, I’d probably ladder my stockings on a rock a few minutes after arriving, so there’d be no need for a suspender belt anyway.”
(Preach, sister! I shudder to think of the money I’ve spent replacing the stockings that I’ve torn with my less-then-ladylike tendencies.)

Leanna and I share a laugh and stand to depart, both filled to the brim with French pastries and chilled drinks. What a lovely (imaginary) afternoon for an interview about a (very real) up-and-coming brand! In all, I learned that what I had already thought to be true, is: Harlow & Fox is a brand that is filling in the “gaps” in the full-bust market by offering fine lingerie to the DD+ customer that is thoughtfully designed and brilliantly executed. I, for one, can not wait to see more of this up-and-comer in the future!

more teaser photos!

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