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Redefining Sexy: Not Just For The Boys

Scarlet Johansson. Beyonce. Megan Fox. What do these ladies have in common?

Besides all sharing celebrity status and raking in boatloads of cash each year, I think it can be universally agreed upon that each of these three ladies bear the traits of the conventionally sexy. They are long legged and svelte, with pouty lips and bedroom eyes rimmed in long, fluttering lashes. Nobody is denying that all three of those supercelebs (as well as countless others that share those traits) are sexy. However, in our media-centric culture, it is very rare that any other types of sexy are celebrated. The world is such a beautifully varied place, it is nothing short of tragic that only one type of attractive is put on a pedestal. And while I could literally go on for days about all of this fantastic diversity, I want to devote just a little bit of blogspace to one of my favorite subcultures.


I think that it can be agreed on that in general, the idea of female “sexiness” is marketed to the male community. However, the boys don’t get to claim sole propriety of female appreciation. There are lots of lady-loving-ladies out there, all with their own very different idea of what “sexy” could mean. Within the lesbian community, the idea of sexiness is not confined to cupid’s bow lips and come-hither eyes. (Though we surely do appreciate them.) Butch ladies in flannel have just as much heart fluttering potential as curvy femmes. For some chicks that dig chicks, sexy is a slim cut blazer and a crisp button up. (Sa-woooooon.) And it is with that in mind that I bring you this series of sexy that is not just for the boys:


Mmm, sexy.

20131026-150348.jpgDefinitely sexy.

20131026-151625.jpgOh, hot damn.

20131026-153848.jpgOn the left? My kind of sexy. 😉

Now, nobody is knocking the stereotypically sexy. Give me some Christina Hendricks any day. Scarlet Johannson is a minx. Halle Berry, mmm. Admiring the sex appeal of those not “traditionally sexy” does not (and never will) take away from the beauty of others. Redefining sexy does nothing but broaden horizons, open eyes, and give you a little extra something yummy to ogle. So go ahead, give those photos another gander….I’ll wait. 😉

Salivating yet? Feeling flushed, maybe a little hot under the collar? I certainly hope so. 😉

Can’t get enough? All of the photos above were taken from my favorite weekly dose of delicious. Check out’s NSFW Sunday for more!

7 thoughts on “Redefining Sexy: Not Just For The Boys”

  1. Speaking of redefining sexy and appreciating real ladies (“for the LOVE of curves!”), I work for an online hosiery shop that supplies to ladies of all sizes. We’ve just brought out our own brand of white-hot, curvy legwear, called Glamory. If you’re interested, check it out here:
    and if you’re suitably impressed, it’d be awesome if you could mention it in a blog? We’d even be up for sending a sample or two, to review? Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you! Keri xx

  2. I think each of those women are attractive and, indeed, sexy as Hell. I think, though, that they’d not think that of me – shy and insecure about my very small (thumb-sized has been mentioned) penis. I wish there was a body acceptance drive for men with my endowment, or lack thereof.

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