“It’s Vargas, baby!”

Black Friday was very, very kind to me this year.

Not only did I get my hot little hands on the Charlotte set from my beloved Parfait (and my friends over at Large Cup Lingerie), but I died and went to heaven just a little bit when I heard that Kiss Me Deadly was running a whopping 30% off sale in honor of America’s most rabid day of shopping. While everyone else was standing in lines at Best Buy and Walmart at the butt-crack of dawn, I was clickity-clacking away at my computer from the warmth of my own bed. With just a tiny bit of cajoling, I convinced a friend to go in with me on an order–and away we went!

For just about $75, I managed to snag the Paradise Longline Girdle that I have been coveting for months, as well as three (count ’em, three!) pairs of my beloved What Katie Did stockings! When my package finally arrived, I ran-like-I-stole-it to my girlfriend’s house for a little bit of photoshoot fun.


Paradise Longline Girdle by Kiss Me Deadly
Available sizes:S-XL
Approximately $82.00

The Paradise Longline Girdle boasts a beautifully printed pattern of hummingbirds, butterflies, and flowers on a white base with black detailing. It features six metal garter clips, each adorned with a bow, as well as a detail bow on the center of the longline’s top.Hooks-and-eyes make up the closure, and while a tiny bit tricky, I find that the “hook in the front and then turn around” method works just fine when I’m without an extra set of helping hands. It is also billed as paintable (!!!!), but as Kiss Me Deadly was sadly sold out of their variety of fabric paints, I opted to receive my girdle without.


Kiss Me Deadly Paradise Longline Girdle
From the front…

Since I had previously purchased a Kiss Me Deadly girdle from another blogger (Thanks, Sweet Nothings!), I had a general idea as to what size I would need. With my current measurements (31″/45″) in mind, and the knowledge that my Plum vargas longline is just a wee bit too big, I opted to size down from an extra large to a large. At first try, I was afraid that I had actually made an error in sizing down! The Paradise’s powermesh definitely feels much firmer than that of my plum vargas. However, after a few hours of wear, it stretches enough to accommodate my comfort without sacrificing it’s incredible smoothing and shaping capabilities. My only gripe with the girdle is that the garter straps are not adjustable, and thus prove tricky to maneuver on a long-torsoed lady like myself.


And from the back…

Also tucked into my lovely little package from Kiss Me Deadly were three pairs of gorgeous stockings by What Katie Did. During the sale, I opted for one pair of Swiss Dot Stockings (as featured on my “Autumn Desires” lust list!), and two pairs of Nude/Pink (not pictured) seamed stockings for more practical day-to-day use. It’s no secret that I’m mad about these nylons, so I was thrilled to score several pairs at such a reasonable price!


What Katie Did Swiss Dot Stockings
Sizes S/M and M/L

I always opt for a M/L in What Katie Did’s hosiery, and these stockings were no different. While very stretchy, I found that they don’t have quite as much give as some of my other pairs, so if you find yourself on the fence about sizing or falling in between, I’d recommend sizing up!

BONUS REVIEW: Kiss Me Deadly “Fifi” Vargas Longline in Plum!


Kiss Me Deadly Vargas Longline
Sizes S-XL
Approximately $82.00(50GBP)

While this girdle was purchased far before my Black Friday splurging, I have to include it in this review on the basis that it is incredible and I love everything about it. The color (my favorite color!) is a rich plum, and I absolutely adored the contrast of it against my dark hair/fair skinned combo. It features the same hook-and-eye closures as Kiss Me Deadly’s other girdles, as well as six non-adjustable metal garter tabs. I own this in a size XL, and while it doesn’t have the same shaping qualities as the smaller, snugger size L, it still smooths me out just fine and is great for those days when I don’t want to feel too constricted in my shapewear. As it is a larger size, I also don’t have the same issue that I have as far as length: the XL is just the right length for my torso.


Channeling my inner Betty Grable!

In all, I am incredibly impressed by the workmanship of both Kiss Me Deadly girdles. These were my first purchased items from the brand, and they have definitely gained one more return customer. Both girdles by Kiss Me Deadly and quality hold-ups from What Katie Did are must-have items in any pin-up enthusiast’s wardrobe, and I can not recommend them enough!

Meet Miss Charlotte

If you follow my blog, you know that I’m a huge fan of Parfait by Affinitas. The brand has been featured in two of my Lingerie Lust Lists, and I have reposted and swooned over many a promotional photo on my Facebook page. When I outgrew and rehomed my favorite Parfait bras, I kept my eyes to the skies in search of their replacements. I didn’t have to wait long though, because Affinitas is a smart company that is obviously run by smart people, and they realized that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. So instead of having to find a completely new replacement for my beloved Charlotte bras, I was able to drool over (and subsequently purchase) the updated version!

Image from Affinitas Intimates

Image from Affinitas Intimates

I first shared a photo of Charlotte in Wild Rose on August 6th. After months of hemming, hawing, and reading reviews, I eventually jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on her on November 28th, from none other than the fabulous folks over at Large Cup Lingerie! I took advantage of their Black Friday 25% off sale and coupled with their always free worldwide shipping, I managed to snag the entire set for a mere $50! My new undercrackers were on my doorstep a mere five days later, and much excitement ensued.


Charlotte Bra in Wild Rose
Available Sizes 28-40 D-K
Approximately $50.00

Here’s What’s Up:

After reading many a detailed review of the newly revamped style, I decided to order my Charlotte bra in a 34G: one band and one cup size larger than I take in brands such as Freya. The sizing was spot on, as Parfait bras tend to run a bit snug in the band, and the cups on the Charlotte are notorious for running a cup size (sometimes two!) small. The bra is a bright rose color, with a plunge front and black piping details. The band features three sets of three hooks and eyes, and is snug and supportive without cutting in. (Note: I am aware that only two out of the three hooks-and-eyes are hooked in my photos. Blame that on my liquid courage!) While the cleavage that this bra gives is nowhere near that of my beloved Freya Deco, this set still gives a lovely, subtle cleavage that is perfect for everyday wear. The straps are thick and supportive, and I absolutely love their design. My only caveat with this set is that the underarms are cut quite high, and it is prone to cutting into my armpits. Were the armholes just a bit more rounded, this would be a non-issue. The cutting in can be a nuisance, however it isn’t severe enough to stop me from rocking this set!


Parfait Charlotte Bikini Briefs
Available Sizes XS-XXL
Approximately $19.60

My experience with Parfait by Affinitas bottoms are that they are kind of all over the place in terms of sizing. For example: My Danielle high-waisted briefs are a little too large in an XL, but my Casey briefs are entirely too small in an XL. Since I have previous experience with the Charlotte undies, I opted to order these bikini briefs in an XXL. As far as fit, briefs are okay overall. They fit smoothly over my 45″ hips without cutting in, but are somehow still considerably saggy over my considerable derriere. I had to do a fair bit of tucking and tugging in order to smooth them out for this photo, but I fear that sizing down might cause them to pinch uncomfortably across my hips. Again, this issue is so small that it’s practically a non-issue and would definitely not deter me from wearing these knickers–even underneath a tight-fitting dress. (No panty lines, whoo!) I’m such a sucker for a matching set that I am definitely willing to overlook a few flaws if it means a nearly flaw-less lingerie look!

Overall, I am positively thrilled with my Charlotte set. The color is spot on for my fair skin/dark hair combo, and oh-so-fun to rock during these drab and dreary winter days. In these photos, I have paired the set with my Matrisse garter belt by What Katie Did for a perfectly Pin Up ensemble.** As always Large Cup Lingerie was a breeze to work with, offering fast and free shipping, hassle free returns, reasonable prices, and a fantastic selection. They can expect this blogger as a return customer come time for my birthday this January! (I’m looking at you, Frauline Annie set. You will be mine!) And a special shout-out to my awesome girlfriend-slash-photographer, who ever so graciously agreed to snap these shots for me. She’s as lovely as she is talented, and if you are so inclined, you can check out her work here.



**Bonus Mini Review!

Matrisse Wide Garter Belt by What Katie Did. Expertly constructed. Six metal garter tabs. Slightly shaping power mesh. Hook-and-eye back closure! Grabbed mine in a 14, should have grabbed a 12. Runs big, otherwise is awesome. Grab yours from Amazon here.


Gift Guides Galore: Geek Chic

I just looked at my calendar.

I just looked at my calendar, and exclaimed “HOLY $H!T, IT IS TEN DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS.” Don’t ask me where time went, I do not know. What I do know is that it’s time for me to throw myself into Blogger Hyperdrive and start churning out these gift guides left and right in time for the holidays. I know many of you have probably finished your Christmas shopping, but this one (and any thereafter!) is for my kindred spirits: the procrastinators!

I asked, readers answered: “We want to see more geeky lingerie!” And I am nothing if not accommodating. Feast your eyes on my top picks for the chic geeks in your life.


1.The Robe You’re Looking For in R2D2 from Modcloth.com

I am of the opinion that robes are severely underrated in the Lingerie category. They’re unappreciated, and it’s time that changed, because with the snow falling outside my window, I could think of nothing more amazing than curling up in a cozy robe with a cup of hot chocolate. If I were a fan of Star Wars, then that fantasy could only be improved by adding this little number:


R2D2 Robe $75.99

Does an R2D2 robe, a cup of hot cocoa, and a DVD marathon sound like your woman’s idea of an awesome night in? Then perhaps this is The Robe You’re Looking For? This cozy-cool robe is available from Modcloth.com in sizes XS to 3X!  And if R2 isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d rather wrap up in a Stormtrooper?

2. Dr.Who Lounge Pants from PinUpGirlClothing.com

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Pin Up Girl Clothing. A solid 90% of my dresses come from their stocks, and soon my pajamas will be no different. Recently, PUG has started carrying an awesome collection of nerdy-cool themed pajamas and undies, all at reasonable prices! While perusing their new offerings, I chose these Dr.Who Lounge Pants because, Dr. Who, obviously.


Dr.Who Lounge Pants from PinUpGirlClothing.com
Available sizes S/M/L/XL

While I have never actually watched an episode of Dr.Who, (I know! I know! Don’t hold it against me!) I know that the Doctor has quite the cult following. Odds are, your lady is a fan. And if your lady is a fan, odds are she’d be thrilled to find these underneath her Christmas tree. Available in sizes S-XL, these lounge pants are priced at a reasonable $25.oo. Check out PUG’s new offerings here, and get shopping!

3. Darth Vader Garter and Knickers by LicoriceandCream 

I discovered Licorice and Cream while I was researching for this feature, and my jaw dropped to the floor. Because, c’mon. IT’S A DARTH VADER GARTER BELT!  The force is definitely with this one, because this thing is flippin’ awesome.



Darth Vader Garter Belt and Knickers by LicoriceandCream
Garter Belt (XS-XL) approximately $46.00
Knickers (XS-XL) approximately $27.60

Based out of Melbourne, Licorice and Cream sell a number of cool and quirky underthings for the lady in your life. There are a number of themed boyleg pants and garter belts, as well as several vintage-feel pieces with a distinctly modern touch. Licorice and Cream also do printed bras, but alas–I am sized out. This particular lovely is available in sizes XS to XL, and cost $46.00 and $27.60 respectively. Take a peek at their Etsy shop to see what they’re all about!

4.Pelvis Bone Print Panties by Knickerocker


Pelvis Printed Panties by Knickerocker
Available in sizes XS-XL and Made-To-Measure $9.50

I introduced you lovelies to Knickerocker in my last gift guide, and I loved their stuff so much that I had to give them another shout. And what more appropriate for a Geek-Girl lingerie list then a pair of Pelvis Printed Panties? (Oh, alliteration, how I love thee.) Maybe your sweetheart is really into anatomy. Maybe she’s studying to be a doctor. Maybe she just really, really likes skeleton things? (I’m not judging.) Either way, these pelvis-pants might be the perfect gift for her!


5. Fallout Vault Boy Panties by BunnyJump

I have a confession to make. I have logged 175 and a half hours into Fallout 3 and Fallout:New Vegas respectively. It’s not something I’m ashamed of, but it’s not necessarily something that I advertise, either. (Because honestly, when I’m snarling at the television screen or squealing-and-running from Deathclaws, it ain’t a pretty sight.) Suffice to say, I’m addicted. So, when I spotted these Vault Boy panties by Bunny Jump, I screeched like a little girl and pointed enthusiastically at the computer screen. (“I WANT THEM! I WANT THEM!”)


Fallout Vault Boy Undies by Bunny Jump

Available in UK Sizes 8-16 (US 4-12)
Approximately $24.43

This isn’t my first time hearing about the BunnyJump brand. The lovely Boosaurus did a feature on Nerdy-Girl Lingerie that is pretty spectacular (check it out here), and included quite a few pretties from Bunny Jump on her list. Crafted by hand and made in the UK, each pair of BunnyJump undies or bra straps are unique–just like the geeky-girly in your life!

There you have it. Five geeky-girly-awesome items for the lingerie loving nerd on your list. Get shopping, folks! Because Christmas is coming, whether we procrastinators are prepared for it or not!