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“It’s Vargas, baby!”

Black Friday was very, very kind to me this year.

Not only did I get my hot little hands on the Charlotte set from my beloved Parfait (and my friends over at Large Cup Lingerie), but I died and went to heaven just a little bit when I heard that Kiss Me Deadly was running a whopping 30% off sale in honor of America’s most rabid day of shopping. While everyone else was standing in lines at Best Buy and Walmart at the butt-crack of dawn, I was clickity-clacking away at my computer from the warmth of my own bed. With just a tiny bit of cajoling, I convinced a friend to go in with me on an order–and away we went!

For just about $75, I managed to snag the Paradise Longline Girdle that I have been coveting for months, as well as three (count ’em, three!) pairs of my beloved What Katie Did stockings! When my package finally arrived, I ran-like-I-stole-it to my girlfriend’s house for a little bit of photoshoot fun.

Paradise Longline Girdle by Kiss Me Deadly
Available sizes:S-XL
Approximately $82.00

The Paradise Longline Girdle boasts a beautifully printed pattern of hummingbirds, butterflies, and flowers on a white base with black detailing. It features six metal garter clips, each adorned with a bow, as well as a detail bow on the center of the longline’s top.Hooks-and-eyes make up the closure, and while a tiny bit tricky, I find that the “hook in the front and then turn around” method works just fine when I’m without an extra set of helping hands. It is also billed as paintable (!!!!), but as Kiss Me Deadly was sadly sold out of their variety of fabric paints, I opted to receive my girdle without.

Kiss Me Deadly Paradise Longline Girdle
From the front…

Since I had previously purchased a Kiss Me Deadly girdle from another blogger (Thanks, Sweet Nothings!), I had a general idea as to what size I would need. With my current measurements (31″/45″) in mind, and the knowledge that my Plum vargas longline is just a wee bit too big, I opted to size down from an extra large to a large. At first try, I was afraid that I had actually made an error in sizing down! The Paradise’s powermesh definitely feels much firmer than that of my plum vargas. However, after a few hours of wear, it stretches enough to accommodate my comfort without sacrificing it’s incredible smoothing and shaping capabilities. My only gripe with the girdle is that the garter straps are not adjustable, and thus prove tricky to maneuver on a long-torsoed lady like myself.

And from the back…

Also tucked into my lovely little package from Kiss Me Deadly were three pairs of gorgeous stockings by What Katie Did. During the sale, I opted for one pair of Swiss Dot Stockings (as featured on my “Autumn Desires” lust list!), and two pairs of Nude/Pink (not pictured) seamed stockings for more practical day-to-day use. It’s no secret that I’m mad about these nylons, so I was thrilled to score several pairs at such a reasonable price!

What Katie Did Swiss Dot Stockings
Sizes S/M and M/L

I always opt for a M/L in What Katie Did’s hosiery, and these stockings were no different. While very stretchy, I found that they don’t have quite as much give as some of my other pairs, so if you find yourself on the fence about sizing or falling in between, I’d recommend sizing up!

BONUS REVIEW: Kiss Me Deadly “Fifi” Vargas Longline in Plum!

Kiss Me Deadly Vargas Longline
Sizes S-XL
Approximately $82.00(50GBP)

While this girdle was purchased far before my Black Friday splurging, I have to include it in this review on the basis that it is incredible and I love everything about it. The color (my favorite color!) is a rich plum, and I absolutely adored the contrast of it against my dark hair/fair skinned combo. It features the same hook-and-eye closures as Kiss Me Deadly’s other girdles, as well as six non-adjustable metal garter tabs. I own this in a size XL, and while it doesn’t have the same shaping qualities as the smaller, snugger size L, it still smooths me out just fine and is great for those days when I don’t want to feel too constricted in my shapewear. As it is a larger size, I also don’t have the same issue that I have as far as length: the XL is just the right length for my torso.

Channeling my inner Betty Grable!

In all, I am incredibly impressed by the workmanship of both Kiss Me Deadly girdles. These were my first purchased items from the brand, and they have definitely gained one more return customer. Both girdles by Kiss Me Deadly and quality hold-ups from What Katie Did are must-have items in any pin-up enthusiast’s wardrobe, and I can not recommend them enough!

8 thoughts on ““It’s Vargas, baby!””

  1. Wowzers, you look gorgeous!
    Those longline girdles look like they were made for you, especially that lovely plum color.

    Speaking of which…
    After a bit (read: more than I care to admit to) of searching, I found the plum vargas longline girdle in my size, and I’m so tempted to buy it. My one hang-up is the non-adjustable garter straps, as I’m 5’8″ and have both long legs and a long torso.
    Please help me, fellow lingerie enthusiast – are the longline girdles worth the money, or should I stick with my usual garter belts?

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