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Let’s Talk “Letterphobia”, and Why It’s Been So Quiet Around Here

I know, I know.

February has been a quiet month over here in Blogland. I could give you a million excuses about work/life/whathaveyou, but instead I’ll say this:

While it has been a quiet month here, I have still been quite the busy bee! I was recently invited to participate in something called “Better Bra School” over at Better Bras Canada. It is the brainchild of a kick-ass lady named Michelle, who is nothing short of passionate about bringing great-fitting bras to all women. I love the idea, and I respect anyone with passion and drive, so when Michelle contacted me about writing for her page, I immediately pounced on the opportunity! I was allowed to chose any topic related to bra-fitting and the DD+ market, and since I was the one holding the reins, I decided to jump in feet first.

The topic of Letterphobia is a frustrating one for me, and in my article I aimed to discuss the issues that accompany the idea that “All D-cups are huge”. This preconceived notion makes it incredibly difficult to refit a woman who is otherwise uncomfortable in her bra. The idea that her body could not possibly fall into a certain size range makes her hesitant to even try a new size, for fear of disappointment or a blow to her self-esteem. In my post, I aimed to smash the stereotype, as well as provide positive examples of well-fitting lingerie that prove the D-cup myth wrong.

Want to read more? Check out my post!:


Letterphobia, And What It Means To Be A “D-Cup”

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