Falling For Fraulein–“Falling In Love” Reviewed

There I was, lazing around in a plain-Jane chain hotel. My hair was a mess, I was drinking bad hotel coffee, and  staring at generic watercolors that were painted and printed by Joe Nobody.   In my mind, though, it was a little different.

In my mind, I’m rolling around on a California-king sized four poster bed, instead of the cramped full-sized mattress. (Tiny girlfriend, you take up a lot of space.) My crummy hotel brew is replaced by a mid-afternoon mimosa, and instead of staring out the window at a dingy Walmart parking lot, my room-with-a-view allows me to drink in rolling hills of the sunny Italian countryside.(This is my fantasy, and in my fantasy it is the summer, dig it?)

“Why?” you ask. Because, ladies and germs, it is difficult to feel anything but glamorous while prancing around in this little beauty:

"Falling In Love" by Fraulein Annie
“Falling In Love” by Fraulein Annie
Fuller Bust Bra: 30D-38G Approximately $79.00
High-waisted Panty Girdle” UK8-18 Approximately $79.00

“But Jessica, I’ve seen that set before.”

Well, yeah. I’ve been salivating over this particular set of lovelies for months now, and finally finally I can call them mine! You see, I recently had a birthday. And because the folks at Large Cup Lingerie are possibly the best people on the face of the earth, they ever so kindly offered to send me the very bra and pantygirdle that my heart had been wishing for! Call it a belated birthday gift, they said. (“I love you!” I replied.)

Fräulein Annie is a brand that I am no stranger to. Once upon a dream, I owned their Falling In Love full cup bra in black/chestnut, before my chest decided to make a break for it and grow three cup sizes. I was completely blown away by the craftsmanship and attention to detail in these pieces, and the romantic-vintage feel of the collection spoke to my inner enthusiast. It was my first dive into the world of luxury full-bust lingerie, and I could not get enough.

“Falling In Love” by Fraulein Annie Fuller Bust Bra and High Waisted Panty Girdle

Now, you can see that the pieces are downright drop-dead gorgeous, but let’s talk fit.

(I’d like to note that at the time of review, this bra fit me perfectly in a 34FF. It was snug and supportive on the last hooks, I filled the cups nicely and without wrinkling, and gave a rounded, subtly uplifted shape. Since that time, I have lost around 15lbs, and while the volume of my breasts hasn’t changed much, I am now pretty firmly living in 32-band territory, and thus this bra needs altering.)

The Bra:

The Falling In Love Fuller Bust Bra is made of sweet cinnamon colored satin and cream lace, and is double lined for durability. It features two strong vertical seams as part of it’s three-part cup construction. The straps are actually part of the cup (instead of being flimsy and thin), and are half-adjustable. Small bows adorn both straps at the point where cup and strap meet, as well as at the center-gore of the bra.
Aesthetically, it is positively stunning. The cinnamon/cream color combination oozes Victorian vintage charm, and I have fantasies of having an afternoon tea party swathed in just this set, and nothing more. (Because truly, in a set this beautiful, the only accessories a girl needs are some curls and a set of pearls!)
At the time of review, this bra fit me well, and I would say the cups are true to size. Fräulein Annie lingerie has a reputation for running more snug in the band, and as someone who fell between 32 and 34 bands, my original choice of a 34FF was spot on. Snug and supportive without sacrificing comfort, the band sat smoothly against my skin without digging or chafing.
As a self described Freya Deco-addict, the non-moulded cups were a bit of a new thing for me. I am so used to the va va voom of my Deco that the subtle, romantic cleavage of this set took some getting used to. However, once swooped and scooped into place, I was very happy with the rounded and natural shape that this bra provides.
I had just two complaints about this bra, (neither of which were deal breakers.) As a small-shouldered person, the half-adjustable straps are almost not short enough for my frame. I need to tighten them almost completely to get the fit that is most comfortable to me, so I would note this to other small-shouldered ladies. My second issue lies with the wires of the center gore. They are tough and poked me pretty significantly in the beginning. Thankfully it was easily rectified by bending the wires ever-so-slightly away from my sternum.

TL;DR: Cinnamon satin/cream lace. Unpadded but well-lined cups. Half-adjustable straps. Band runs on the tighter side. Wires may dig, bend if necessary. Luxury quality. Wear with curls and a smile!

The Panties:

I love them.

I had to get right to the point with that one, ladies, because there aren’t really words to describe how incredible this girdle is. In my hunt for shapewear, I have searched long and hard for a fashionable, functional piece that doesn’t conjure up images of my great-great grandmother’s lingerie drawer. In this world where shapewear automatically equals “dowdy”, the Falling In Love panty-girdle is a breath of fresh air. The front panel is the same gorgeous cinnamon colored satin and lace of the bra, while the back and sides are made of a powerfully shaping mesh that expertly smooths and cinches while still remaining comfortable. I received this piece in a UK16/US12, and 15-pounds ago, it was admittedly just a little bit snug. Keeping this in mind, if you have no body-altering diet or exercise plans in your immediate future, I’d recommend sizing up in this piece! Now that I’ve slimmed down just a bit, the 16 is perfect on my current measurements (31″/44″), and still gives the desired slimming and shaping effects.

But that’s not all!

(Allow me to paint you a picture.)

Last weekend, (after a particularly hellish week at the grind) I shimmied myself into the tightest dress in my wardrobe and went out for a night of drinking and dancing with friends. After some pleasant conversation and a few vodka-seltzers, I felt the call of nature and slipped off to the loo. (Can I use that word? I love it, it’s much cuter than “bathroom”.) So there I was, jammed in a tiny nightclub bathroom stall, swathed in my most figure hugging outfit and seriously lacking space to move. You’d think this would be a nightmare situation–no elbow room and layers of shapewear to peel off. Or worse! Having to hike your dress up to your chin in order to wiggle your underlayers off. That’s a lot of trouble to go through just for a quick pee. Right? Wrong. Wrong, because Fraulein Annie is some type of genius, and added snaps to the crotch of the girdle. (!!!)

"Falling In Love" by Fraulein Annie High Waisted Panty Girdle Available Sizes UK8-18
“Falling In Love” by Fraulein Annie
High Waisted Panty Girdle
Available In  Sizes UK8-18

If the gorgeous fabric and quality construction of this set hadn’t sold me on it already, that particular feature definitely would have. I’m a woman that’s easy to please, so something as simple as being one step ahead of my undressing conundrums is very valuable.

TL;DR: High-waisted. Firm shaping and control. Cinnamon/almond details. Run a bit small, size up for comfort if between sizes. Button crotch for ease of wear! Pretty and practical, the ultimate lingerie staple piece.

There you have it, ladies and germs. Do you think you could you Fall In Love with Fraulein Annie? If you fancy picking up a set for yourself or your significant other, might I suggest the ever-wonderful folks over at Large Cup Lingerie as your first stop? They are always quick to respond to customer inquiries and offer always free shipping, no matter where in the world you lay your head. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Falling For Fraulein–“Falling In Love” Reviewed”

  1. I’ve also lusted over this set… But it looked a bit wide and shallow for me 😦 by the way, it’s my birthday in 3 days and you just inspired me to make a new wishlist!

    1. Happy almost Birthday!
      I have pretty soft breast tissue, and do well with shallower cups, so I can definitely attest to that fact. Otherwise, it is a completely lovely set, and I am so impressed with the design!

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