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Another Dose of Deadly: Kiss Me Deadly Review

Suffice to say, I’m addicted to Kiss Me Deadly.

Besides the fact that I’ve always had a soft-spot in my blogger heart for smaller independent brands, I also have mucho respect for anybody–person, business, or otherwise–that does their own thing.  And if any of you are even remotely familiar with the Kiss Me Deadly brand, you know that they do the hell out of their own thing!

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that when my birthday (and subsequent birthday monies) rolled around last January, I leaped at the chance to give some of my lusted-after garments a try.

Enter the Pink Alouette six-strap waist cincher and brief:

Pink Alouette Cincher and Pin-up Brief by Kiss Me Deadly

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

If you pair blush pink satin with a sultry lace overlay, I’m already hooked. But put these two characteristics into a piece of lingerie that not only cinches in my waist,  but offers six detachable suspender clips to hold up my stockings? Love. Love, in it’s truest form. It meets in the back with a hook-and-eye closure, which requires a bit of patience to close up, but once on, you may never want to take it off!

Back in January when I purchased these items, I was a bit larger then my current stats, so what was a perfect fit on my 33″ waist back then is a bit loose on my now 29″-30″ waist. For reference, I own a size Large in this piece, which is still wearable at my current size. However, it does not necessarily offer any compression or shaping that I suspect it would in the size smaller that I now need!


The sexy-sweet briefs showcase the same lace print as the cincher, and feature sheer mesh at the sides and back. A sweet little bow finishes off the keyhole. I ordered these briefs in a size XL way back when, and I am happy to say that because baby got back, they still fit my newly reshaped derriere! I measure 44″ at the hip–most of which is rear–and I find these to run a tiny bit small. I was happy with my size choice, as the waistband does not cut into my hips.

The only issue that I have come across with these pieces is that the suspender clips require a bit of gentle coaxing to stay in place. The first few times I fastened them they slipped from their positioning and left my stocking falling south. Once I’ve convinced them that they’re to hold tight to my stockings, I fell in love all over again…


…and I mean, come on. How could you not?

(As I am sized out of Kiss Me Deadly’s bra offerings, I happily paired this set with my trusty Freya Deco in black. It’s not a perfectly cookie-cutter match, but I’m not complaining. And I daresay I don’t think my girlfriend will, either. 😉 )

Because I have a serious shopping habit healthy appetite for lingerie, I also popped a Lydia suspender belt into my cart at the time of my order. As Lydia is a discontinued set, I got it for a song. And you can imagine that many moons later when I scooped up my first Avocado lingerie set and I realized that the two different brands were actually a perfect match…well..

It would have been a crime to not pair them up and take some snaps.

DSC_3322editLydia is another one that had my heart a-fluttering. Gorgeous teal (Teal? Turquoise? whatever the color, it’s lovely.) satin with a black lace overlay, six suspender clips and a wide top to hide a multitude of sins? Bow details around every corner? And it closes easily in the back with three sets of three hooks-and-eyes. How did they know!

Kiss Me Deadly, are you sneaking into my dreams at night?!

I also purchased this lovely in a size Large, which is sadly too large for my new frame. However for size reference, at the time of purchase (41″/33″/45″) this piece fit my body as if it was made for me! I wore it lovingly underneath my swingy-est of dresses, and eventually took a seam ripper to the bows so that I could utilize her underneath more form fitting wiggles. Lydia shaped up to be both a sexy and utilitarian piece of lingerie. Ten points to KMD!

If you are looking to inject a little functional ingenuity and creativity into your lingerie collection, I highly recommend Kiss Me Deadly as a brand to follow. Their personality shines through in every photoshoot, blog update, and Facebook status, which is something that I really admire! They are a brand that obviously and truly cares for their customer base. They listen, and they deliver! Passion is obviously in the forefront of what they do. From corsets, to cinchers, to girdles and everything in between–I firmly believe that Kiss Me Deadly has something to suit every body!

Cupless Vargas Dress in Red: Limited Edition! Preorder at Kiss Me Deadly


(Don’t believe me? Check out this Cupless Vargas dress that has just been released for pre-order! Available in both black and red, it is perfect for large and small busted ladies alike. Versatile and sexy. Kiss Me Deadly, I think you’ve truly outdone yourselves this time!)


 Hey guys. I have the best photographer ever. Check out Sarah King Photography on Facebook! Any questions? Interested in booking? Want to tell her she’s awesome? Email her at!

5 thoughts on “Another Dose of Deadly: Kiss Me Deadly Review”

  1. I’ve had trouble with my stockings popping in my Pink Alhouette too! One of the clasps is super, super, SUPER finicky, but once it’s locked I’m usually good to go. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one! Obviously, I can’t even really talk to you about the Lydia set and the bra you are wearing with it because it’s perfection and you look fabulous and I’m wildly jealous. These pictures are so great!

  2. Great review! You look amazing 🙂 And this was very helpful info when I planned my own KMD order during their mega-sale this summer. I’m 5’3″, 33″ underbust, 28″ waist, 38″ hips, and have solid thighs (think field hockey or rugby player). Basically, I’m built like a small but sturdy shetland pony. Here is how things fit:

    Cupless Vargas M: So comfortable. Smoothes everything beautifully. Garter tabs visible under tight skirts (which I like). Might not fit someone under 5ft due to torso length? It is also possible that I could wear the S for even more compression. (The M compresses my sides and booty but not my tummy.) But I’m happy in the M and suspect that the S would be too small around my ribcage.

    Blue tempest cincher M: I think a S might fit better, which was a shock. The M is too long for my waist/torso. Lovely color, lace, and velvet. The panels are visible under tight clothing (in part because of the beautiful velvet trim), as shown on the KMD blog, but they make your hips look killer. But too long for my short self, so going back.

    Blue tempest high waist knickers M: So lovely. Wonderful smooth seams. Sturdy mesh. Beautiful lace. Comfortable gusset. Doesn’t dig in at the waist. Smooths out my tummy without constricting. (Oddly enough, the support also improves my posture.) Adorable velvet bows (visible under tight jersey skirts but not under anything else). Love. The only caveat is that the leg openings are a little tight for my meaty thighs. Next time I’ll get the L, although the M is perfect everywhere else.

    Jacquotte panties: I ordered both the M and L based on Miss Victory Violet’s review and concerns about thigh constriction. Surprise! They both fit (they have more stretch than the blue tempest) and the construction is just as good as the blue tempest. The fabric (little whips!) makes me smile everytime I wear them.

    Jacquotte girdle M: Love. Satiny smooth and easy to wiggle into (so I don’t have to do up all the hooks everytime). Constricts and smooths my waist just enough to improve my carriage and posture, but still very comfortable.

    In summary, KMD is amazing but think about torso length when you order and size up on the panties if you have athletic thighs.

    1. This is a super helpful comment! I have the Jacquotte as well and found that I could have sized down from the L to a M! I’m built kind of like you, but taller: 5’6″, 32″ under bust, 30″ waist, 44″ hips, short, thick and stocky legs! I have a long torso, though, so I usually have no issue with KMD (but issues with other brands, like Rago.)
      I definitely agree, size up on panties! I have thighs AND a booty, and because of that I actually fall between L and XL!

      1. Happy to share! Keep up the lingerie reviews. It’s so helpful to get recommendations from someone with a similar build.

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