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#CoutureForEverybody: PUG in the Big Apple

When Pinup Girl Clothing announced a few weeks ago that they would be hosting a series of meetups and events in New York City during Fashion Week, my entire social lineup came to a screeching halt.

It was very much a STOP THE PRESSES moment, and nothing short of tragedy was going to make me miss this opportunity. After all, the Cali girls boast plenty of PUG face time but us East Coasters are oft left out of the fun, simply because of the distance.

Events were scattered throughout the weekend: drinks and socializing on Friday, a meet up and lunch on Saturday afternoon followed by the (in)famous PUG Yardsale and hangout in Brooklyn, and a vintage crawl in the big city on Sunday. Time, money, and a pesky little thing called “my full-time job” got in the way of a weekend of debauchery, however I was lucky enough to swing an entire Saturday in the big city. Best friend in tow, I took the town by storm in my hot pink Jessica dress. (It felt apropos, given that it is my namesake.) First stop: Lincoln Center Square.

Requisite “Selife On The Train”

Lincoln Center Square is a different kind of beast during Fashion Week, and unbeknownst to me, a pin-up in the Big Apple is actually kind of a spectacle. Despite New York’s reputation for the unusual, we stuck out like two sore thumbs, and the cameras certainly paid us some attention. We were the first ladies to arrive to the meet up, so we  spent our extra time strolling, lounging by the fountain, taking in the sights, and keeping our eyes peeled for a glimpse of another set of Victory Rolls or pin curls in the crowd. Finally, we spotted someone. A navy blue Luscious dress, petticoat, and some of the prettiest red pin-curls I’ve ever seen. “I think we’re probably here for the same reason!”

Dizzy Doll of Beauty Set Apart, pin-up girl and maker of rockin’ hair accessories.

We wandered aimlessly for a while, in search of the other PUG fans that were sure to be in attendance. After an hour or so of walking, we spied them from across the crowded square: hair flowers! We had found our people.

If  one pin-up in the big city was a spectacle, a whole group of pin-ups is enough to bring the house down. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before: photographers swarmed. Style bloggers, tourists, fashion photographers–everyone wanted a piece of us! After plenty of photography time (all of the ladies looked gorgeous!), we were off to lunch for a bite to eat before the yard sale.

photo (7)
I can’t pronounce anything on this menu. Also, these girls are gorgeous!


Let me tell you something, readers. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a room with so many beautiful, vivacious, and (quite frankly) stunningly-dressed women all at once. We talked, laughed, ate, drank (in moderation, because come on: margaritas.), and then it was game time. Yard Sale time. 

This is where we split up. A group of us decided to brave the subway, while the rest of the ladies hopped into a cab to Brooklyn’s Slapback Boutique, our gracious host for the evening. I was part of the subway-bravers, and let me tell you this: Pin-ups on a train? You guessed it: Spectacle.

Baby's first ride on the metro!
Baby’s first ride on the metro!
Pin ups on the train.
Pin ups on the train.

Under the city, over the bridge and up into the sunlight, we hopped into the quickly formed line at Slapback, waiting our turn. Thankfully the rain held off, and many of the ladies in attendance walked away with some fabulous goodies at fantastic prices. Me? I kept it small and settled on a gorgeous navy blue Laura Byrnes Janelle dress from previous seasons. The deep, rich color and thick fabric will make it perfect for this upcoming fall, and at a measley 40$?! The excitement was palpable. However, fantastic shopping was not the point of these events.

Pinup Girl Clothing is one of those rare by-women-for-women companies that truly believes and supports the idea that Every Body Is Beautiful. They have some of the most diverse models I have seen, their size range is impressive for a smaller company, and their dedication to their business is unrivaled. It is rare that a company actually practices what they preach–and PUG certainly delivers. It is this attitude that consistently brings me back, both as a customer and a fan. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that packing up boxes of goodies, suitcases of clothes/flyers/giftcards, toting the kids along, and flying across the country is no walk in the park. Yet some of the famous faces of PUG did just that. Not only to promote the brand, but to spread the message of #CoutureForEveryBody.

The Supreme Overlord herself, Laura Byrnes
The Supreme Overlord herself, Laura Byrnes.

Not only that, but time was spent actually getting to know us–the customers and fans. Let me tell you something, Laura Byrnes is hilarious. She’s quick witted, obviously intelligent, and very personable. And Micheline Pitt? It amazed me. Micheline Pitt spoke to every girl that approached her as if she’d known her forever. She was welcoming, friendly, and fabulous as all hell. I’m no designer and no business owner, but it takes true personality and passion to be able to exude that kind of positivity to every person you meet. Being able to spend an afternoon with these strong, driven women was truly inspirational. (Oh, and obviously the nanny in me wanted to cuddle the hell out of Gaia, Laura’s littlest.)

The one and only Micheline Pitt.
The one and only Micheline Pitt.

In all, PUG in the big city was an absolutely incredible experience. Every moment was filled with laughter, and just being able to network with this group of fantastic women was empowering. I connected with some fabulous girls on this trip, and I look forward to maintaining those connections and hopefully forming them into full-blown friendship. The Couture For Everybody event in NYC was a smashing success, and here’s hoping that the ladies of PUG decide to bring it around again in the years to come!

Eyebrows in progress

Oops, I nearly forgot. (And seriously, how could I forget!?!) Who’s got two thumbs and got a new set of brows during Ms. Pitt’s brow demo at Slapback? That’s right ladies and germs, yours truly. They’ll never look like this again, so naturally I had to preserve the memory. Cheers!

photo (8)


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