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A Fine Folly (Review of the Folly Flair by Deadly Dames Clothing)

Fear not, readers. I am still alive, well, and fully functioning! I realize it’s been quite some time (bad, bad Jessica!), but as life has finally settled into a lovely routine, I’m back. And I’m back in a big way!

You see, recently I had a birthday. 23 was a big year for me–I ended a relationship, found new love, moved my whole life to a new city, and landed an amazing new job. It was a year filled with heartbreak and new beginnings, sadness, love, lust, and transition, and while it ended wonderfully, I’m very happy to bid it adieu. With all of those changes, it makes sense that I wanted to welcome year 24 with a bang. It will come as no surprise that when I found out that our one of our local LGBT bars would play host to a masquerade party on January 17th, that I was over the moon. I set to planning a prize-winning outfit almost immediately. Naturally, I turned to my favorite online retailer: Pinup Girl Clothing.

Enter, the Folly Flair by Deadly Dames.


Be the center of attention walking into any room in the Folly Flair! Inspired directly from highly sought after 1950s mermaid dresses, the Folly Flair Dress offers up all the delicious details of classic vintage gowns but with modern comfort and wearability. Made of stretch cotton sateen, the dress is fully lined in a soft and silky stretch charmeuse and the bust line is fused for hidden support and structure. The hemline features eight layers of tulle to give you that perfect poof at the mermaid ruffle. The entire body features an overlay of stretch lace that is soft and comfortable to the touch. Finished off with a removable black velvet belt and a back zip.

Designed by the wonderful and talented Micheline Pitt, the Folly Flair dress is part of the Deadly Dames line. These garments are known for their fantastic quality, attention to detail, and incredible fit. This beauty was priced at $200.00 and my expectations for this dress were set high. I was not disappointed.

Dress: Folly Flair by Deadly Dames RRP $200.00
Photography: Sarah King Photography


Readers, I wish I could offer you a more intellectual first impression of this piece of clothing. I’m afraid that it’s damn near impossible because LOOK AT IT.

Stretch cotton sateen. Lace overlay. A MERMAID SKIRT. And it comes in red.

ticks. all. the. boxes.

The day that this beauty arrived at my door, I received a text from my former housemate/best friend that stated something along the lines of “You better thank your lucky stars that I love you, I answered the door naked to sign for this package and communicated with the FedEx man through a 2″ sliver of an opening”. Dear friend, you have no idea how thankful I am, not only for that instance. I picked my parcel up immediately (risking a late start at my job), and wiggled myself into my purchase almost immediately upon arrival at work.

Readers, I was blown away.


For reference, I measure 40″/30″/44″ and I purchased this beauty in a large, despite my hip measurement being two inches outside of PUG’s suggested 42″ measurement. While I definitely felt a bit squeezed in the rear-region, I could not have sized up in this without requiring significant tailoring. The bust and waist fit perfectly–as per the size chart. I measure in at 5’6″ tall, and the bottom of the mermaid skirt hit me just below the mid-calf line.

The dress is fully lined in red stretch satin, and expertly designed to hug every single curve of your body. I found that while it was snug, it was one of those dresses that “molds” to my curves, and was far easier to shimmy around in after a few try-ons.  Even the slightly-snug hips and fitted mermaid cut were amenable after “breaking in” dress. But how did it hold up after an evening of dinner (yum!), drinks and dancing?

Laura is super cool. ;)
Laura is super cool. 😉

A few glasses of champagne, and I kicked off my heels and got grooving. The party was popping, the drinks were flowing, and I was surrounded by people that I love! Midnight came, and the winner of the “Best Dressed” award was announced.


Naturally, this was the face that won me the award. 😉


I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday, and I definitely couldn’t have asked for a better dress.


Like what you see? Head on over to Pinup Girl Clothing to snag your very own Folly Flair!


Photography by the incredibly-talented and lovely Sarah of Sarah King Photography



3 thoughts on “A Fine Folly (Review of the Folly Flair by Deadly Dames Clothing)”

  1. Oooh, this dress looks amazing on you! I’ve seen it in person a couple times but I don’t have it in me to wear a mermaid style (yet). Such a beautiful dress. Glad you didn’t size up– it looks like it fits like a glove!

    1. Thank you so much! I had been eying it for the last almost two years, and finally worked up the courage to take the plunge. Honestly, I don’t even think this review does it justice, it is THAT beautiful! I highly recommend, should you decide to give the mermaid style a go! Seriously the best quality dress I own.

  2. Holy moly how did I miss this blog for the past…uh…I don’t know how long. Chagrin! Anyway, looking forward to reading the archives, especially about Parfait!
    …and the mermaid dress…wow. Wow wow wow. It and you get along (I nearly typed swimmingly, then facepalmed) so famously!

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