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Sultry in Samanta: My First Polish Lingerie Review!

When it comes to Polish lingerie, I am a completely clueless. Their sizing is different, they use centimeters instead of inches, and this blogger can not math to save her life. With it’s rise in popularity amongst bloggers and customers alike and attention to the full-bust market, I needed to hop on this train!  Samanta is no stranger to the blogging community, with product reviews from the likes of Two Cakes On A Plate, The Full Figured Chest , and a very informative fit comparison by Miss Underpinnings that details the fit of several different selections from the major Polish brands.

But it’s better late than never, I say! When I was offered the opportunity to give a shiny new Samanta set a try, I jumped at the chance. After a few weeks of back-and-forth emailing, and some surprisingly lightening fast service from the postal service (shock, awe, surprise!), my parcel was on my doorstep.

After a lot of hemming and hawwing, I opted for the Desert A333 bra and B700 high waisted brief in classic black, as they fit both my pin-up persona and blend beautifully with the rest of my lingerie collection. Completely clueless on sizing, I sent the lovely Marzena my measurements, and she suggested a 70G (which, if I’m not mistaken, coincides with my typical UK size of 32G.), and an XL (for my enormous derriere, which gets larger with each passing day at the gym!).

The Desert A333 push – up type bra is directed to women with larger breasts. Raises, rounds and collects the bust promoting cleavage and providing strong support. Cups cover 80 % of the breasts.The cups are mounted on a 3/4 high gore, which encourages the display of cleavage.Ensuring maximum comfort while wearing. This model is especially designed for women with softer, less firm breast.

I was eager to give this bra a try, given how shallow, soft, and high-set my breast tissue is. The description seemed spot-on, as if this particular style was designed with me in mind. I was also apprehensive, as I have much of my success in plunge bras and the thought of trying new things makes me a bit uneasy. Undaunted, I tore open my package almost immediately.

Sometimes I take my knickers outdoors to photograph them.

The very first thing I noticed was the quality. It was very clear to me that this was a piece of lingerie that had been carefully designed. Soft foam cups, neatly sewn seams, and sumptuous materials made up this beautifully designed and classic bra. The front band is made up of soft (not scratchy!) black lace, but the side wings and back band are smooth and silky. The cups are covered with the same breathable lace as the band, and the tops of the cups are edged with some of the most fantastic lace I’ve ever seen. A satin bow and Samanta’s signature gold “S” charm finish off the bra at the center gore, and the entire effect is quite lovely.


In the 70G, the band fit comfortably (and could have been a bit more snug, I am accustomed to wearing my bands tight. It’s a matter of personal preference), and the center gore/wires did not poke, prod, or otherwise annoy me throughout a day of wear. The band on this bra seems quite stretchy–I perhaps could have gone with a 65GG! I did, however, run into some issues with the shape. Because of the way my breast tissue is dispersed, I typically run into issues with non-plunge bras. They tend to cut me in half, causing overspill, and sizing up does nothing but  leave me with cups-half-empty. Initially, I had the same issue with this piece–slight quadboob and strange emptiness towards the sides. I consulted with the designer and explained my situation. Thankfully, her advice worked! A few wears, a wash, and a little bit of love, and my new bra fits a whole lot better than it did in the beginning! Sometimes, a bra is like a new pair of shoes: they need their “break in” period. While this particular shape of bra may never be 100% to my liking, I am thrilled to find one that is not only wearable, but completely and utterly gorgeous!

Before and After
Before and After

Now, a bra’s a bra, but one thing I love more than anything in the world is a good pair of big knickers. And these, my friends, are good.

Desert B700 High Waisted Briefs

They smooth, they shape, and they look damn good doing it! Despite falling into the size chart for a size Large, I ended up with these buggers in a size XL and I’m glad I did. What I lack in wide hips I make up for in booty, and I can only imagine the kind of struggle I would have gone through to fit the smaller size. These slip on comfortably, and are not overtly constricting. They come up high enough to smooth my tummy, and are fantastic on–even for all-day wear. They are quite at home amongst the other pin-up knickers in my lingerie drawer, and quickly became a favorite pair.

Behold! My booty!
Behold! My booty!

The XL is perfectly long enough for my oh-so-long torso, and covers my bum appropriately. The front panel is a double-layer knit edged with lace, both pretty and smoothing, while the rest of the panty is the same soft lace as featured on the cups. The silicone lining of the waistband keeps these lovelies from shifting around or rolling down, giving a smooth shape from top to bottom!

And the attention to detail:




All in all, this was a fantastic first foray into the world of Samanta lingerie. I am so impressed by the beautiful design, quality, and attention to detail. When I had questions about sizing, Samanta’s top-rate customer service was there to help. It made my experience all the more pleasant, knowing that there was a team of knowledgeable people willing to aid me in my quest to find the right fit and size for me! If you are on the fence about placing your first Samanta order, I can not stress it enough: DIVE IN! It will absolutely be worth it!

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