A Pinup In Brooklyn

When the alarm sounded at 5:30am, not even the birds were awake. 

“Too early…” I thought, fighting the urge to roll back into the mountain of pillows, blankets, and one gently snoring girlfriend that beckoned me back to the comfort of my bed. 

But no. Too early or not, NJ transit waits for no one, and I had one New York City-bound train to catch! It was a Sunday, and the early morning walk to my car was surprisingly chilly, despite the sweltering temperature predicted for the day. 

Two cups of coffee, two hours, and one moderately expensive Uber later, there I was: a pinup in Brooklyn. 

Lucy La Riot’s tiny, cozy pinup photography studio nestles between two buildings on what I’d imagine would have been a moderately quiet city street, if not for the construction. Men in orange work vests followed me with their eyes, whistling as I made my way to the front door. (Embody the stereotype, guys. Way to go!)

Anna, the photographer/Pinup Mastermind behind Lucy La Riot, rolled her eyes and laughed as she gestured me safely inside. “They tried to get in earlier, too. Something about accessing the basement. Ooookay.” 

It was this place, and this photographer that brought me all the way from Philadelphia, PA, to Lorimer Street on that Sunday morning, and I was pumped. You see, a few months back, Lucy La Riot posted a casting call on Instagram. The search had begun for the first set of Villians to be part of Anna’s Fairytale Fantasy series. After shooting many recognizable princesses, it was time for something a little more sinister! 

The Villians series was to begin with the classics: Cruella de Vil, the Queen of Hearts and the Tremaine sisters: Drizella and Anastasia. “I could pull off Drizella!” I commented. A few moments later, I had a DM from the photographer herself, inviting me to be a part of the series. 

Uh, hell yes! 

So here I was, weeks later, sitting in a makeup chair in Brooklyn, preparing for my debut as Drizella Tremaine. I’ll admit, despite my experience as a lingerie blogger, I was nervous to strip down to my skivvies and don a negligée for a professional photographer. Anna immediately put me at ease, and it was as if those days of pre-shoot jitters never happened! 

The studio itself was warm and welcoming, filled to the tippy top with a wide variety of gorgeous clothes, shoes, and accessories for any type of pinup-theme your heart could desire. 

props, props, and more props!

My “sister” for the day was the gorgeous and hilarious Sam Streitch (@samstreitch), a burgeoning actress from Florida. Anna wasted no time getting us both curled, pinned, and painted, and then it was go-time! 


can we just say: browpower!?
Let me tell you some ladies. Modeling is hard work! I know, I know, roll your eyes if you must. But a mere eight minutes holding perfect posture, leaning, bending and balancing on 5 and a half inch heels had my leg muscles quaking and aching. I consider myself to be a fairly active human, but hot damn was I sore! 


Post Villians, I actually had the opportunity to wiggle into my Pinup Girl Clothing Monica dress, throw on a pair of hot heels, and do a mini-Halloween shoot with Anna! It was impromptu, inspired by my recently acquired pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes that will forever own a large piece of my heart.



In all, I can not rave enough about my experience at Lucy La Riot. Anna is warm, welcoming, and knows her way around a camera! Catering to sizes 0-18 and beyond, Lucy La Riot truly believes in beauty at all sizes, and has something for every gorgeous woman that walks through their doors! Run, don’t walk, to book your own session–you WILL NOT regret it. 😘

For more information on the studio, photographer, or to book your own shoot, check them out on the web at: http://www.lucylariot.com, or on Instagram: @lucylariot. 

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