Mon Cherie, Jenny

When Pinup Girl Clothing first released their Jenny dresses and skirts, the Pinup’s of the world went wild. A simple, 1960’s style sundress, Jenny is characterized by a full gathered skirt and nipped in waist for the ultimate feminine silhouette! They flew off the proverbial shelves and quickly amassed a passionate fan following. Thousands of fan photos popped up on social media. There is even #JennyJanuary, started last year by the lovely Miss Amy May, in hopes to bring together pinups from all over the world for a week of Jenny styling and sisterhood!

As more colors and prints were released, older styles were retired to make way for new stock. Some of these colorways became so sought over, they reached Unicorn status. (By PUG-fan definition, a “Unicorn” is categorized as a long-discontinued and hard to find style, size, or print.)  Girls tripped over themselves to get their hands on these unicorns, sometimes paying double and triple the original retail value!

One such print is the Pinup Couture Jenny Dress in Paris Print:ParisJennyStockPhoto

Featuring a Pinup Girl Clothing exclusive novelty print, both the dress and skirt depict lovers, beautiful ladies and well dressed gentlemen cavorting in the streets of Paris. :


The easy-to-wear silhouettes and lovely print boosted this dress into Unicorn-level popularity, and suddenly everyone was dying and desperate to get their hands on one! Scouring Ebay, stalking the PUG Swap & Sell page and tolling the Sell board on the Pinup Girl Style Page, many a lovely lady searched in hopes that they would get lucky.

And one day, I did!



I was incredibly lucky to have happened upon this beautiful dress at a steal from the PUG Swap/Sell page. It was actually my first Jenny dress, and needless to say it was love at first sight. The Parisian print is truly beautiful up close, with pops of cool blue, yellows, and vibrant pink! It’s easily wearable with a myriad of colors, but I opted to let the print speak for itself with neutral accessories! At 40″/30″/44″, I wear my typical size Large in non-stretch PUG items. This dress fits snugly but comfortably, and nips my waist in! The full-skirt practically begs to be paired with a petticoat, which I happily did here.


The thing about Pinup Girl Clothing is, they listen to their fans. A few weeks ago they launched #ProposedPUG on Instagram and Facebook, as a way to gather our feedback and let our voices be heard! We hashtagged and posted photos, begged and pleaded, and wouldn’t you know it? They listened! PUG announced recently that the Jenny dress in Paris print will be returning for one more run! 


If you haven’t been able to get your hands on one yet, quick! Waitlist your size and snap one up as soon as they’re available! As Micheline said in PUG’s latest Periscope Broadcast: This might be your last chance to get one!


Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing

Shoes: Chase and Chloe (via Amazon)

Cardigan: MAK 

Stockings: Vintage (Coming Soon to Fortuna Femme!)

4 thoughts on “Mon Cherie, Jenny”

  1. I’m so so excited for the restock of this print — seeing these photos makes me think I might need the dress AND the skirt!

    Since you’re a lingerie expert and all, I don’t feel that weird asking this: what bra do you wear with this dress? I feel like all of my bras give me pancake boob in my Jenny dress!

    1. I am a huge huge huge fan of the Gossard Egoboost Strapless bra! It’s the one I wear with all of my Jenny dresses, and one of the only strapless bras that work well for my breast shape. They are available on Amazon UK, if you wanted to check them out for yourself. (It was a painless ordering process!) And I’m happy to help with sizing advice as well, should you decide to take the plunge!

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