Beating The Heat: A Thigh Society Review

Oh ye of ample thighs, how you know the struggle that reigns supreme when the summer months roll in. Humidity in the air and rising mercury in the thermometer means that if your curves touch in any way, they’re bound to chafe eventually, and even the lightest graze can send your tender skin through the roof!

Hot-weather solutions for curvy girls are far and few between, and the hunt is exhaustive. So when I received an email from Thigh Society , offering up a pair of their light, breathable panty shorts for review, I couldn’t say no! Thigh Society is the brainchild of Marnie Consky, who noticed a serious lack of solutions for that painful “chub rub”. Tired of temporary solutions, she set to work creating something she believed in. And thus: the Thigh Society Panty Short was born.

The concept is simple: soft, lightweight and breathable, the panty shorts come in two styles (mid-rise and high rise) and two colors (black and beige). They are designed to wash, wear, and fit easily under skirts and dresses to help women of all shapes and sizes stay cool, dry and comfortable during the hot summer months! Without the bunching and seams of traditional bike-short style undergarments, and the squeeze of shape wear shorts, these air-wicking knickers are a unique option for women who crave simplicity as they battle the humidity. 

My current measurements (40/30.5/44) put me into a size M/L according to the size chart. I opted for the high-rise silhouette in black–a wardrobe staple color for every girl! Thigh Society shipped quickly, and my panty shorts arrived within a week from Canada. The parcel was small and discreetly packaged, and fit easily in my mailbox!



At first try-on, I was quite happy. These shorts are exactly what they claim: super lightweight, soft, and easy to wear! They hit about five inches above my knee, and were comfortable without being restrictive. As a long-torsoed lady, I was thrilled that the high-rise cut actually hit above my bellybutton–something that many so-called “high-waisted” items fall short on! They were discreet under my longer skirts (hello, Jenny skirts from Pinup Girl Clothing!), but were a tiny bit too long in the leg for shorter items.



With the first try-on successful, I decided to put these babies to the ultimate test: a 10 hour workday in balmy July heat, chasing a toddler and wrangling an infant during my day job! I popped them on under a jersey-knit sundress and went about my usual routine. After a day of music classes, playground frolicking and skipping through the sprinkler, I can happily report that my day was bunching/chafing/wedgie free.  I remained cool and comfy all day long!

Perhaps my favorite thing about this super-simple piece is it’s versatility! They style beautifully with nearly all of my bras for a look that is both beautiful and functional.


Still not convinced? Thigh Society has been featured by the likes of Huffington Post CanadaBuzzfeed and Refinery 29!

At $34 a pair, these simple-yet-brilliant panty shorts are a fantastic solution to the issues that come along with curvy girls and hot summer days. My only real critique would be the length, but fear not: a little birdie told me that a shorter-legged version of these shorts might be in the works. 😉

Don’t let the summer sun get you down, curvy girls. Beat the heat with Thigh Society!

Panty Shorts: Thigh Society

Red Lounge Bra & Longline: Fortuna Femme


4 thoughts on “Beating The Heat: A Thigh Society Review”

  1. Haha you make these look so stylish! I’ve had to wear this sort of thing (though all I have access to in Australia is shapewear two sizes too big to stop the squish factor) for a few years now. My problem is that unlike most of the people who like to wear them, I wear mini-length shorts and skirts almost exclusively so my outfits always look odd 😦 still better than chafing though so I will always be grateful to those who make them!

  2. Now if I could stop burning holes through the inner thighs of my jeans! Ha ha. These look great! I’ve actually avoided wearing dresses all summer becasue of this problem. Thanks for the post!

  3. Did these roll up at all? I’ve found that with similar products (usually from Jockey, etc) they are great when you’re standing but once you start moving a lot — walking around the city, chasing kids, they roll up on the thigh and then i end up in a more uncomfortable place than I started. I’d love to try a pair if they STAY PUT.

    1. I wore these all day as a nanny, chasing a crawler and a toddler, and didn’t experience any rolling up! They became my go-to in the summer. They don’t roll because they aren’t a compression garment, which I love!

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