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Midcentury Madness with Miss Candyfloss 

Those of you who are familiar with me, this blog, and my other social media channels already know: my love for vintage inspired fashion and lingerie runs deep. (I mean, it’s right there in the tagline of this very blog!) I’m no stranger to the pinup scene, but after a few years as a loyalist to a small handful of brands, I have recently found myself searching for more/different/better.

Miss Candyfloss has been a brand that has piqued my curiosity since the very beginning, but the brand’s international locale has always made me hesitant to take the risk! Miss Candyfloss garners high praise from every retro-loving girl that I know, so when my business partner and I decided to begin our foray into offering clothing at Fortuna Femme, bringing in a few pieces from the Swedish brand was a no brainer!

And ladies…oh, how silly I was to hesitate all those years ago. Enter: The Odessa dress.

In all my time as a retro-fashion enthusiast, I don’t think I have ever owned a dress that fits me as well as this dress does. It’s pleated bust is hyper-flattering on my curves, the waist nips in (and is utterly forgiving on my fluffier than usual waistline), and the pleats lend themselves beautifully to the full and oh-so-twirly circle skirt. I’m a fairly small shouldered gal, and was pleasantly surprised that the straps of this dress (though not adjustable) fit me perfectly with no need for alterations. I was able to wear this dress with my usual bra (a Freya Deco, for those inquiring minds), and though it can be seen if I lift my arms, it doesn’t peek through at my bustline. I fit easily into a size L at my current measurements of 41″/31″(-32″)/44″.

Odessa is made from a deliciously lightweight fabric that lends itself beautifully to this east coast heatwave, and the pops of teal, mauve, tan, and magenta are delightfully cheery without being garish. And as an added bonus? It has pockets!

When my best friend/trusty photog Sarah King of Sarah King Photography popped into town for a lunch date, we were quick to take advantage of the fantastic Midcentury decor of my Steven Starr favorite restaurant: The Continental Midtown. Be still my beating heart, that fireplace! That sofa! Those tables!

In all, I am extremely pleased with the fit, cut, and construction of this Miss Candyfloss dress. Odessa is as beautiful as she is comfortable, and has quickly made her way into my regular wardrobe rotation! With my first experience with the brand under my belt, I certainly won’t hesitate to splurge in the future, and can’t wait to show you all which pieces we’ll be bringing in to Fortuna Femme for the fall!

5 thoughts on “Midcentury Madness with Miss Candyfloss ”

  1. Not that this matters but, I wanted to say it anyway. I only have one word for people like you,and that word is LOVE. I LOVE your attitude. I LOVE your style. I LOVE your strength. You are the person I would LOVE to drink with and play Cards Against Humanity. You are uber cool and I LOVE that. I’m a retired Navy Chief; I have no illusions of grandeur. My wife is like you, strong, smart, witty, and not afraid of the patriarchal (sp?) bullshit men try to push on women. Stay cool.

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