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Helloooo, Jackie O: A Lindy Bop Review

If you’ve been following the retro clothing scene, you may have noticed that the tides are a-changin’. Companies that once sat quietly on the sidelines are stepping out into the spotlight with better fit, fresh prints, and interesting new styles for their fans! One of these companies is Lindy Bop, who has undoubtedly stepped their game WAY up in recent years.

Launched in 2011, Lindy Bop is always one of the first brands that comes up in any conversation about inexpensive and attainable pinup options. As I’ve paid more attention to more affordable pinup retailers in the recent months, my eyes have stayed trained on Lindy Bop, always waiting to see what new pretties they’ll come out with next. I recently was lucky enough to connect with Lindy Bop, who graciously offered me an item of my choosing from their A/W17 collection.

And y’all… it’s gooooood.

(This is the part where I disclose: the item/s in this review were provided to me free of charge for review/photography purposes. ALL opinions on this garment, it’s fit, and construction are my own.)


I was immediately drawn to this beauty: the Marianne Swing Dress and Jacket Twinset. Available in a whopping eight (!) stunning shades and sizes from 8-28, this dress and jacket combo oozed ladylike glamour. I chose the bright and poppy magenta shade, and set about embodying my inner Jackie-O.


Immediately, I noticed that the (cotton-poly blend) brocade fabric of this dress was thick, warm, and perfect for looming colder temperatures of the East Coast! The bodice of the dress and inside of the jacket are lined with the same brushed poly-elastane material, while the full pleated skirt remained unlined (but not see-through). The inner seams are neatly sewn straight, with cleanly serged lines and trimmed, finished edges. The only somewhat odd construction feature is a center seam that runs directly through the middle of the bodice where top and bottom portion of the dress meet. This, in my opinion, does not detract from the overall look of the garment, but is worth noting! The color is fabulously bright and true to stock photos on Lindy Bop’s site.


The Deets: According to Lindy Bop’s size chart for this duo, I actually fall somewhere between a UK14 and a UK16 at my current measurements: 40/31-32/44. I ended up purchasing this based on my waist measurement, and I’m glad I did. The UK14 fit beautifully, and even left room for a hearty post-photoshoot dinner! And an added bonus? This jacket actually buttoned (comfortably!) over my 40″ bust, despite falling outside the 37.8″ bust measurement noted on the size chart. My movement wasn’t restricted by the sleeves, and (let’s face it) I looked pretty damn cute. And at 72$ MSRP, this pretty pairing isn’t outrageously priced or totally unattainable to many a girl-on-a-budget. 🙂


Any Cons?: To be quite frank, the only real issues that I ran into with gorgeous Miss Marianne are the ones that never surprise me when I’m shopping for myself.  I have small shoulders and these straps aren’t adjustable, so they could stand to be taken up about a half inch to 3/4 of an inch on either side to truly get a “tailored-for-me” fit. Besides that, my only real complaint is that the buttons on the jacket (cute as they are) are oh-so-noisy when unbuttoned and moving about. Otherwise, Lindy Bop has put out a quality garment at a fantastic price point. If you are on the fence and unbothered by jangly buttons, don’t let that stop you from adding this pretty piece to your collection!


Pinups, listen up! If you’re like me and operating with limited finances, Lindy Bop is definitely a brand to pay attention to. They’ve spent the last six years building their brand, improving their fit, quality, and construction. Got questions? Chat in to their customer service system online! This is a brand that is continuing to roll out bright, fun prints, while keeping their prices on the more attainable end of the spectrum. They’re clearly listening to the things that their fans want, and doing their damnedest to deliver. ❤

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