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A Triumphant Return (And a Voodoo Vixen Review!)

Oh, readers, how I have missed you.

I know, I know, been quite some time since last I updated, but now that I’m crawling out of the post-breakup trenches and better then ever, I bring you this: my first “I’m Sorry I Left You Hanging” offering! As I work fervently to catch up with a backlog of goodies to review, I promise you now that November and December are going to be gooooooood over here on Warning:Curves Ahead.

Right before my unplanned hiatus, I connected with the retro-fab geniuses behind repro brand Voodoo Vixen, and they offered to send me a little something sweet to share with you all! Over the moon, I accepted their generous offer and excitedly awaited the arrival of my pick: The Marjorie Grey Floral Jacket.

(This item was provided to me for review purposes by Voodoo Vixen. All opinions are my own.)


Oh, Marjorie. Oozing Old-Hollywood with a twist, the Marjorie Grey Floral Jacket features all the same classic attributes of your favorite trench: double breasted buttons, wide collar, button-tabbed cuffs and shoulders, and a waist belt for a perfectly cinched middle. It is fully lined, and cozy warm on chilly fall days without feeling too bulky. While this piece is simple and classically cut, it is the eye-catching all over black and white floral embroidery that really pushes this jacket over the edge from “simple” to “sensational”!

And sensational it is.


When Philadelphia’s weather refused to cooperate with my dreams of Autumn-hued goodness, I took to my studio (and my knickers), for a cheeky little shoot that is (very, very, very loosely) based on my love of film noir! Besides…there is something seriously sexy about pairing a beautifully constructed trench coat with your sassiest of underthings.


According to the Voodoo Vixen size chart, I fall somewhere between a size L and an XL. With my measurements currently hovering around 40/31/44 and a blustery East Coast winter on the horizon, I opted for a size XL in this beauty. While it is admittedly a bit large in the sleeves and shoulders, I am quite happy with my choice! Chilly winter days and snowy nights mean that this pinup will be partaking in many a layered outfit, and this cozy jacket will be a perfect topper.


Ringing in at $117.00, I think that Marjorie is a well constructed and reasonably priced jacket for a pinup looking to splurge on something beautiful without breaking the bank. It’s brushed grey tweed-style coloring paired with unique floral embroidery makes it neutral(ish) without looking drab, and it lends itself well to the unpredictable weather that has hit Philadelphia hard in these past few weeks! Remember: if you’re looking to layer: size up. Otherwise, run, don’t walk, and nab Marjorie for yourself before the winter rolls in to stay!

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