Who Am I?:Oh, just your average writer/nanny/lesbian/feminist/pin-up girl/lingerie blogger!

Here’s The Deal: Warning:Curves Ahead is a Philadelphia-based retro-fashion and lingerie blog! Expect a myriad of product reviews, fit guides, and tons of pretty, pretty photos. A dash of humor, a dab of feminism, and there you are! I’ve got an affinity for red lips, Disney, and garter clips–you’re in for a ride!

Stats: 32G/34FF in bras, UK 12-14-ish everywhere else. (That’s a U.S. 10-12, ladies and germs.) Currently measuring somewhere around 40″/31″/44″!

I find that authenticity and honesty is what keeps people coming back! Though I may receive samples from companies to review, I believe wholeheartedly in integrity. I won’t accept a product that I don’t think my readers can relate to, and all opinions are my own. There are no sugar-coated reviews here! I am proud to have found myself through blogging, and I am proud to offer my readers transparency and a peek into my world! 💕

Questions? Comments? Requests? Email me! jessica@warningcurvesahead.com

21 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such wonderful images in you “24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear.” Gorgeousness abounds!

    And yes, you’re absolutely right. I will hear your voice every time I wonder, “Am I too old for this?”

  2. Hi there! 😀 Just found your “24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear” in my Facebook feed and I knew I needed to stop by and check it out lol so glad I did! I look forward to reading more and your photography is awesome. So colorful! 😀 Cheers!

      1. Well the combination of the 2 is really working ❤ Are you on Pinterest by any chance? I would love to add you there if you are 🙂

  3. I am loving this website so much. Growing up, I was a super tall stick and praised way too much for it. As I approach 30, I am both acquiring huge curves and have gained a not unreasonable, but way more than I wanted, amount of weight due to medical issues. I’m having a harder time dressing and loving my body. Thanks for the encouragement and great photos of curves.

  4. I loved the spirit of your “24 THINGS WOMEN OVER 30 SHOULD WEAR” retort. You definitely deserve credit and I’m bummed to have absolutely no idea who authored this piece! My only other suggestion would have been to include examples of ‘what not to wear’ and then some, Amy Schumer style!

  5. I am interested in your blog. I intend to read more. I am a farmer. Not the farmers wife – the farmer – I was fencing all day. And yes I am a woman. And I wear sundresses and gumboots at work. And yes the farm is my work. And I raise beef and pork. I don’t wear dresses to work to raise eyebrows (although some of them are short enough to) – I do it because they are cool and comfortable and I am over 30! And I can. Many thanks for your excellent eclectic collection of divine women in divine outfits. Lots of love c

    1. This is incredible! Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your story. I have been amazed and so thankful to be connected to so many amazing women from so many different backgrounds. 💕

  6. Hello, I found your blog through another blog that was recommended by a fellow blogger. Love the “24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear.” I have to operate on the assumption that the young lady who wrote the original article advising us on what we shouldn’t wear is still wet behind the ears. It will be interesting to see what her take on attire for those over 30 should be when she reaches this milestone. One of the great things about being over 30, and in my case it’s over 55, is we don’t need permission to be complete. We don’t have to please anyone and we’re more confident than we’ve ever been. And this whole thing of women putting women down has to cease so thank you for your post!! Well done!! Steph

  7. Love the article ’24 things a woman should wear’…I am a 45 year old just out of a abusive long term relationship and trying to get back into ‘life’ again but I hear a lot of ‘why are you doing this you are too old’ stuff going on around me. Your article gives me a reason to believe that just like you say about clothes, I should do ‘whatever the fuck I want’


    1. All the love in the world to you, beautiful lady! It takes an immense amount of strength to get out of a terrible situation like you did, and even more to love yourself fearlessly. I wish you so much luck and happiness!

  8. Clothes are an expression of who we are. When you know who you are you wear your clothes, your clothes don”t wear you. I DO ME & YOU DO YOU. Share you Unique Beauty.
    Love Starla

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