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How To Choose The Best Bra For Large Sagging Breasts

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Gravity is an undeniable reality. It affects everything on the earth and, over time, it
forces a natural downward pull on the human body. Much to the dismay of women
everywhere, breasts are not immune to the pesky force of gravity. As you get older, it is to be expected that your breasts will not stay as perky as they once were. All breasts are different, so every woman’s breasts age in different ways. Some women have naturally small, perky breasts that seem to stay infuriatingly small and perky for life.

Women with larger breasts tend to experience more severe and noticeable sagging as they get older due to the increased volume and weight of their breast tissue. If your breasts sag, you shouldn’t feel ashamed about it. Sagging is a natural process that can’t really be avoided or reversed outside the realm of plastic surgery. You should embrace your body exactly the way it is. However, if you want to minimize the visibility of your sagging breasts and help lift them up on a daily basis, the right bra can help. There are many bras on the market that lift large, sagging breasts and instantly make them look perkier underneath your clothes. All you have to do is find the best lifting bra for your unique breasts and body.

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1. Don’t Underestimate Band Fit
When you buy a bra specifically to help lift your sagging breasts, the bra’s band fit is key to its effectiveness. The band of your bra needs to provide enough support to keep your breasts in place and lift them up gently and comfortably. While you try on bras, keep this in mind: you should not be able to fit more than two of your fingers in any place underneath your bra’s band. If you can fit more than two fingers underneath your bra’s band, try another bra one band size down.

Although finding a bra with a band that fits you well is very important, how the rest of the bra fits is also significant. A bra that doesn’t fit well in every way won’t provide enough support to lift your breasts. If you need additional help determining your true bra size, check out this post  on finding your perfect bra size. Make sure that the cups of the bra you choose provide your breasts with plenty of coverage. Stay away from demi-bras that give your breasts room to spill over the tops of the cups and stick with full coverage instead. Also, make sure that the straps of the bra you choose are thick and elastic enough to keep your bra in place and provide added support. However, you should not buy a bra that relies too heavily on support from its straps. Your bra’s band should support the bulk of your breasts; its straps should just offer some extra security.


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2. Replace Your Bras Regularly
Most women do not replace their bras regularly enough. After extended wear, your bras lose the support they once provided and become significantly less effective at lifting up your breasts. Ideally, you should replace bras that you wear regularly at least once every nine months. Also, get out of the habit of wearing one bra for multiple days or weeks in a row. Rotate the bras that you wear so that you don’t have to replace each one as often. Buying new bras extremely frequently can be very expensive and inconvenient. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to extend the life of the bras you already own to keep them from wearing out too quickly. Make sure not to wash your bras too often. You don’t need to wash your bras every time you wear them; you can wear your bras up to three times before putting them in the washing machine. When you do wash your bras, protect them by putting them in a lingerie bag. Also, don’t put your bras in the dryer. The heat stretches out their straps and distorts their cups. Take the time to hand dry your bras instead.


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3. Never Sacrifice Support
The more supportive a bra is, the more helpful and effective it will be at comfortably lifting up your breasts. Therefore, the most important thing to consider when picking out a bra specifically for lifting sagging breasts is how much support the bra offers. If you really want to get the most lift possible out of a bra, prioritize support over everything else. A bra with thick straps, a wide band, and full coverage cups might not be as attractive as a skimpy fashion bra. However, the bra with more coverage and
support will make your breasts look much perkier under clothing than a thin fashion bra ever could. Bras like these from that are designed specifically for women with fuller busts provide the kind of support you need for maximum lifting effects.

4. Choose Molded or Contoured
There are two different types of bra cups you can choose from if you want to find a bra that lifts up your breasts: molded and contoured. Molded cups are not padded and do not offer much additional shaping for your breasts. If you don’t want to alter the existing shape of your breasts, a molded cup gives you a more natural look. Contoured cups, on the other hand, include light padding and do more to smooth and round your breasts. If you want to shape your breasts as well as lift them, go with contoured cups rather than molded.

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