Best Scrubs For Plus Size Women

Scrubs are sanitary clothing that are designed specifically for people whose jobs revolve around patient care, such as doctors, physicians, nurses and dentists.

In this guide, we’re going to be sharing with you all of the best plus size scrubs you can buy right now.

Best Scrubs For Plus Size Women

Not only are these scrub options guaranteed to ensure you will be able to offer exceptional patient care, but you’ll be able to do your job while feeling your confident and most comfortable self. 

The main purpose of them is to reduce cross-contamination and to help ensure that the medical environment remains sterile. 

The only question is, which scrubs are the best for plus size women?

If you are currently in the market for a pair of high-quality scrubs that will be non-restrictive, comfortable and perfect for your figure - then rest assured that you’ve clicked on the right page. We are here to help!

Kicking this list off, we have the Adar Pro Breakthrough Plus Scrub Set! Specifically designed for women, these scrubs are available in up to a size 3XL and have been carefully designed with durability and comfortability in mind.

Made of a super soft fabric, Adar Pro Breakthrough Plus Scrubs have a stretchy fit and are super soft and comfortable to wear.

For convenience, these comfortable scrubs also feature a stretchy waistband with an additional outer drawstring that will be able to tie from the back for sanitary purposes.

Besides offering a totally comfortable fit ideal for all types of figures, we think that you might also be pleased to hear that the Adar Pro Breakthrough Plus Scrub Set has also been made with durability in mind.

These scrubs feature a fly curved princess seaming features in the front and back of the scrubs to ensure optimal movability and durability, while the shaped patch pockets in the pants are suitable for keeping pocket watches and more. 

Oh, and did we mention that these scrubs come in a variety of fun colors? They’re practical and stylish.

If you’re someone that is looking for scrubs that will flatter your figure and allow you to do your job safely and to the best of your ability, then you aren’t going to be disappointed with the Adar Pro Breakthrough Plus Scrub Set!

Even though many medical professionals often find themselves wanting to wear scrubs that are going to keep them warm while they are on the job (after all, they’re not the warmest of uniforms to wear) there might be some instances where you’ll need scrubs that keep you cool.

This is where scrubs such as Natural Uniforms Women’s Cool Stretch V-Neck Top and Bottom Scrub Set comes into the mix!

These scrubs are perfect for wearing during the summer months, or simply on those days when you want to feel a little cooler.

Unlike some of the other scrubs that we have featured, the Natural Uniforms Women’s Cool Stretch V-Neck Top and Bottom Set are super lightweight and breathable. 

The cool and stretchy material that has been set will ensure that you are able to stay comfortable and cool throughout the entirety of the shift, all while allowing you to enjoy full mobility thanks to the stretch and wrinkle resistant design.

As well as this, the pants are also made of the same cool and stretchy material as the top, and feature an elastic waistband for comfort. 

If you’re in the market for plus-size friendly scrub tops and don’t necessarily need the pants, then you’re in luck with this scrub top from Carhartt!

Let’s take a closer look at this scrub top:

Available in up to 3XL and in a range of different colors, the Carhartt Cross-Flex Women’s Scrub Top is ideal for a range of different workplace uniform requirements, as well as for those wanting to display a little bit of their personal style and personality in their scrub uniform.

For ease of use, the Carhartt Cross-Flex Women’s Scrub Top is made of 94% polyester and 6% spandex.

Thanks to this, it means that you will be able to enjoy a four-way stretch fabric that will help to ensure that you are able to feel your best and totally comfortable while on the job.

In addition to this, this scrub top also features a pull on closure which will allow you to easily get it on and off again without any issues.

Not only that, but offering you the best value for money, the Carhartt Cross-Flex Women’s Scrub Top features an innovative, stain-resistant design that will help to not only lower the chance of cross-contamination while you are at work, but will also help to lengthen the amount of time between needing to go ahead and purchase a new one.

If you’re in need of a pair of scrubs that are going to need to offer you both comfort and functionality, then you aren’t going to be disappointed with the MEDIA Women’s Medical Uniform Set! 

Ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of comfort while you are working your long medical shifts, the MEDPIA Women’s Medical Uniform Set features a ultra-soft fabric that will help to make sure that your skin stays comfortable and free from itching or irritation while you are performing important tasks in your medical workplace.

Plus, to provide you with plenty of convenience while you are at work, these particular scrubs from MEDIA come complete with 8 convenient pockets located all throughout the two piece set so that you will be able to keep all of your necessary items on your person without having to worry about using your hands.

This will allow you to keep everything that you need on you while still being able to do all of the important tasks you need to get done without distraction.

Not just that, but the MEDIA Women’s Medical Uniform Set is also super easy to take care of.

When you’re done wearing them and you want to give them a wash, all you will need to do is simply chick them in the washing machine and then proceed to line dry before going ahead and wearing them again!

This makes these scrubs perfect for those that work long hours in a medical profession, and perhaps don’t have much personal time.

As for the style and fit? This stylish, functional and smart set of scrubs features a V-neck design with comfy straight leg drawstring pants.

You’ll also be able to choose from a variety of different colors to suit your workplace uniform rules, or simply to reflect your colorful personality!

On top of that, it’s also worth noting here that these awesome scrubs are also available in up to 5XL.

Last but certainly not least, the final scrub recommendation that we have to share with you are the Cherokee Mock Wrap Scrubs.

Let’s take a closer look at why we love them below:

Ensuring that you will be able to enjoy a flattering fit, the Cherokee Mock Wrap Scrubs come in sizes up to 5XL, which means that you will be able to wear these scrubs while feeling comfortable, unrestricted and your most confident self. 

Besides being suitable for plus size women, these scrubs from Cherokee are also super stylish without compromising on any functionality.

These premium scrubs feature heat transfer neck labels that will be able to offer tagless comfortability, while the front shoulder yokes combined with the front and back princess seams will help to offer added durability.

The fabric itself is also super soft to the touch and is designed to be stretchy, which will be sure to offer you an additional level of comfort especially while you are working those long shifts!

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the convenience of quick washing, as these scrubs are suitable to be put in the washing machine.  Cherokee has really thought of everything.

Wrapping Up

You’ve made it to the end! All in all, there are plenty of different scrubs on the market that are perfect for all different types of figures, and we hope that this guide has been able to match you with the ideal pair of scrubs for yours.

Not only are the scrubs that we have shared with you above going to be suitable for your medical profession, but they will also ensure that you are able to perform your job to the best of your ability and care for your patients all while feeling totally comfortable.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this guide, and we hope that we have been able to help you find the perfect pair of scrubs for you. 

Jessica White
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