Best Tights For Plus Size Women – Feel Confident With The Right Tights For You!

Not everyone feels comfortable going bare-legged and for some women, this makes them avoid wearing clothes like dresses, skirts, or even shorts.

Best Tights For Plus Size Women - Feel Confident With The Right Tights For You!

If you want to experiment with different outfits but don’t feel confident enough to go bare-legged, then one of the best solutions is tights! 

Tights come in all shapes and sizes but are typically light and sheer, making them perfect for giving your legs full coverage when wearing skirts and dresses.

This can help more plus-sized women feel at ease and ready to experiment with different types of clothing. If you want to feel confident in tights, then check out the list below of the best tights for plus size women! 

There are lots of options to choose from and some are better suited for certain outfits over others – but all are great for protecting your legs while rocking a gorgeous dress, skirt, or shorts! 

1. Skin Tone Tights

The first type of tights on our list is skin tone tights! 

These tights work to blend in naturally with your skin so it gives your legs the appearance of being bare. They try to be ‘invisible’ so from afar, it looks like you are not wearing tights at all! So- what’s the point of them? 

Skin-tone tights can help give your legs a little extra layer to protect them during cold weather.

If you are heading out to a formal occasion in the evening and it’s going to be cold out, a pair of skin tone tights can help keep you that little extra warmer without completely hiding your legs.

Plus, some women like the extra modesty they offer if a rogue gust of wind blows up your skirt or if you fall over!

2. Black Tights

Black tights give your legs a dark, sexy vibe that is perfect for formal wear and smart outfits. They go great with a classic little black dress but also pair well with a ton of different styles and outfits.

This makes them incredibly versatile and a handy accessory to keep in your wardrobe. 

Not only are they stylish but practical as they protect your legs during the colder seasons so you can still wear skirts and dresses while staying comfortable.

So, if you want to wear your dresses a little longer out of the summer season, a pair of black tights could be the answer you need!

They tend to be more opaque than skin-tone tights but there are still lighter, sheer options available if you prefer that look. On the other hand, you can find wooly opaque black tights that are great for keeping you warm! 

3. Polka Dot Tights

When we think of tights, a lot of us think of the plain stretchy material that covers our legs – but more and more tights are being designed with interesting patterns. 

One of the most trendy patterned tights is the polka dot tights. These small polka dots break up the monotony of your tights while keeping things classy.

If you are wearing a little black dress or an overall plain outfit with no stand-out textures or patterns, these tights could make things a little more interesting! 

4. Fishnets 

Fishnets are often considered to be the sexiest of all tights, making them incredibly empowering to wear.

Some women love to wear fishnets because they are edgy and can boost your confidence – but this isn’t necessarily the same effect felt by everyone! 

They’re great for rebellious outfits when paired with thick boots and ripped shorts, but they also work great with sweaters, leather skirts, wooly dresses, and so much more!

There are many ways you can wear a pair of fishnets so they suit a range of styles and preferences! 

5. Floral Tights

Floral patterned tights are easily the most decorative type of tights out there as they feature intricate floral imagery with petals, leaves, blossoms, and more.

This makes them perfect for pairing with formal dresses but like with fishnets, they work with a ton of different styles too! 

For example, if you love punk-style clothing, floral tights work in this category when paired with plaid skirts, Doc Martens, printed t-shirts, etc. They can give you a gothic-punk look that is totally unique! 

Ultimately, how you wear your floral tights comes down to your preferred style. They work for elegant, glamorous outfits as well as casual, rebellious looks – so perhaps you can incorporate them into your outfits too! 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to accessories, a good pair of tights could add the finishing touches you desire to your outfit. They can work with casual and formal outfits, and suit rebellious and glamorous styles, so they’re incredibly versatile. 

There’s bound to be a pair of tights that work for you so check out the list above and find which tights work best for your style so you can feel more confident exploring new outfits! 

Once you’ve found the right tights, choose a flattering dress to wear them with – or if it’s summer, consider skipping the tights and take a look at these sundresses to help you beat the heat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are My Tights So Uncomfortable?

Tights that are too tight or are difficult to move around in are basically too small for you. Tights typically use different height and weight measurements than jeans or pants so you should always consult the manufacturer’s sizing guide before purchasing. 

If your stomach is hurting when wearing your tights, it’s again because they are too small. The tightness of the tights around your stomach can push stomach acid up the esophagus and cause discomfort – so make sure you buy your tights in the right size! 

Should I Buy Tights A Size Bigger?

Because tights are skin-tight, your regular size may be too small for you and you may struggle to wear your tights without causing tears, rips, or splits.

However, if your tights are too big, then you will have wrinkles in the fabric around the knee and ankle which can distort the pattern and just look unflattering. 

Always consult the manufacturer’s size chart before purchasing your tights but remember – it’s always better to have tights slightly too large than too small! 

Jessica White
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