Best Cargo Pants For Plus Size Women – 8 Amazing Cargo Pants For Curves!

Best Cargo Pants For Plus Size Women - 8 Amazing Cargo Pants For Curves!

These pants are meant to be comfortable, and loose-fitting. They will have massive pockets that don’t cling to your legs.

This is particularly amazing for plus-sized women, as the bootcut style that comes with most cargo pants means even those of us with larger legs can feel comfortable.

These gorgeous trousers have 4 amazing qualities. 

First, they are high-waisted, which is perfect for plus-sized women as we don’t have to worry about fabric cutting into our stomachs.

Instead, we can pull our waistbands up high and feel comfortable and relaxed when we are sitting and standing. 

High-waisted trousers also create an automatic hourglass figure, as they hug your waist and round off around your hips. If you don’t have an hourglass figure, but you love the look, you can imitate that shape by using high-waisted pants.

The second great thing about these pants is the multiple small pockets.

Some pockets on cargo pants will be long and slim, which suggests they are there as decoration and not for practical use. If you slide your purse into a pocket it will stand out and ruin your silhouette.

With these pants, however, the pockets are small and already have a bulge in them. The bulky silhouette is part of the design, and it is embraced for these features.

You can pop your make-up in one pocket, your phone in another, or even leave them empty and allow the air to give them that added texture.

Thirdly, the texture of these pants is thin and breathable. Larger women can still wear thick fabrics of course, but that can lead to additional chafing.

Ideally, you want a fabric that is soft on your skin but durable enough to last through thigh-based friction - and this fabric can do just that.

It's perfect for the summer months due to the thin and breathable textures, but you won’t wear them down after 10 uses.

Lastly, the pants come in two colors and 7 sizes from Large to 4XL. Our personal favorite is the black option. They look great in every skin tone, create a powerful look, and will dominate an outfit without overpowering it.

Cargo pants are normally made from thin synthetic fabrics or from rough jean-like fabrics, however over the last couple of years, cotton has come back into fashion.

Joggers, yoga pants, and cotton clothing came back with a force as we all wanted to wear comfortable clothing, but comfort and style don’t need to be separate concepts - these cargo pants can do it all.

The soft fabric creates a movable and comfortable feeling, allowing you to go about your day without worrying about bloating or leaving marks. You could go for a run or jump into a basketball court with these pants and still feel comfortable.

However, the aspect that takes these pants out of the “slouching clothes” section and into “fashion” is the elasticated cuffs. 

Looking at the model, you can see how she tightens the cuff higher up her leg than she needs to. This creates a parachute-like effect in the pant leg for a fashionable silhouette.

If you loved the idea of an elasticated cuff, but live in an area that is too hot for cotton clothing, then try this one instead.

These cargo pants by Made In Monroe, embrace the airy and breezy nature of a loose pant leg, while also utilizing the elasticated cuff. 

They use this fashion technique on both the legs and the high-waisted band. On the legs, you can cut the fabric short, as we suggested before, and create a parachute effect.

While in the waistband, you can create an hourglass figure which hugs your curves without locking them in place.

Made In Monroe suggests wearing a bodysuit underneath the pants for a perfect fit and complete outfit with minimal effort.

Back to BooHoo, this brand says that their cargos are jeans, but really all they are saying is that they are thicker and are made of a more rigid texture.

The pants are still made of mostly cotton. This might sound pedantic, but comfort is key if you want to look fashionable. If you feel uncomfortable, anyone looking at you will feel that uncomfortable tension too.

If you want to look stylish and aware of your positive fashion choices, you need to feel comfortable in your look and your clothing. Comfort is key.

These cargo “jeans” are loose-fitting without engulfing the wearer. They have an elasticated cuff but without a toggle, which means you won’t need to fiddle around with the straps to make the overall look.

Again, the pants are high-waisted, so you can create or accentuate an hourglass or pear-shaped figure.

It doesn’t really matter which figure shape you have, as long as you embrace what you’ve got and work with it. High-waisted pants focus on your waist and the lower half of your body, so use that to your advantage.

So far the pants we have suggested have been pale or green, but now it's time for a splash of color (Also check out Going Greenery: How To Wear The Color Of The Year). These pale pink cargo pants are the perfect spring option. The pink creates a feminine look and works extremely well on darker skin tones.

The waist and the cuffs both use elasticated crimple styles, so you don’t need to mess around with toggles or even buttons when putting the outfit on.

It’s a smooth design and a comfortable fit, and just like the others, the waistband is high-waisted - perfect for pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped figures.

These cargo pants look great on plus-sized and smaller sizes alike. The caramel color works amazingly well as a nude color for those with light brown skin or as a rustic aesthetic for lighter or darker skin tones.

Most cargo pants for larger women normally forgo a belt, aiming for comfortable over fashionable. However, this design includes a belt for a chic look.

The pockets are lined down the sides to create a slimming effect, and they use poppers to open and close. You can put things in the pockets, but really they are there as fashion accessories rather than a practical purpose.

If you don’t care for the functionality of a pocket, then these pants will be for you.

The elastic cuff works well with heels, but we suggest going open-toed with nude sandals. This can help create the natural or rustic vibe these pants can create.

So far, none of our cargo pants have been using the army trouser style or camouflage style. Well, that changes now.

Cargo pants were originally designed for the army to help people travel with more things while on the move. You have a whole leg to carry things on, so might as well use the space.

Although these pants by Fashion Nova aren’t army approved, they embody the camouflage style well. The pockets are zipped, the fabric is made from cotton and spandex, and the waistline is a high-rise.

These pants are comfortable and stylish, perfect for a night out.

Lastly, if you were hoping for loose pants to truly embrace the comfort without losing the style, pick these pants in the BooHoo collection.

The front, thighs, and calves are loose for a breezy construction worker look, while the back has enough room to easily hold a large derriere without disrupting the loose style.

To really work the style of these pants, you want sharp shoes and a tight top. This contracts the loose fitting to prevent a “slob” aesthetic.

Our model is wearing black boots, but even open-toed sandals would work. Just make sure they make a statement and don’t get engulfed by the cuffs.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your style, these cargo pants will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

Some are thin, making them great for the summer months, while others are thicker making them last longer. If you like one from our list, make sure to click on the click and see what other wears paired their outfits with, to expand your ideas.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Over 50s Wear Cargo Pants?

Cargo pants are great for every age group. Depending on which style you go for, they can be loose, tight, street style, chic, or practical. Age doesn’t factor into the equation, instead, you should consider your style.

Most cargo pants are loose around the legs, and some are loose around the ankles too. So the real question is, does that shape fit with your style’s silhouette? 

Jessica White
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