Gift Guides Galore: Geek Chic

I just looked at my calendar.

I just looked at my calendar, and exclaimed “HOLY $H!T, IT IS TEN DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS.” Don’t ask me where time went, I do not know. What I do know is that it’s time for me to throw myself into Blogger Hyperdrive and start churning out these gift guides left and right in time for the holidays. I know many of you have probably finished your Christmas shopping, but this one (and any thereafter!) is for my kindred spirits: the procrastinators!

I asked, readers answered: “We want to see more geeky lingerie!” And I am nothing if not accommodating. Feast your eyes on my top picks for the chic geeks in your life.


1.The Robe You’re Looking For in R2D2 from

I am of the opinion that robes are severely underrated in the Lingerie category. They’re unappreciated, and it’s time that changed, because with the snow falling outside my window, I could think of nothing more amazing than curling up in a cozy robe with a cup of hot chocolate. If I were a fan of Star Wars, then that fantasy could only be improved by adding this little number:


R2D2 Robe $75.99

Does an R2D2 robe, a cup of hot cocoa, and a DVD marathon sound like your woman’s idea of an awesome night in? Then perhaps this is The Robe You’re Looking For? This cozy-cool robe is available from in sizes XS to 3X!  And if R2 isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d rather wrap up in a Stormtrooper?

2. Dr.Who Lounge Pants from

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Pin Up Girl Clothing. A solid 90% of my dresses come from their stocks, and soon my pajamas will be no different. Recently, PUG has started carrying an awesome collection of nerdy-cool themed pajamas and undies, all at reasonable prices! While perusing their new offerings, I chose these Dr.Who Lounge Pants because, Dr. Who, obviously.


Dr.Who Lounge Pants from
Available sizes S/M/L/XL

While I have never actually watched an episode of Dr.Who, (I know! I know! Don’t hold it against me!) I know that the Doctor has quite the cult following. Odds are, your lady is a fan. And if your lady is a fan, odds are she’d be thrilled to find these underneath her Christmas tree. Available in sizes S-XL, these lounge pants are priced at a reasonable $25.oo. Check out PUG’s new offerings here, and get shopping!

3. Darth Vader Garter and Knickers by LicoriceandCream 

I discovered Licorice and Cream while I was researching for this feature, and my jaw dropped to the floor. Because, c’mon. IT’S A DARTH VADER GARTER BELT!  The force is definitely with this one, because this thing is flippin’ awesome.



Darth Vader Garter Belt and Knickers by LicoriceandCream
Garter Belt (XS-XL) approximately $46.00
Knickers (XS-XL) approximately $27.60

Based out of Melbourne, Licorice and Cream sell a number of cool and quirky underthings for the lady in your life. There are a number of themed boyleg pants and garter belts, as well as several vintage-feel pieces with a distinctly modern touch. Licorice and Cream also do printed bras, but alas–I am sized out. This particular lovely is available in sizes XS to XL, and cost $46.00 and $27.60 respectively. Take a peek at their Etsy shop to see what they’re all about!

4.Pelvis Bone Print Panties by Knickerocker


Pelvis Printed Panties by Knickerocker
Available in sizes XS-XL and Made-To-Measure $9.50

I introduced you lovelies to Knickerocker in my last gift guide, and I loved their stuff so much that I had to give them another shout. And what more appropriate for a Geek-Girl lingerie list then a pair of Pelvis Printed Panties? (Oh, alliteration, how I love thee.) Maybe your sweetheart is really into anatomy. Maybe she’s studying to be a doctor. Maybe she just really, really likes skeleton things? (I’m not judging.) Either way, these pelvis-pants might be the perfect gift for her!


5. Fallout Vault Boy Panties by BunnyJump

I have a confession to make. I have logged 175 and a half hours into Fallout 3 and Fallout:New Vegas respectively. It’s not something I’m ashamed of, but it’s not necessarily something that I advertise, either. (Because honestly, when I’m snarling at the television screen or squealing-and-running from Deathclaws, it ain’t a pretty sight.) Suffice to say, I’m addicted. So, when I spotted these Vault Boy panties by Bunny Jump, I screeched like a little girl and pointed enthusiastically at the computer screen. (“I WANT THEM! I WANT THEM!”)


Fallout Vault Boy Undies by Bunny Jump

Available in UK Sizes 8-16 (US 4-12)
Approximately $24.43

This isn’t my first time hearing about the BunnyJump brand. The lovely Boosaurus did a feature on Nerdy-Girl Lingerie that is pretty spectacular (check it out here), and included quite a few pretties from Bunny Jump on her list. Crafted by hand and made in the UK, each pair of BunnyJump undies or bra straps are unique–just like the geeky-girly in your life!

There you have it. Five geeky-girly-awesome items for the lingerie loving nerd on your list. Get shopping, folks! Because Christmas is coming, whether we procrastinators are prepared for it or not!

Gift Guides Galore: Masculine Fancy

The turkey’s been and gone, leftovers are packed into the fridge, and the dishwasher is rinsing off the last of the Thanksgiving remnants. I’m pleasantly stuffed with homemade mashed potatoes and cheesecake, and it’s finally finally time to start talking about (a few of) my favorite thing(s!): Christmas. Holiday wishlists have been swirling through the Blogosphere for the last few weeks, and I have been clinging stubbornly to the idea that Thanksgiving deserves it’s own special attention before diving headfirst into mistletoe and holly. However, with less than four weeks until Christmas morning (!!!!!!?!), it’s time to push my blogging fingers into overdrive. With a strong focus on underthings (with occasional other pretties thrown in because I said so), I hope to give you lovely readers a series of Holiday Buying Guides for everyone on your “Nice” (or Naughty 😉 ) list.

Lingerie buying guides tend to be swathed in frills, and while I love both as much as the next femme-bot, I think it’s important to recognize that not every woman wants to be wrapped in satin and eyelash lace. Seriously, if I tried to gift my lady an Agent Provocateur, she’d be both incredibly puzzled and overcome by fits of laughter. In layman’s terms, she isn’t one for girly things. Just because a woman isn’t one for glamour and fancy doesn’t mean that there aren’t suitable, sensible lingerie solutions for their tastes. This edition of Gift Guides Galore is inspired by my beautiful girlfriend and her more masculine fancies:


1. Galaxy Print Big Knickers by Knickerocker

Knickerocker is a company that I don’t have any personal experience with but who has been raved about over at Braless In Brasil and The Full Figured Chest. (Both of those ladies know their underthings, so I trust their judgement and opinions implicitly!) While browsing through Etsy’s lingerie section for possible features for this post, I stumbled upon the Knickerocker Galaxy Print Big Knickers. I consulted my lovely lady, who’s own style toes the line between masculine/tomboy and hipster/femme. Her reaction: “Those look cool.”

Knickerrocker Galaxy Print Big Knickers, $24.00 Available in sizes S-XL and custom sizes.

Knickerocker Galaxy Print Big Knickers $24.00.
Available in sizes S-XL and custom made-to-measure sizes.

Hell yeah, they do! Based out of California, Knickerocker undies can be custom-made to your own measurements! They also come in a variety of fun, playful patterns and colors. I favor these galaxy print knickers for the more masculine set, because while they aren’t dappled in dots or bows, they are still cut to fit a woman’s body. The galaxy print fabric is quirky, and handled with care during manufacturing. Each piece is made by hand, and prewashed with detergent that’s ph-balanced for a woman’s most sensitive skin. (Because masculine or feminine, vaginas are vaginas and sometimes they need to be handled with care!) My opinion ain’t enough? Knickerocker has nearly 1,500 5-star reviews on Etsy. Do you think getting 1,500 people to agree on something is an easy task!?


2. Black and Red Briefs by RodeoH

Maybe your girlfriend prefers purposeful gifts. Maybe she wants less fashion and more function. Like that adorable little girl in that taco shell commercial, I say “Why not both?!”. Enter the black and red briefs by RodeOH:


Black and Red Brief by Rode0H $45.00.
Available in waist sizes 23-24 thru 52-55

(Note: Mom! Stop reading now, or the next dinner we have together is gonna be real awkward.)

I know. You’re looking at me skeptically. “Jessica, you self-serving weasle, you. This is a harness!” However, these brilliant designed knickers are not just a strap-on harness (for you lady-loving-ladies out there!), but a soft and breathable set of briefs. And while Rodeoh actually offers a pair of undies that are just undies, I kind of like the idea of being able to *ahem* “suit up” (so to speak) whenever, wherever. Available in a variety of cuts and colors (never again will you have to answer the “boxers or briefs” conundrum), RodeoH also offers it’s fashionable/functional harnesses in sizes ranging from waist sizes 23-24 to 52-55. All ladies rejoice! No need to worry if it’ll fit–it probably will. For my own lovely lady, I’m favoring this red and black version of the brief. (Though I feel like asking Santa to deliver might make for an awkward time.) Need any more convincing?


Oh my lawd!
image from @lyralopezphoto for RodeoH

RodeoH’s advertising photos are pretty damn sexy. They love it when their fans model their product! And if Autostraddle’s interview with Jennifer Weaver is any indication, their creator is pretty friggin’ cool, too. (Added bonus!)


3. Deco Collection by Freya

It’s no secret that I am a slave to the Freya Deco collection. I nearly fell out of my bed when I found out that I had won the entire Spring/Summer 2013 collection in their Deco365 Competition, and thus I wear a different Deco practically every day of the week. So while it may seem a “funny coincidence” that I’ve included the range in my leaning-masculine gift buying guide, hear me out!  Fact is, some boobs are bigger than others. Butches and the like aren’t excluded from the gift of mammary, and those boobs need proper support just like the rest of them. That’s where Deco comes into play:

Freya Deco Plunge 60.00 32-38B-C, 28-38D-G, 32-36GG

Freya Deco Plunge $60.00
32-38B-C, 28-38D-G, 32-36GG

Clean lines, basic colors, and seam-free, Deco offers both simplicity and support. If the bow in the center gore offends that much, simply snip it off. It is sold in both nude and black, and comes in a strapless, a half cup, a plunge, a wireless plunge, AND a strapless, so there’s a style for every occasion. The Deco size range is impressive, and definitely helpful to those of us on the larger-cup end of the size spectrum. I can speak from experience that Deco is (in my humble opinion!) the perfect go-to bra for everyday wear. Retailing for around $60 on a regular basis,  I usually keep an ear to the ground and do my best to snag a deal from Amazon or Nordstrom.


4. The Runyon Racer Tank by Sloan&Tate

I first heard of Sloan and Tate when The Lingerie Lesbian posted her awesome series on Lingerie Androgyny. Her post featured some luxuriously soft-looking sleep shorts, that made me want to slip them on and lounge around until the end of eternity. So, it was natural that I take another look at the Sloan and Tate brand while online shopping researching tirelessly for this feature. When I found the Runyon Racer Tank, I was torn. Lingerie? Not quite. But as sleepwear is an important subcategory in the Great Lingerie Divide, I couldn’t resist:

Runyon Racer Tank by Sloan and Tate $86.00 Sizes S/M/L

Runyon Racer Tank by Sloan&Tate $86.00
Sizes S/M/L

Soft and simple! Now, maybe you’re thinking “It’s just a tank top!”. Oh no, it is much more. Made in the USA from fine Supina cotton, it is milled and manufactured right in Los Angeles by independent designers, Sloan & Tate is a company that believes in luxurious, sustainable fashion. If you’re into comfy sleepwear and eco-conscious designers, check out Sloan&Tate for your honey’s stocking stuffers and more.


5. Organic Baby Rib Brief by American Apparel

Maybe your lady really likes basics. Maybe you want to pull a “Jessica’s Mom On Christmas”, and want to stuff your sweetie’s stocking with one of those three-packs of Hanes everyday panties (so practical!), but don’t really want to go down that “Target-basic” road. (C’mon, I can’t be the only one, right!?)  If you’re digging the idea of basic and everyday, but want to up the ante a little bit, I would definitely recommend giving the American Apparel Organic Baby Rib Brief a second glance.

American Apparel Organic Baby Rib Brief $14.00

American Apparel Organic Baby Rib Brief $14.00
Available in unisex sizes XS-XL

Available in what can only be adequately described as a “fuck ton” of colors, these briefs are made of breathable 100% organic cotton. They, like most of American Apparel’s products, are unisex in nature and simple in design. At 14.00, these are as much affordable as they are wearable. I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not my own girlfriend (“Ooooh, I like those!”) will be getting a few pairs from “Santa”,as she’s nosy as all hell,  likes to ruin surprises, and will most likely read this as Christmas grows nearer. Think your lady will fancy a pair or two? Check out American Apparel’s selection online.


I don’t claim to be an expert on androgynous lingerie or the like. As far as I’m concerned, the more frills there are on a piece of lingerie, the better. Regardless of that, I had a blast putting together this gift guide for the less girly-girl amongst us! How about it, readers? Like my choices? Have any suggestions of your own? Sound off in the comments!