Coming Up Rosae: A UKLingerie Review

I bet you thought I forgot you! (I didn’t.)

Hello, readers! It’s been a while, but we’ve all been there: sometimes, life gets in the way. As fate would have it, every time the world is getting me down, something happens to bring me right on back to where I belong.

This time, that “something” just happens to be red, sultry, and absolutely gorgeous.



You see, a few weeks ago I received a lovely email from “We love your site!” they exclaimed. (I blushed.) “We’d love you to choose something to review!” (I was ever-so-flattered.) And so I did.

(This is the part where I disclose: These products were provided to me free of charge for review purposes. This in no way impacts my opinions, and my reviews can be trusted to be 100% honest, forward, and thorough.)

UKLingerie actually stocks many brands that I know and love, but, wanting to try something a little different, I chose something a little out of my comfort zone from a brand I’d never tried before: the Rosae Full Cup Bra (93$) and Bikini Brief (68$) by Maison Lejaby.

Those of you who follow my blog already know: I have an affinity for molded cup bras and high-waist knickers, and this set (though gorgeous!) is none of the above. When my parcel arrived less than a week later, I nervously slipped into my new set, unsure of how I’d feel.  Spoiler Alert: I felt pretty damn good!


Let’s talk about fit:

The Rosae Full-Cup Bra is available in UK sizes from 32DD to 38G, with double-letter sizes only available up to a 38DD. This meant that in order to size myself into this lovely, I had to either go down a cup size, or up a one size in the band. Because I’m typically a 34FF these days, I opted for a 34F, and I’m glad I did! The 34F easily accommodates my chest, to the point that I think a 34FF would have been too large. The unlined cups of this bra are made of soft flocked lace in rich crimson. They have very slight stretch, and the half-adjustable straps are covered with the same decorative lace of the cups.

They say the devil’s in the details, and you all know how much I love surprise touches. This set is no different: a hand-embroidered rosette detail sits delicately on the left apex of this bra, pushing an otherwise pretty lingerie piece from ordinary to extraordinary!

Full Bust Notes: Full bust ladies take note, this works well for me because while I am full-busted at a 34F/FF, I am quite shallow in shape. Please keep this in mind when you are shopping, as more projected ladies may experience a different fit.


The matching bikini knickers feature the same lace detail as the bra cups and a rosette of their own, another unexpected touch that helps tie this set together. With my 44″ hips, I opted to size up to an XL in this panty. Ladies with big bums take note: these run on the smaller side! Size up accordingly.

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised by this set! The quality is gorgeous, and the attention to detail is impressive. The materials are soft, not at all itchy, and most importantly, I’m comfortable! By choosing this set, I learned an important lesson that I hope to pass along to every one of you. While it can be to push beyond your comfort zone and test the limits of your body-image concerns, sometimes you’ll surprise yourself and find that it’s worth the risk!


Beating The Heat: A Thigh Society Review

Oh ye of ample thighs, how you know the struggle that reigns supreme when the summer months roll in. Humidity in the air and rising mercury in the thermometer means that if your curves touch in any way, they’re bound to chafe eventually, and even the lightest graze can send your tender skin through the roof!

Hot-weather solutions for curvy girls are far and few between, and the hunt is exhaustive. So when I received an email from Thigh Society , offering up a pair of their light, breathable panty shorts for review, I couldn’t say no! Thigh Society is the brainchild of Marnie Consky, who noticed a serious lack of solutions for that painful “chub rub”. Tired of temporary solutions, she set to work creating something she believed in. And thus: the Thigh Society Panty Short was born.

The concept is simple: soft, lightweight and breathable, the panty shorts come in two styles (mid-rise and high rise) and two colors (black and beige). They are designed to wash, wear, and fit easily under skirts and dresses to help women of all shapes and sizes stay cool, dry and comfortable during the hot summer months! Without the bunching and seams of traditional bike-short style undergarments, and the squeeze of shape wear shorts, these air-wicking knickers are a unique option for women who crave simplicity as they battle the humidity. 

My current measurements (40/30.5/44) put me into a size M/L according to the size chart. I opted for the high-rise silhouette in black–a wardrobe staple color for every girl! Thigh Society shipped quickly, and my panty shorts arrived within a week from Canada. The parcel was small and discreetly packaged, and fit easily in my mailbox!



At first try-on, I was quite happy. These shorts are exactly what they claim: super lightweight, soft, and easy to wear! They hit about five inches above my knee, and were comfortable without being restrictive. As a long-torsoed lady, I was thrilled that the high-rise cut actually hit above my bellybutton–something that many so-called “high-waisted” items fall short on! They were discreet under my longer skirts (hello, Jenny skirts from Pinup Girl Clothing!), but were a tiny bit too long in the leg for shorter items.



With the first try-on successful, I decided to put these babies to the ultimate test: a 10 hour workday in balmy July heat, chasing a toddler and wrangling an infant during my day job! I popped them on under a jersey-knit sundress and went about my usual routine. After a day of music classes, playground frolicking and skipping through the sprinkler, I can happily report that my day was bunching/chafing/wedgie free.  I remained cool and comfy all day long!

Perhaps my favorite thing about this super-simple piece is it’s versatility! They style beautifully with nearly all of my bras for a look that is both beautiful and functional.


Still not convinced? Thigh Society has been featured by the likes of Huffington Post CanadaBuzzfeed and Refinery 29!

At $34 a pair, these simple-yet-brilliant panty shorts are a fantastic solution to the issues that come along with curvy girls and hot summer days. My only real critique would be the length, but fear not: a little birdie told me that a shorter-legged version of these shorts might be in the works. 😉

Don’t let the summer sun get you down, curvy girls. Beat the heat with Thigh Society!

Panty Shorts: Thigh Society

Red Lounge Bra & Longline: Fortuna Femme


24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear

This morning, as I was perusing my Facebook timeline, I happened upon an article that a lovely friend shared. It was entitled “24 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After Age 30”, and it triggered Maximum Eye-Rolling from everyone who took the time out to read it.

Written by Kallie Provencher for, this “article” (I use the term loosely) highlighted things such as “leopard print”, “graphic tees”, and “short dresses” (because “By this age, women should know it’s always better to leave something to the imagination”). Kallie, it seems, has a number of opinions on what women over 30 should and shouldn’t be doing, having also penned “30 Things Women Over 30 Shouldn’t Own” and “20 Pictures Women Over 30 Need To Stop Posting Online”. (What is this magical post-30 land where women are suddenly not allowed to do or own so many things?!)

Motivated by Kallie’s “article”, I decided to churn up one of my own! I bring you now:

24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear


24. Whatever the fuck they want.


23. Whatever the fuck they want.


22. Whatever the fuck they want.


21. Whatever the fuck they want.


20. Whatever the fuck they want.


19. Whatever the fuck they want.


18. Whatever the fuck they want.

17. Whatever the fuck they want.


16. Whatever the fuck they want.


15. Whatever the fuck they want.


14. Whatever the fuck they want.


13. Whatever the fuck they want.


12. Whatever the fuck they want.


11.Whatever the fuck they want.


10. Whatever the fuck they want.


9. Whatever the fuck they want.


8. Whatever the fuck they want.


7. Whatever the fuck they want.


6. Whatever the fuck they want.


5. Whatever the fuck they want.


4. Whatever the fuck they want.


3. Whatever the fuck they want.


2. Whatever the fuck they want.




Women in today’s world are hit from all sides. Do this. Wear that. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Speak softly. Smile. Agree, agree, agree. Assimilate. Shut up. Stay down. 

The last thing we need is other women telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. Stand up, ladies, and stand together. Don’t be like Kallie Provencher. (Especially don’t be like her.) Wear what you want, do what you want, and support one another! And like all of these fabulous ladies, don’t give a fuck.

Mon Cherie, Jenny

When Pinup Girl Clothing first released their Jenny dresses and skirts, the Pinup’s of the world went wild. A simple, 1960’s style sundress, Jenny is characterized by a full gathered skirt and nipped in waist for the ultimate feminine silhouette! They flew off the proverbial shelves and quickly amassed a passionate fan following. Thousands of fan photos popped up on social media. There is even #JennyJanuary, started last year by the lovely Miss Amy May, in hopes to bring together pinups from all over the world for a week of Jenny styling and sisterhood!

As more colors and prints were released, older styles were retired to make way for new stock. Some of these colorways became so sought over, they reached Unicorn status. (By PUG-fan definition, a “Unicorn” is categorized as a long-discontinued and hard to find style, size, or print.)  Girls tripped over themselves to get their hands on these unicorns, sometimes paying double and triple the original retail value!

One such print is the Pinup Couture Jenny Dress in Paris Print:ParisJennyStockPhoto

Featuring a Pinup Girl Clothing exclusive novelty print, both the dress and skirt depict lovers, beautiful ladies and well dressed gentlemen cavorting in the streets of Paris. :


The easy-to-wear silhouettes and lovely print boosted this dress into Unicorn-level popularity, and suddenly everyone was dying and desperate to get their hands on one! Scouring Ebay, stalking the PUG Swap & Sell page and tolling the Sell board on the Pinup Girl Style Page, many a lovely lady searched in hopes that they would get lucky.

And one day, I did!



I was incredibly lucky to have happened upon this beautiful dress at a steal from the PUG Swap/Sell page. It was actually my first Jenny dress, and needless to say it was love at first sight. The Parisian print is truly beautiful up close, with pops of cool blue, yellows, and vibrant pink! It’s easily wearable with a myriad of colors, but I opted to let the print speak for itself with neutral accessories! At 40″/30″/44″, I wear my typical size Large in non-stretch PUG items. This dress fits snugly but comfortably, and nips my waist in! The full-skirt practically begs to be paired with a petticoat, which I happily did here.


The thing about Pinup Girl Clothing is, they listen to their fans. A few weeks ago they launched #ProposedPUG on Instagram and Facebook, as a way to gather our feedback and let our voices be heard! We hashtagged and posted photos, begged and pleaded, and wouldn’t you know it? They listened! PUG announced recently that the Jenny dress in Paris print will be returning for one more run! 


If you haven’t been able to get your hands on one yet, quick! Waitlist your size and snap one up as soon as they’re available! As Micheline said in PUG’s latest Periscope Broadcast: This might be your last chance to get one!


Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing

Shoes: Chase and Chloe (via Amazon)

Cardigan: MAK 

Stockings: Vintage (Coming Soon to Fortuna Femme!)

The Pursuit Of Pants


The very bane of my existence. Shopping for pants gives me all kinds of anxiety because when you’ve got a donk and any sort of waist-to-hip ratio, you’re in for a ride on the struggle bus.

My booty in particular has seen to the demise of many a pair of pants. Whether it’s a weak seam or a stubborn zipper, you can bet that if there’s something to go wrong with a garment, my butt is bound and determined to make it happen. I have to reinforce the back-seams of every single pair of pin-up pants that I own. And my waist? Not helping! While my booty bulges the seams of even the best-fitting trousers, my waist sits there, bagging and gaping like a champ. (Thanks, waist. Thanks a lot.) I know that you ladies understand my pain!

With all that in mind, I actually surprised myself when I opted to toss a pair of pants into the basket of my most recent Collectif order. Specifically, the Sally Denim Capris:

Collectif Sally Stock Photo

I am currently measuring in at 40″/30″/44″. According to Collectif’s size chart, my waist falls into a size UK12, while my butt and hips place me squarely into a size UK16.  In order to accommodate my largest measurement, I ordered the 16 and hoped for the best. Three weeks later, my new pretties arrived safe and sound from England! And?


Jessica Tested:


Booty Approved!!


Made from a thick stretch denim, the Sally Denim Capris can be worn turned up, or folded down into long pants! I was really impressed with quality of the fabric and will definitely keep me warm through these last few winter weeks! They have four (count ’em, FOUR!) pockets, and fasten with a side zipper that lays smooth against my waist. As I suspected, my 30″ waist is too small for the size 16, but my thighs and bum fit comfortably. I may take the waist in if time allows for it, but they are truly wearable as-is! Thankfully, these babies won’t require any sort of shortening, as they fall right below my ankle. (For reference, I am 5’6″ tall!)


Collectif Clothing, you have converted me! All in all, I’m thrilled with these jeans. In my opinion, they are the best ones I have tried from the pinup-universe and suit my frame the best. It’s definitely refreshing to put on a pair of pants that fit comfortably with minimal fuss. I can’t wait to style these through the rest of these chilly weeks and into the springtime, and can absolutely see the Sally capris becoming a wardrobe staple!


Want to snatch up a pair for yourself?! The Sally Denim Capris are on sale in select sizes in black, and available in sizes 6-22 in navy! 

Mix and Match Wardrobe: Round Two 

As January flies past at warp speed and money flies out of my checking account at an alarming rate, I find myself digging into my wardrobe. What works? What doesn’t? Is this combination reaching or do I look as fantastic as I think?

The fact is, I much preferred spending my extra hard-earned dough on presents for my loved ones. And because of this, Mix and Match Wardrobe is forcing me to be creative!

Round Two: Lavender Lips and Roses Jenny


Lips and Roses Jenny skirt in Lavender $102.00

I’ll be honest, at first glance, my reaction to the Lavender Lips and Roses Jenny skirt was: “meh”.  Now don’t get me wrong. It’s lovely. I am a certified Jenny Addict, so I love the full silhouette and the lips and roses print. For whatever reason I just was not feeling this light purple offering, and so I passed on by.

Until the opportunity to swap came up. I was able to trade with a lovely lady from PUG Swap/Sell, thus bringing the Lavender Lips and Roses Jenny skirt home to me.

And boy, am I glad I did.

Red is one of my absolute favorite colors to pair with this skirt. I love to pull out smaller featured colors and make them pop! I find that Pinup Girl Clothing’s Voodoo Vixen top gives this combo a dressier feel. If I had been bothered to do my hair and makeup, this combination would lend itself well to this–the season of parties.

Top: Deadly Dames Voodoo Vixen

Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing

Shoes: Steve Madden

Petticoat: Malco Modes

This combination makes me feel very “Sandy” from Grease! I’m not sure if it’s the vintage lime colored scarf (pulling out those pops of green!), or my all-time-favorite saddle shoes, but I’d have proudly worn this to Rydell High’s end-of-school carnival! I opted to go without a belt this time around, proving that with or without cinching, these skirts are fabulous at nipping you in at the waist and creating a lovely silhouette!

Top: Collectif Clothing

Shoes: Payless

Scarf: Vintage

Petticoat: Malco Modes

Oh, lavender Jenny skirt, I will never again doubt your beauty and versatility! As the chilly months draw nearer, I have found myself obsessed with creating cooler-weather combos for all of my lovely warm weather skirts. This print typically screams “Spring!”, but I’ve tucked in my handy dark green H&M cardi, slipped on a black belt, and violà! The chillier it gets, the more layers I’d put on, so as the temperature gauge drops I’ll add a pair of thick black tights to the mix. For now though, bare legs, and a simple pair of Mel by Melissa flats! Instead of my typical Malco petti, I’ve opted for my trusty Laura Byrnes Canvas Underskirt. This thing is perfect for everyday wear in that it gives you the volume of a fluffy skirt without all the bulk of a full-scale petticoat!

Top: Deadly Dames Vamp

Cardigan: H&M Basics

Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing

Underskirt: Laura Byrnes


Well, what are you lovelies waiting for? The Lavender Lips and Roses Jenny skirt was released as a limited run, so snap yours up while you still can! It’s still available in select sizes from Pinup Girl Clothing!


A Pinup In Brooklyn

When the alarm sounded at 5:30am, not even the birds were awake. 

“Too early…” I thought, fighting the urge to roll back into the mountain of pillows, blankets, and one gently snoring girlfriend that beckoned me back to the comfort of my bed. 

But no. Too early or not, NJ transit waits for no one, and I had one New York City-bound train to catch! It was a Sunday, and the early morning walk to my car was surprisingly chilly, despite the sweltering temperature predicted for the day. 

Two cups of coffee, two hours, and one moderately expensive Uber later, there I was: a pinup in Brooklyn. 

Lucy La Riot’s tiny, cozy pinup photography studio nestles between two buildings on what I’d imagine would have been a moderately quiet city street, if not for the construction. Men in orange work vests followed me with their eyes, whistling as I made my way to the front door. (Embody the stereotype, guys. Way to go!)

Anna, the photographer/Pinup Mastermind behind Lucy La Riot, rolled her eyes and laughed as she gestured me safely inside. “They tried to get in earlier, too. Something about accessing the basement. Ooookay.” 

It was this place, and this photographer that brought me all the way from Philadelphia, PA, to Lorimer Street on that Sunday morning, and I was pumped. You see, a few months back, Lucy La Riot posted a casting call on Instagram. The search had begun for the first set of Villians to be part of Anna’s Fairytale Fantasy series. After shooting many recognizable princesses, it was time for something a little more sinister! 

The Villians series was to begin with the classics: Cruella de Vil, the Queen of Hearts and the Tremaine sisters: Drizella and Anastasia. “I could pull off Drizella!” I commented. A few moments later, I had a DM from the photographer herself, inviting me to be a part of the series. 

Uh, hell yes! 

So here I was, weeks later, sitting in a makeup chair in Brooklyn, preparing for my debut as Drizella Tremaine. I’ll admit, despite my experience as a lingerie blogger, I was nervous to strip down to my skivvies and don a negligée for a professional photographer. Anna immediately put me at ease, and it was as if those days of pre-shoot jitters never happened! 

The studio itself was warm and welcoming, filled to the tippy top with a wide variety of gorgeous clothes, shoes, and accessories for any type of pinup-theme your heart could desire. 

props, props, and more props!

My “sister” for the day was the gorgeous and hilarious Sam Streitch (@samstreitch), a burgeoning actress from Florida. Anna wasted no time getting us both curled, pinned, and painted, and then it was go-time! 


can we just say: browpower!?

Let me tell you some ladies. Modeling is hard work! I know, I know, roll your eyes if you must. But a mere eight minutes holding perfect posture, leaning, bending and balancing on 5 and a half inch heels had my leg muscles quaking and aching. I consider myself to be a fairly active human, but hot damn was I sore! 


Post Villians, I actually had the opportunity to wiggle into my Pinup Girl Clothing Monica dress, throw on a pair of hot heels, and do a mini-Halloween shoot with Anna! It was impromptu, inspired by my recently acquired pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes that will forever own a large piece of my heart.



In all, I can not rave enough about my experience at Lucy La Riot. Anna is warm, welcoming, and knows her way around a camera! Catering to sizes 0-18 and beyond, Lucy La Riot truly believes in beauty at all sizes, and has something for every gorgeous woman that walks through their doors! Run, don’t walk, to book your own session–you WILL NOT regret it. 😘

For more information on the studio, photographer, or to book your own shoot, check them out on the web at:, or on Instagram: @lucylariot. 

The Magic Of Mary Blair Part 1: Umbrella Fancy

As a long-time fan of Pinup Girl Clothing, I have seen the debut of many a collection. But no collection was as excitedly awaited as the Magic of Mary Blair! A collaboration with the estate of Mary Blair, of Disney fame, the line featured skirts and dresses in extremely limited edition whimsical prints, some directly from the art of Blair herself. 

I was lucky enough to acquire quite a few pieces from this collection, and will be debuting my stylings in a multi-part series. With fall fast approaching, I want to keep the warmer days alive with bright pastels and fun prints of this summery collection! 

Perhaps one of the most anxiously anticipated pieces was the Jenny skirt in Mary Blair Umbrella Print:

Pinup Couture Jenny Skirt in Mary Blair Umbrella Print

Falling somewhere between salmon and bubblegum pink, this full, gathered skirt featured pops of teal, red and lime green in it’s cheery Umbrella motif. I was immediately smitten by the website photos, and placed my order within minutes of receiving the In Stock notification email!

Once again, PUG did not disappoint! 

Photography: Sarah King

The whimsical print of this skirt lends itself quite well to the “Wonderland” theme of my last photography collaboration with the fantastically talented Sarah King of Sarah King Photography. Undaunted by the 98 degree read of the thermometer, she willingly traipsed through the 100% humidity index of this sweltering Summer day to snap these photos. (And then painstakingly colored every tree branch , because Philadelphia’s Horticultural Center is decidedly lacking in pink trees.) 

Photography: Sarah King

As far as fit and construction,  I found this skirt to be on par with the usual high quality of Pinup Girl’s offerings. Measuring in at a 30″ waist, I stuck to the size chart recommendation of a size Large, and was not disappointed! I found this skirt to run a bit looser than some of my other color ways (here’s looking at you, Cherry and Italian Landscape print!). It definitely still falls within the confines of the size chart, but I am thankful for the little extra stretch the waistband offers, especially after a big meal! 

Perhaps one of my favorite qualities of this particular skirt is all the outfit combinations it lends itself to! I have seen lovely ladies all across the Internet pairing this beauty with every color from teal, to lime, yellow, black, and my personal favorite, red:

Unfortunately, this lovely is sold out in all sizes but 4x on Pinup Girl’s website. (4x ladies, go go go!) Because this was limited edition, Jenny will sadly not be restocked in this color way. However, if you just can’t get enough of this cheery and bright print, fear not! The Evelyn dress by Pinup Couture is also available on this gorgeous design, and is in stock at Pinup Girl Clothing in all sizes! 

We Found Wonderland

Every so often, you find yourself staring at an item that you have to have.

Unquestionably, irrevocably, undeniably.

For me, that item was the Jenny Skirt in Queen Of Hearts border print.

You see, waaaaaaay back in the wintertime, Pinup Girl Clothing posted this little sneak peek on their Instagram:


I spied that wee upturned Queen Of Hearts nose and half of a mischievous Cheshire Cat grin, and I knew that once this baby dropped…I’d be throwing my money at PUG. 

Winter trudged along, dragging it’s snowy boot prints across my impatiently waiting heart. Spring came, and with Spring came hope. Finally, near the beginning of April:

Not 30 seconds later, the Order Confirmation email was sitting in my inbox, and I was a happy girl! Seven days and one enraged phone call to Fedex later,  my very first Jenny skirt was finally in my waiting hands. And let me tell you, ladies…





New to the land of Jenny’s, I had done my homework prior to ordering. And while some reviews stated that certain color ways ran small (I’m lookin’ at you, cherry print and Italian landscape print!), I stuck to my usual size L when ordering. Thankfully, I found that this particular color way ran true to the size chart. It zipped flawlessly onto my 30″ waist, even leaving a  bit of breathing room (or “big dinner” room)! 

With my sizing concerns calmed, I was able to admire the bright colors and fantastic artwork that had gone into making this skirt a reality. Stephanie Buscema’s rendition of Alice, the Red Queen, the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat lend themselves to a fantastic variety of pairings! Featuring lush greens, sunny yellow, bright reds, and even pink, the outfit and accessory possibilities are expansive! 

In my most recent shoot with Sarah King Photography, I chose to pair my skirt with the red Peasant Top by Pinup Couture, and a pair of red Ida pumps by Bait Footwear. The result was bright and whimsical pinup attire, perfect for any tea-party. (Mad Hatter’s, or otherwise!)

This was also my first foray into the world of the Pinup Couture peasant tops, and I was so pleased! Of all my pinup tops, these are by far my best-fitting (size Medium, measurements 40″-30″!), and most versatile. I find they can be dressed up or down, worn on the shoulder or off, and did I mention–incredibly comfortable! 

In all, another fabulous offering from the powers that be at Pinup Girl Clothing! Unfotunately, this beauty has sold out in most sizes. I am not sure if there is a planned restock, but I will update this post as soon as I find out! Don’t worry, though. There are plenty of other fantastic and whimsical items for your perusal as part of PUG’s Fairytale Fantast Collection. Go ahead, dive into these very grown-up interpretations of your favorite childhood storybooks! 


A Trip to Tatyana

I firmly believe that every woman is entitled to treat herself, especially in times of trouble. When emotions are running high, sometimes the only person who can really make you feel better is yourself. And so, we search for ways to ease the strife.

Some girls indulge in tantalizing treats. (Ohgodyes, brownies.)

Some throw themselves into a fervor of exercise.

Me? I shop. I get impulsive, and I shop like there’s no tomorrow. And in these most recent weeks…oh boy, did I come home with a haul.

After a recent emotional upset lead me to an impromptu solo-trip to New York City, I suddenly found myself gliding through the doors of Tatyana Boutique’s flagship store around 1st and Bowery. Allow me to set the scene:

Deep breath in, exhale. Must not squeal, exhibit self control! A chorus of angels harmonizes in the background while afternoon sunlight glimmers over racks and racks draped with fabulous retro-chic clothing. I’m greeted by a team of beautiful women, all dressed to the nines in the latest that Tatyana has to offer. Deep breath, exhale. There’s no place like home (away from home).

I came dressed for the day in a current-season purchase from the previous weekend–the absolutely stunning Shame dress in red–and found my kindred spirits in two similarly polka-dot clad (and absolutely wonderful!) employees.

Lots of dots at Tatyana Boutique NYC

Lots of dots at Tatyana Boutique NYC

After much excited chit chat with these lovely ladies, I set to scouring the inventory, determined to try on essentially every damn thing in the store. Countless swimsuits, dresses, and separates later, I made my choices and practically skipped to the register, brandishing my credit card. Here’s what came home with me…

The Sweet Berries Dress:

DSC_3212It’s all in the name. The Sweet Berries dress from Tatyana Boutique is one of the sweetest dresses that I own. It has very quickly morphed into my favorite go-to “casual day out” dress. With it’s red and white polkadot motif and bow accent, it is a dress that (in my humblest of opinions), can do no wrong! Fully lined and made from fabric with just enough give, it’s perfectly curve-hugging and fits my body as if it was made for me. At 40/30/44, I purchased this beauty in a size Medium.



The medium requires just the tiniest bit of wiggling to get into, but it’s no stress on the rugged zipper, and once into the dress I can breathe, sit, and dance with no issues.

DSC_3192editThis dress retails at $120.00, and is available in sizes Extra Small to Extra Large. While this is a smaller size range then Tatyana usually offers, I would encourage my 2XL ladies to give the XL a try, given my size experience with this dress! Love it? Order your own here!

The All Aboard Blouse and Catwalk Skirt:

I am very much a dresses-before-separates kind of lady, but in an effort to broaden my wardrobe horizons, I tried on a few separates while gallivanting through New York City. And despite my original misgivings about a two-piece outfit, I fell truly-madly-deeply for two particular items at the Tatyana Boutique: The All Aboard Blouse in red, and the Catwalk Skirt in black:


Maybe I’m predictable in that I love anything red-white-with-bows, but when I saw this pretty, I couldn’t resist. This top is not only gorgeous, but it is flattering, breathable, and loaded with s-t-r-e-c-h! I initially tried this on in a size medium, only to be swamped by fabric in my shoulder region. The size small that now hangs in my closet is a perfect fit and leaves room for me to lose the last few pounds I’m working on without the need for alterations. Besides that, what’s not to love about a big decorative bow and a keyhole cut-out? The All Aboard top is available in both red or navy, and retails for $58.00. If you love it as much as I do, grab your own here.


It’s hard not to feel cheeky in patriotic stripes, but it’s even harder not to feel downright sexy in the perfect black pencil skirt. Enter the Catwalk Pencil Skirt in black. Made of a stretch material that I can only classify as bengaline, it hugs my curvy hips and thighs in all the right places. Button and kick-pleat details adorn the front, giving it just the right amount of sass. Be warned, though: while the body of the skirt is stretchy, the waist is NOT. The side buttons and zip of the skirt are firm, so pay close attention to your waist measurement if ordering online. At 30″, I walked out with a size large and I struggle to get the buttons done up if I’m particularly bloated.  This skirt is available in sizes XS to 4XL, and retails for $70.oo. Need a new basic in your wardrobe? Order yours here!


What I Wore: “Shame”


Of course, a Tatyana-exclusive post couldn’t come to an end without discussing my all-time-favorite dress! The week before my NYC trip, I walked into “my”  Tatyana on Walnut Street in Philadelphia wearing a purple wiggle dress. I walked out about fifteen minutes in “Shame”, deeming a wardrobe change in the fitting room 100% necessary. As is apparent at this point in the post, this dress ticks all of my boxes: red, polka dots, bow accent.


It has a shoulder-skimming front and a v-back that shows off both my hard work at the gym and my favorite tattoo. Form fitting with a keyhole cutout under the bust, the only issue I’ve had with it is that my gold-star bra (the Freya Deco) tends to show out the bottom. I circumvent this issue by wearing solid shapewear under the dress. (My holy grail shapewear from dMondaine, if you’re interested!) I initially tried this beauty on in a size Large, but sized down to a Medium. It takes only a tiny bit of wiggling to get into this stretchy little number, and is absolutely worth it. This dress hugs every curve of my body without highlighting any of the little lumps-and-bumps that I (and everyone else in the world) have.  I have found that it can very easily transition from a day out in the city to a night out on the town with a few hair and makeup switcheroos. Versatile and comfortable, this piece has definitely earned top marks from this vintage-repro enthusiast.DSC_3254editPriced at $126.oo and available in sizes XS to 4XL, I’d highly recommend that every vintage-loving beauty out there run to Tatyana and snatch up their very own bit of “Shame”. It’s definitely a must-have for every pin up’s closet!

In a nutshell, I’ve become a frequent-flier at Tatyana Boutique. I can always count on their clothes to be beautifully made and high-in quality. My recent trip to the New York City flagship store left me not only 100% pleased with their products and customer service, but itching for another trip…and soon!


Let’s take a minute to discuss my fantastic photographer, shall we?! Friends for nearly ten years, Sarah King of Sarah King Photography was one of the few people I was comfortable enough to commission to shoot me not only in these pin-up lovelies, but in my undercrackers (for future posts). If you’re local-to-me, I highly recommend her services! Check her out on Facebook, and if you’re feeling really sporting, give her page a “Like”!