Coming Up Rosae: A UKLingerie Review

I bet you thought I forgot you! (I didn't.) Hello, readers! It's been a while, but we've all been there: sometimes, life gets in the way. As fate would have it, every time the world is getting me down, something happens to bring me right on back to where I belong. This time, that "something"… Continue reading Coming Up Rosae: A UKLingerie Review

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The Pursuit Of Pants

Pants. The very bane of my existence. Shopping for pants gives me all kinds of anxiety because when you've got a donk and any sort of waist-to-hip ratio, you're in for a ride on the struggle bus. My booty in particular has seen to the demise of many a pair of pants. Whether it's a weak seam… Continue reading The Pursuit Of Pants

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The Magic Of Mary Blair Part 1: Umbrella Fancy

As a long-time fan of Pinup Girl Clothing, I have seen the debut of many a collection. But no collection was as excitedly awaited as the Magic of Mary Blair! A collaboration with the estate of Mary Blair, of Disney fame, the line featured skirts and dresses in extremely limited edition whimsical prints, some directly… Continue reading The Magic Of Mary Blair Part 1: Umbrella Fancy

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A Trip to Tatyana

I firmly believe that every woman is entitled to treat herself, especially in times of trouble. When emotions are running high, sometimes the only person who can really make you feel better is yourself. And so, we search for ways to ease the strife. Some girls indulge in tantalizing treats. (Ohgodyes, brownies.) Some throw themselves… Continue reading A Trip to Tatyana


Music, Martinis, and Made In Preston: A Busty Girl Clothing Review

As if being a curvy girl isn't enough, the clothing conundrums that accompany the figure can be downright tiresome. Business casual tops with buttons that pull. Jeans with gaping waistbands. "If it fits great here, it doesn't fit here, here, or here." It can be a nightmare but not all is lost, ladies! Never fear.… Continue reading Music, Martinis, and Made In Preston: A Busty Girl Clothing Review