We Found Wonderland

Every so often, you find yourself staring at an item that you have to have. Unquestionably, irrevocably, undeniably. For me, that item was the Jenny Skirt in Queen Of Hearts border print. You see, waaaaaaay back in the wintertime, Pinup Girl Clothing posted this little sneak peek on their Instagram: I spied that wee upturned Queen… Continue reading We Found Wonderland

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A Trip to Tatyana

I firmly believe that every woman is entitled to treat herself, especially in times of trouble. When emotions are running high, sometimes the only person who can really make you feel better is yourself. And so, we search for ways to ease the strife. Some girls indulge in tantalizing treats. (Ohgodyes, brownies.) Some throw themselves… Continue reading A Trip to Tatyana


Music, Martinis, and Made In Preston: A Busty Girl Clothing Review

As if being a curvy girl isn't enough, the clothing conundrums that accompany the figure can be downright tiresome. Business casual tops with buttons that pull. Jeans with gaping waistbands. "If it fits great here, it doesn't fit here, here, or here." It can be a nightmare but not all is lost, ladies! Never fear.… Continue reading Music, Martinis, and Made In Preston: A Busty Girl Clothing Review


Falling For Fraulein–“Falling In Love” Reviewed

There I was, lazing around in a plain-Jane chain hotel. My hair was a mess, I was drinking bad hotel coffee, and  staring at generic watercolors that were painted and printed by Joe Nobody.   In my mind, though, it was a little different. In my mind, I'm rolling around on a California-king sized four poster bed, instead of the cramped full-sized… Continue reading Falling For Fraulein–“Falling In Love” Reviewed

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Stop The Hate: A Discussion on Girl-Hate in Popular Music

So there I was. In the bathroom, up-close-and-personal with the mirror and a mascara wand (mascara face and all), jammin' out to some dance tunes on Spotify and putting on my face for the day. Just minding my own business, when it hit me like a ton of bricks: the amount of woman-against-woman hate in… Continue reading Stop The Hate: A Discussion on Girl-Hate in Popular Music


Lingerie Lust List: Birthday Edition!

Now that Christmas has come and gone, and I have cured my New Year's Eve hangover, it's time for me to discuss the next holiday in my life. It comes but once a year, and it is easily my favorite one of them all: my birthday! That's right, readers. On January 18th, I'll be turning… Continue reading Lingerie Lust List: Birthday Edition!


The Fabulous Freya Flamingo

(Psst: I love alliteration.) Last month, an amazing thing happened. There I was, laying in bed in the early morning hours, dreading a long workday and running on nothing but coffee and good intentions. It was quiet in my room, and I was doing my best to keep it that way (so as to not… Continue reading The Fabulous Freya Flamingo


Lingerie Lust List: August Desires

Despite the fact that I started writing this post in the middle of July, life and work tend to get in the way. If you've been reading my blog, you'd know that back in June, I started a to-be-monthly "list" of the lingerie items that have my salivary glands working overtime. Some pieces I'll work… Continue reading Lingerie Lust List: August Desires

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It’s Tutti Tattoo Time

If you exist, breathe air, walk on land, and have D+ boobs, you have probably heard of the new kid in town: Tutti Rouge. As if it was not enough that they offer a fun, flirty,and girly range of bras in an incredible size-range (28-38 DD-J for their first offering, Lilliana and 28-38 DD-HH from… Continue reading It’s Tutti Tattoo Time