Best Jackets For Plus Size Women -10 Amazing Jacket Ideas For All Styles

Jackets are pretty awesome - they are practical, cozy, and versatile. There are lots of different jackets out there for you to try out and as a plus size woman, it can be pretty intimidating - but don’t worry, we’re here to help! 

Best Jackets For Plus Size Women -10 Amazing Jacket Ideas For All Styles

Here are some of the best jackets for plus size women so you can browse through the options below and find the inspiration you need for your next stylish outfit.

We want to help plus size women feel empowered when it comes to building their own style and this list aims to help you discover more jackets that you can incorporate into your outfits. 

So, check out the list below and discover some new jackets!

Jackets are very practical as they help us keep warm when temperatures start to drop - but they can also be used to create some very stylish outfits. 

Teddy bear jackets are a great option if you are looking for a jacket that is comfortable and cozy to wear.

The thick layer of fluffy faux fur works great at trapping a layer of warm air against your skin, keeping you nice and toasty no matter the temperature outside! 

This chic style of jacket is great at bringing a different texture to your outfit, breaking up any monotony you may feel is cramping your style.

It works great with casual outfits but this type of jacket is so versatile that there are many ways you can wear it!

If you want to embrace your curves and flaunt your wide hips, then this type of jacket is one you may want to consider. 

Cropped jackets are good at drawing attention to your body and for many, this jacket could be what they need to help feel confident!

Cropped denim jackets also bring a certain edginess to your style and maybe a jacket to consider if you want to feel rebellious and cool. 

On the other hand, they are also a practical option if you want a jacket that is just enough to keep a chill away on days when the temperature is erratic.

This type of jacket is a really hot trend at the moment so it would be a crime to leave it off our list! 

Puffer jackets are a type of quilted jacket often insulated with soft feathers for a plush feel.

Smart stitching is used to make ribbed patterns throughout the jacket to break up the monotony of the jacket and also helps to make it more fitted around the arms and waist. 

Not only are they modern and stylish but also great for insulating your body against chilly temperatures. This makes them a practical choice of jacket as well as a fashionable one.

They’re very lightweight, making them comfortable to wear, and waterproof! 

Corduroy is a great fabric as it’s soft to the touch and provides a unique texture to your outfit, standing out against cotton and denim. It’s used to make a ton of different articles of clothing from skirts to pants to jackets! 

They come in all sorts of colors, cropped or long, and lined with lots of different materials. This means corduroy jackets can range from light and casual to thick and cozy - perfect for the colder seasons!

This versatility also means they can suit a huge range of styles so perhaps there’s a corduroy jacket out there that fits your choice of fashion. 

Patterns can be tricky to incorporate into an outfit but one of the easiest patterns to wear is plaid. It has a timeless style to it that makes it great for all kinds of styles and outfits ranging from casual to formal, rebellious to hipster. 

As a result, plaid jackets are a good jacket option for many people. They end to be a lighter, thinner type of jacket that’s perfect for chilly spring or fall weather. However, you can also get thicker plaid jackets for colder days too! 

They also come in all kinds of colors to suit your personal palette - from rich jewel tones like emerald or ruby to pale pinks and beiges for a pastel look.

This makes it an easy type of jacket to tailor to your personal style while also remaining practical! 

These jackets are the final word on casual comfort as they are just so easy to wear!  

The light and breathable fabrics are flexible so they don’t impair your mobility, and they provide a little warmth to help fend off a chill in the fall.

This makes them ideal for wearing around the house or to the gym - or work them into your everyday wardrobe, they are just that versatile! 

So, if you want your jacket to be light, casual, and super comfortable to wear, you may want to consider a hoodie jacket or two!

Another great type of comfortable jacket is the varsity jacket.

These are very bright, colorful jackets that come with some very stylistic features including striped banded wrists and waistbands, primary and secondary colors separating the body and sleeves, and cloth letters or logos sewn into the breast or back.   

They are very sporty in style, and the wool fabrics make it comfortable and flexible to wear (Also check out How To Iron Wool).

Sometimes, it’s not the cold we need a jacket to help protect us from as some jackets are designed to keep us safe from the rain! Rain jackets are incredibly practical.

They are waterproof, and light, and keep you nice and dry when it’s wet and rainy outside. 

However, rain jackets also bring a certain sense of style with them too. They are great for those who want an outdoorsy, adventurous outfit that toes the line between casual and smart.

They can come in a ton of different colors to suit various styles and season palettes so they’re incredibly versatile fashion pieces too! 

Leather jackets are considered to be the ultimate ‘cool’ jacket that works for everyday wear and formal occasions. Whether you are wearing jeans with a T-shirt, or a flowing summer dress - a leather jacket can work with both! 

This makes it a versatile type of jacket that many consider to be a staple in every wardrobe. It’s modern, and edgy, and also comes in various styles. Some are cropped, covered with pockets, padded, double-breasted - the list goes on!

Finally, we have the shacket. 

Shackets are a cross between jackets and shirts. This makes them lighter, easier to wear, and much less restrictive around the arms.

As a result, they are perfect for those days when it’s too warm for a traditional jacket but not warm enough to walk around in just a shirt. 

The shacket is the perfect compromise and is available in all kinds of colors and patterns to suit your personal preferences. So, there’s a shacket out there that works with your style!

Final Thoughts

And that’s it! 

Those were some of the best jackets for plus size women. We hope you found this list inspiring and empowering and who knows - perhaps you’ve just seen your new favorite jacket of all time! 

Check out the list above to find some new jacket ideas for your outfits, no matter what your personal style is. Don’t be afraid to branch out or stick with what you are comfortable with. There are lots of options out there for you to experiment with until you have found the right jacket for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Not Look Bulky In A Puffer Jacket?

Puffer jackets are a very popular trend right now but some plus size women may feel uncomfortable in them because they add a lot of volume to the upper half of their bodies.

If you feel that you look too bulky in a puffer jacket, then here are some ideas for you to try and change that. 

You can try balancing out the ‘weight’ of the outfit by wearing slim-fitted pants (like leggings or skinny jeans). These fitted pants contrast nicely against the puffer jacket and can help you feel less bulky. 

If slim-fitted pants are not your style, then you can try wearing statement shoes to draw the eye. These can be boots, oversized trainers, heels - whatever you think works with the rest of your outfit. 

Should Women Size Up On Jackets?

Most of us do our clothes shopping online these days which means that we don’t have the luxury of trying on our jackets before we purchase.

This can cause some problems because some jackets are more fitted than others - and you may purchase a jacket only to discover that it doesn’t fit properly even though it is in your regular size! 

As a result, the general rule of thumb is to size up by one size when purchasing a jacket. You may want to consider this if you are looking for winter jackets to fit over bulky sweaters, scarves, and other cozy clothing. 

On the other hand, if you want an open jacket and prefer your clothes to be fitted, then sticking to your normal size may make the jacket better suited to your needs. 

So, it all really depends on what you want from your jacket!

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