The Five Most Flattering Dresses For Your Body Shapes

Identifying body shape is a key step in finding a flattering dress. You can then find the perfect dress that will help you show off your best features and shine through the crowds.

The Five Most Flattering Dresses For Your Body Shapes

Style isn’t all about wearing the best and most expensive outfits. It’s also about highlighting your best features and wearing an outfit that makes you feel confident and look a million dollars. 

Finding a flattering dress for your body shape is a great way to elevate your look and turn heads. In this post, we’re going to show you the most flattering dresses for your body shape

If you want to dress to impress, we’ve got you covered! This guide will help you shop for that gorgeous dress you’ve always wanted. Let’s get started!

What Body Shapes Will We Be Looking At?

Body shape relates to four key measurements. Those measurements are shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. The relationship between these four different measurements is what defines your body shape and features.

Once you know your body shape, finding the most flattering dresses becomes incredibly easy. In this post, we’ll be looking at five different body shapes and their most flattering dresses

We’ve listed the body shapes we’ll be looking at below!

  • Hourglass
  • Pear
  • Athletic
  • Round
  • Petite

The Most Flattering Dresses For Your Body Shape

We’ll start by looking at the most flattering dresses for hourglass body shapes before then taking a look at the other four body shapes from our list. 

1. Hourglass

Women with an hourglass body shape typically have curvy figures with proportionate busts and hips. People with this type of body shape are considered to have a balanced upper body and leg length. 

This body shape is well-defined so don’t be afraid to show your curves off. Your well-defined waist is an asset that deserves to be accentuated.

The best type of dresses for this body shape include V-necklines, cinched-in waistlines, open necklines, and form-fitting tops. 

A popular choice is a wrap dress with a belted waist as this will help accentuate curves.

2. Pear 

This body shape is also commonly known as a “triangle” body shape. Women that have a triangle-shaped body tend to have larger hips and thighs and a narrower upper body. 

The best way to accentuate the features of a pear-shaped body is to wear a dress that balances and proportionates the body. 

Therefore, pear body types might want to consider dresses that bring extra volume to the upper body. Good examples of dresses that work well for this body shape include an open neck, a V-neckline, a full skirt or A-line, and a strapless top. 

Dresses that feature added details in your bust area will add to the balancing effect. One look we adore is a flare and fit dress as this type of dress is roomier below the waist but still adds plenty of volume to the upper body.

3. Athletic

Women with athletic body shapes tend to have a slightly narrower silhouette in the shoulders and hips areas. Athletic bodies usually have a relatively undefined waist and broad shoulders too.

The key to finding the best dress for this body type is to choose one that balances the upper body with the narrower lower body. 

In many ways, the most flattering dress for athletic body shapes will create a stunning hourglass look.

Dresses with ruffles, embellishments, and volume-increasing features will help balance your upper body and narrow hips.

Generally, dresses that flare are a great choice, as are dresses with lower waistlines and A-lines. Athletic body shapes with broader shoulders also look amazing in V-necklines and U-necklines.

4. Apple

Women that have an apple body shape tend to carry more in their midsection. They usually have slim legs and an undefined and shorter waist. It is also pretty common for this body type to have a flatter bottom. 

The best dresses for this type of body shape are any type of dress that draws more attention to the upper body. 

Belted styles, swing dresses, drop-waist dresses, and dresses that feature embellished tops are perfect. Full-skirt dresses, wrap dresses, and A-line dresses are very flattering too. 

A key asset to an apple body shape is the legs, so you could flaunt them with a shorter dress.

5. Petite

Women with a petite body shape are usually shorter than 5 feet and 3 inches tall. If you have a petite body shape, there’s also a good chance you have a more slender body too. When it comes to picking the perfect dress for a petite body shape, there is a wide range of flattering options to choose from.

Dresses that accentuate your slender physique and dresses that feature a waist belt are very flattering. 

Shorter dresses will also let you show off your legs. Asymmetrical hemline dresses can be a good choice for those of you that want to look taller too. Slim-fitting dresses with vertical prints or pleating, and V-necklines will also look spectacular.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a wide range of stunning dresses we can wear to accentuate our figures. When you know more about your body shape, finding a flattering dress is surprisingly easy.

In this post, we’ve looked at flattering dresses for hourglass, pear, athletic, apple, and petite body shapes. No matter what body shape you have, there is a dress out there that will let you shine.

Picking out the most flattering dress may seem quite daunting at first but when you know what to look for, things start to get a lot easier. 

In fact, now, you have all this information at your fingertips, you should find it a lot easier to find a dress you love.

Jessica White
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