10 Gorgeous Outfit Ideas For Women Over 30

Once you turn 30, it does not mean that fashion just stops. In fact, being 30 and over is one of the best times to embrace your own style. Gone are the days of trying to impress others – now is the time to really come into your own.

10 Gorgeous Outfit Ideas For Women Over 30

However, this does not mean that you necessarily know what to wear, especially if you are plus size. Fortunately, being in your thirties and curvy does not mean that you have to change your style to something that resembles your grandparents. Far from it, in fact.

So, if you are struggling with style inspiration, then look no further. We have 10 gorgeous outfit ideas for women over 30. 

1. Ripped Jeans And Off-The-Shoulder Combo

Ripped jeans are a staple in many people’s closets. The reason is, they are just so versatile and can be worn with many different outfits and shoes.

If you don’t like to show off your waist, then you can still create some shape by wearing a loose off-the-shoulder top. It adds something pretty to contrast with the ripped jeans. 

A good pair of sandals or heels will marry nicely with the whole outfit too. 

2. Light Blue Wrap Dress

Dresses can sometimes come across too frumpy or incredibly short. If you are struggling to find the right dress for you, then the wrap dress is always a great option.

Not only does it hug and nip in all of the right places, but it helps to accentuate your curves, as well as fit correctly on the frame of your body.

This kind of dress also suits all body shapes, so you can’t go wrong with it!

3. Denim Jacket And Scarf

As the weather turns to fall, you might not want to wear a full coat just yet. One way to tackle the colder weather without layering up too much is by wearing a denim jacket with a light scarf (Also Check out Best Jackets For Plus Size Women).

This outfit uses a cropped denim jacket to make the style less frumpy. The plain T-shirt keeps the look simple, while the scarf adds some personality.

4. Blazer And Heels

Whether you have been invited to a party, a dinner, or a work event, who says you cannot wear something with a bold pattern?

This beautiful outfit mixes a gold pattern with a sophisticated blazer and a plain top to accentuate the gold colors within the accessories. The pointed heels provide extra style points too. 

Team it with a clutch for an outfit you can feel comfortable in all evening.

5. Summer Outfit

Not everyone feels comfortable when it comes to wearing a skirt, but if you are wanting to embrace this style, then here is an outfit you might just fall in love with.

Pick a skirt with either shortness or longness that you are happy to wear, and tuck a top inside the waistband. This will create a wonderful silhouette. 

If you want to wear a shorter skirt but don’t like the idea of baring your legs, then wear some tights too!

6. Green Dress And Heels

Another type of wrap dress is this beautiful green shade (Also check out Going Greenery: How To Wear The Color Of The Year). It includes extra detail with the frilly ends and ribbon which is tied on the side of the waist.

This color looks amazing with golds, yellows, and blues, so perhaps think about including them somewhere else in the outfit. 

7. Leggings And Boots

Another option for fall is this outfit which includes wearing a long-fitted top with black leggings or jeans, and small-heeled boots.

Adding the scarf gives the outfit extra style, but also it keeps your neck warm. This kind of outfit works anywhere too, from a casual office-based job to running errands. 

8. Double Denim

Double denim was never just meant for Britney and Justin! In fact, this outfit is a way better way of wearing double denim than anything in the early 2000s.

Adding the belt helps to break up the blue of the denim which makes it less harsh as a full look. Add some pink too – it gives a feminine touch and is a great color to match with blue. 

9. Cute Pants And Jacket

Patterned pants will always get our vote. They can provide a wonderful touch to an outfit, especially if you are relying on them to give the rest of your outfit some personality.

This look would suit an office job, but also a day out shopping with friends. Tuck your top into your waistband and pull it looser so it hangs over for a casual look. 

10. Ripped Jeans And Lace

Lastly, this gorgeous outfit consists of ripped light blue jeans, black heels, a simple black blazer, and a lace top. The top looks like lingerie, but that is the point!

While you might not wear this to work, this outfit would look cute (but sexy too) at your local bar drinking cocktails with the girls. You could also swap the top out for something less risque if you do want to wear this in a more formal setting.

It doesn’t need a belt, but adding one would create some extra shape to the waist. 

Final Thoughts

Once you hit your thirties, or any decade for that matter, there comes a time when you rethink what you are wearing. While crop tops are being worn by twenty-somethings and teens, can you still get away with such a thing in your 30s?

Even though you might feel like you can’t, at the end of the day, you should wear whatever you feel comfortable with. In the above images, you will see a plethora of different styles, and there may even be some that you thought you were too old for. (On that note, check out Can An Older Woman Wear Leggings?)

However, just because you are curvy and in your 30s does not mean you can not embrace fashion and style. Have fun with what you wear, and try to avoid hiding those curves.

It often has the opposite effect of making you look frumpy, so embrace who you are instead.

Jessica White
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