15 Flattering Plus Size Dresses For Every Occasion

There is no ideal body size or shape, and you should love the body that you have. No matter your size, you can still have the most perfect and gorgeous wardrobe, that is full of stylish clothes for any event.

15 Flattering Plus Size Dresses For Every Occasion

However, knowing your body type and the appropriate cuts and styles of clothing to highlight your greatest features are crucial. 

Everyone has a wide range of options to select from. Plus-sized women can choose from stylish A-line dresses (Also check out Best Sun Dress For Plus Size Women), relaxed shirt dresses, and slimming darker dresses, to name a few.

In fact, we have found 15 flattering plus size dresses that are suitable for every occasion.

Read on to discover what these dresses are and whether you should be adding them to your wardrobe.

1. Off-The-Shoulder Dresses

Off-the-shoulder dresses and other plus-size dresses that flatter your neckline are great choices. This is because they usually at least have sleeves that cover the shoulders, highlighting your neckline. 

By providing weight to the top portion of the body, off-the-shoulder gowns are ideal for balancing people with narrow shoulders and small hips.

Also, off-the-shoulder dresses are typically offered in various gorgeous prints that are great for any family event or even for summer and going on holiday.

You can easily accessorize with simple gold or silver jewelry to create a really timeless look. In addition to this, to make a really bold statement, chunky jewelry works well.

When it comes to shoes, you can easily pair an off-the-shoulder dress with either heels or sneakers, depending on the occasion. 

2. Empire Dresses

Women who have heavier tops than bottoms look extremely attractive in empire dresses. By accumulating just below the breast, they draw attention to your upper body rather than your lower body.

Plus-size women with larger stomachs should consider empire line styles. By constricting the space beneath the breast, this slimming garment helps give the appearance of a higher waistline. 

It’s one of the best dresses for all types of plus-size women since it flatters apple, rectangle, or triangle body types. This is because the fabric hangs perfectly beneath your bust, creating a truly elegant look. 

Additionally, empire dresses come in a variety of styles, such as short tunics, micro dresses, and light dresses with floral prints that reach the floor. As such, you have many options to choose from.

3. Peplum Dresses

For plus-size forms, peplum dresses are ideal. Waist ruffles contribute to the appearance of a voluptuous, hourglass body.

Your waist will appear smaller than your shoulders and hips, thanks to the ruffle that envelops your waist and extends the dress at this point for a few more inches.

Therefore, peplum dresses are ideal for plus-size ladies who have an oval or rectangle body type and want to have a proportionate figure. They are also perfect when you are looking for something flattering yet appropriate for work.

With that being said, peplum dresses are a great choice for christenings or weddings too.

4. Body-Con Dresses

The secret to enhancing your curves and gorgeous hourglass form is wearing body-con dresses, especially if you make the appropriate color and cut choices. Your waist and chest  are hugged in the most attractive way conceivable.

Since the soft material is really comfortable to wear, this makes this kind of dress a great thing to throw on when it’s a hot summer’s day. It also comes in different cuts to wear when going out or to a party. 

Again, you could wear a body-con dress for various reasons, as it is a really versatile type of dress to have on hand. Pair your favorite body-con dress with your preferred heels, and you have a stunning going out or party outfit.

You can also pair this dress with sneakers or sandals for a simple day-out outfit. 

5. Midi Dresses

If you want to give the appearance that your figure is longer, wear midi dresses. Pairing them with the appropriate shoes such as heels will provide the impression of height since they reach just below your knees and above your ankles. 

These dresses typically cinch in at the waist, which creates a much more flattering silhouette (Also check out The Drop Waist Dress: How To Wear This Vintage Style). It is up to you whether you choose a midi dress with or without sleeves, but sleeves can make the overall dress look softer.

Furthermore, midi dresses are available in practically every type of material.

Silk and satin give off a softer appearance that works well for weddings or other formal occasions while cotton midi dresses are a great everyday dress that can be worn for any type of event.

6. Satin Slip Dresses

You don’t need to fret about what is the best dress for a plus-sized woman, as the slip dress is here, and it is elegant, current, and timeless. They are composed of premium satin and have a smooth silhouette design. 

They also have cuts that properly accentuate your curves. Hence, when you wear a satin slip dress, you can feel sexy and beautiful. This kind of dress is great for any special occasion, or you can wear it when you just want to feel good. 

You can easily layer a satin slip dress, so it can be worn all year long. Either add a graphic t-shirt or jumper, then create a knot. This will help to cinch your waist once again and turn the simple slip dress into a really fashionable outfit. 

7. Wrap Dresses

A plus size dress that looks really attractive is the feminine wrap dress and, when it comes to plus-size dresses, it frequently holds the top spot.

The belted aspect of the wrap dress breaks up your torso, allowing you to enhance and define your waist to give the appearance of an attractive hourglass figure. 

Similar to how wrap dresses flatter larger busts, plus-size dresses can also be worn to accentuate larger busts. Superior fabric provides greater freedom and flexibility compared to other types of dresses.

This means that you can move around with ease and comfort (Also check out Best Scrubs For Plus Size Women).

Wrap dresses are perfect for plus-size figures and go with every event that you have coming up. You’ll appear classy in the workplace and alluring in the bar or club.

8. Smock Dresses

Smock dresses are a great choice for cold days or winter because they have less structure and more space.

They are ideal for lengthy journeys because they provide you with exceptional comfort and are made of lightweight material that won’t scrape against you. 

This kind of dress is usually composed of long sleeves that gather at the wrist. This adds another simple yet attractive element to the dress, which makes you look even better.

Often you will find women pairing this dress with their favorite sneakers for a more laid back and relaxed look. 

Overall, smock dresses can be really feminine, and they look good on everyone. 

9. Pencil Dresses

Plus-size body types look fantastic in pencil dresses. Of course, picking the appropriate size is crucial.

The bust, waist, and hips of the dress should all fit the wearer by hugging the body as much as possible. A pencil dress will produce an attractive and timeless appearance.

You shouldn’t shy away from wearing a pencil dress because it hugs your body. In fact, a lot of pencil dresses are made with thick yet flexible fabrics.

As a result, where they may hug your body, while also smoothing everything out to create a really beautiful figure. 

You can go simple, with a plain pencil dress, which would be perfect for work. However, you can be a bit bolder and go for striking colors or patterns if you want to wear this dress for any kind of event. 

10. Straight Dresses

For women looking for comfortable, easy-to-wear, and casual styles, straight dresses are ideal. Since it lacks a waistline, it hangs from your shoulders to the ground.

These dresses are ideal for plus-size ladies with body types like the rectangle and apple shape, who also have shoulders that are wider than or equal to their waists. 

Straight dresses can be made of a variety of fabrics, including cozy and cool knit sweater dresses. Thus, these are perfect dresses that can be worn whether it is hot or cold.

Dresses don’t have to just be for summer and with a straight dress, you can wear them all year long. 

11. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are ideal for all body shapes, including plus-size bodies. The key is to select a maxi dress silhouette that flatters your body shape. A maxi dress can give you a really lovely appearance. 

The thing that people love about maxi dresses is that they are often constructed from very lightweight material. As a result, it doesn’t matter if the dress reaches the floor because the lightweight fabric makes it comfortable to wear.

Just like with a midi dress, maxi dresses are available in various cuts and styles, so you can easily find one to suit the event you are going to. 

A lot of maxi dresses will have some kind of belt or gathered waist element, which creates an attractive figure.

They can come with and without sleeves too, so the options are endless, and you will definitely find a style that suits you and makes you feel and look good. 

12. A-line Dresses

Consider wearing a fitted plus-size dress, such as an A-line dress with a fitted top and torso, if you want to give off the appearance of having an hourglass figure.

You can achieve the ideal hourglass body shape by wearing triangular-shaped A-line dresses that extend out at the waist. 

A-line dresses are flattering on all body shapes, and they are especially well-suited for plus-size ladies. With this in mind, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have an A-line dress in your wardrobe!

Think about wearing A-line dresses constructed from solid materials like cotton, denim, rayon, or polyester if you are a lady with a fuller body.

Cotton, denim, rayon, and polyester are rigid materials that help to hold the dress’ shape, making it simple to flatter any plus-size woman.

13. Asymmetric Dresses

Wearing dresses with asymmetrical shapes is a great idea. Typically, they do not adhere to established conventions.

As a result, they take the shape of your body, move with it, and produce various silhouettes. These outfits give off a distinctive appearance while concealing all flaws.

With asymmetrical dresses, you will notice that the front of the dress might be higher than the back. They can sometimes be cinched in waists, be sleeveless or use a bold print. There are lots of options for you to choose from.

Choose shapes that you would normally be scared of since these shapes could be perfect for you. You shouldn’t fear wearing more unruly dress shapes, as they can still look great on your body.

14. Fitted And Flared Dresses

Fit and flare dresses are universally flattering no matter your body type or size. This is because they mimic an hourglass figure, as the waist will cinch in. Hence, you can show off your best features as the material naturally drapes over your curves.

You will notice with these dresses that they are usually quite short and will rest around your knee.

However, the lighter materials that these dresses are constructed from make them ideal when the weather turns warmer. They are perfect when you still want to look good but remain comfortable.

Pair this kind of dress with either some strappy heels or ankle boots to create a universal going-out look.

15. Detailed Dresses

Details on a dress can either make or break the dress. For anyone looking for a  plus-sized dress, then they should search for dresses where the focus is on the upper portion of the garment.

This way, the dress draws attention to the top half of the dress more. 

The details on the dress could be unusual sleeves, a contrasting collar, or even bows in pace of conventional straps. There are lots of different details out there that you could search for.

But, the main purpose of these details is to draw everyone else’s attention. 

When it comes to the dress itself, it will often be a fairly simple straight dress. To make this detail stand out, you could coordinate your shoes and other accessories with this detail.


No matter your body shape, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Having said that, there are a few types of dresses that are more suited for plus-sized women, mainly as they help to accentuate their curves and define their hips. 

All the dresses we have mentioned above are perfect for any occasion or event that you have planned. Whether you want a simple day dress or a dress for a wedding, we have suggested one that will suit you perfectly. 

We hope you have found this article enjoyable. We have provided you with 15 flattering plus size dresses which are perfect for any occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Dress Allows You To Hide Your Stomach?

Even though there is no reason to hide your stomach, if you do really want to, then you should consider wearing dresses that cinch in at the waist. The top of the dress should be more fitted than the bottom, such as fitted and flared dresses. 

By wearing dresses such as this, the focus is more on the top half of the dress and the material follows around the rest of your body. 

How To Dress Confidently?

A lot of women, no matter their body type, may be scared of dresses, yet there is nothing to fear. To dress confidently, you need to feel confident by wearing clothing that’s comfortable and choosing colors that you love. 

By doing these simple things and having confidence in yourself, you can pull off any look and type of dress that you select. 

What Should You Look Out For In Plus Size Dresses?

The key element you should look out for when picking a plus size dress is that you want the dress to define your waist and help to elongate your body. Your perfect dress will do all of these things and make you feel beautiful. 

Which Fabrics Are Better Suited For Plus Size Dresses?

Silk, denim, and cotton are viewed as materials that won’t add any additional volume to your outfit, while also being more lightweight.

Choosing more lightweight fabrics is better as they are easier to wear, and you can easily add layers if you decide to wear the dress during colder weather.

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