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I Hate Victoria’s Secret

I hate Victoria’s Secret.

There. I said it. And god damn it, I feel liberated. I didn’t always hate Victoria’s Secret, I’ll admit, but we all do thing that we aren’t proud of when we’re young. We learn from our mistakes, and I sure as hell have learned from mine.

Maybe it’s because I learned about proper bra fitting and realized that Vicky had been doing me dirty for years. Maybe I’ve turned into some cliched angry lesbian feminist. I don’t know. What I do know is that I HATE Victoria’s Secret, and here’s why:

My main issue with the lingerie retailer is that they market their lingerie to men. Think about it. Their target market is women, and yet they feature pouty, bedroom-eyed women in sometimes blatantly sexualized positions. I don’t know any heterosexual women that feel good buying a product marketed like that. I certainly don’t. I am 102 times more likely to purchase a product featured by a model who is…wait for it:smiling. Call me crazy, but I’d choose joy over sexy any day of the week.

20130430-131831.jpgVictoria’s Secret

With marketing like that,it is clear what Victoria’s Secret is doing. They are banking on the insecurities of women. They are telling their customers: “Buy our product, and you can become this minx. Buy our product and become sexy for your man, because it is impossible that you are sexy enough already.” Don’t believe me?

20130430-132139.jpgVictoria’s Secret

That image of the lovely Adriana Lima doesn’t say “Hey there, you beautiful confident woman! Come buy some lingerie that will make you look and feel great!” Nope. Not getting that vibe at all. Truthfully, I’m sensing more of a “Come here, big boy, and lemme give you a BJ.” Marketing. To. Men.

However, don’t get it twisted! I love lingerie. I mean LOVE it. I have forgone buying necessities such as toothpaste in order to scrape together for a new set. What I don’t do is purchase my lingerie for my partner. (Though she definitely appreciates it…) I purchase my lingerie first and foremost on how it fits and how it makes ME feel.

20130430-132402.jpg…or maybe they’re marketing to lesbians…

The other massive issue that I take with Victoria’s Secret is that while they feature and consistently push the idea of “sexy”, they only push ONE TYPE of sexy–tall, thin, fit, long haired, doe-eyed, pouty lipped angels. And while yes, these women are incredibly sexy, they are not the lone type.
Tall is sexy. Short is sexy. Tattoos are sexy. Curvy is sexy, and plus sized, and fit bodies are sexy. Pale skinned, fair skinned, tan skinned, dark skinned is sexy. Fat and skinny and everything in between is sexy. My girlfriend, who is very athletic, tattooed, and rocks kind of a tomboy-meets-hipster style, is (in my humble opinion) the sexiest woman I know. (Do I get brownie points for that? I think I should get brownie points for that.)

My point is that “sexy” can not be defined by only 12 women in the glossy pages of a catalog.


And so, I will say it again, in case you get any funny ideas that we might mend this broken relationship. I hate you, Victoria’s Secret, and I always will.

4 thoughts on “I Hate Victoria’s Secret”

  1. This post made me laugh, I love it . When it comes the vs that’s how I feel about their ads just how you describe for the men. that’s all it looks like to me.

  2. I agree 100%! The commercials are ridiculous. The women spent about 5 hours in hair and makeup, have professional stylists, expert lighting, famous photographer, hundreds of thousands in beauty products and treatments, and on top of all that, hours of work on airbrushing and touch ups! And yet, that’s how we all should look everyday. Um ok, we all need to ban VS

    1. I agree. This is me that is what you get. The me will change as I get older but the inner me is me. As for dressing sexually for your man ugg let me tell you, your not always going to be that person and when your not then that man goes and finds himself another sex toy, so, be your true self for yourself first

  3. I AM doing something about it, with this blog alone. Myself and many other lingerie bloggers are out here exposing what Victoria’s Secret is doing wrong, not only with their marketing but with their fit tactics–the latter of which we all take issue with. We are preaching body positivity and trying to make any small change we can.
    It isn’t the product–it’s the method that VS uses to fit a wide variety of women into their minuscule size range. There is a whole wide world out there beyond a size 38DDD, and VS refuses to recognize that. Instead they shove 28GGs into poorly fitted 36Ds, call it a good fit. They are causing harm to women, and just to make money.
    I don’t have a problem with VS bras, I just wish they’d stop blatantly lying to women about what a proper fit looks like.
    Oh, and VS DOES market to men, indirectly. Their products are marketed to women FOR their men. I hope we can agree that lingerie isn’t just for being sexy for a partner–and that women deserve to feel fantastic for themselves first and foremost.

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