What Not To Wear With Leggings

Leggings are super popular, and they have been for many years. However, one of the biggest challenges with this particular article of clothing is knowing what you should and should not pair with them. 

Understanding how to put an outfit that works together can do a lot for your confidence.

What Not To Wear With Leggings

While this will be true for everybody, it is important to note that everyone has different preferences and styles! As such, what we say might not work for you at all, and that’s fine! 

The most important thing when it comes to style is finding something that works for you.

At the end of the day, you need to be comfortable and confident. If you try out the tips we have and don’t feel like you own the room when you walk in, then you do you! 

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at some objective opinions on what not to wear with leggings (and also what you should). 

What Not To Wear With Leggings

There are a couple of items of clothing that are generally not seen as being a great combination when paired with leggings.

This includes things like bodysuits and bling, but we will take a look at each of these in more detail in the sections below. 

1. Avoid Bodysuits

Leggings are already tight as-is. When you add a bodysuit on top of it, that’s a lot of tight clothes together.

If you do this, you could end up with some… unflattering looks (a camel toe, for example). 

This pairing might seem comfortable, but there’s too great a chance for the above to happen.

Not only that but unless you are wearing a fitted bodysuit, there is little need to pair two tight items of clothing. 

Again, if this is something you love and pull off, more power to you! It simply isn’t a look that usually ends well. 

2. Crop Tops And Bras Aren’t A Great Look

An outfit like this is usually fine if you are going to the gym or somewhere else that you are going to be active.

However, for a daily look, pairing a crop top or bra with your leggings is not going to be seen as being suitable in most scenarios. 

In many places, this combination might not be modest enough, but this is down to personal preference. In the end, you dress for yourself, not the people around you!

3. Flip-Flops Are A No-Go

We love being comfortable and lazy when we can, and in many ways, laziness is a matter of perspective.

However, it is generally seen that a combination of leggings and flip-flops is pushing the limit with comfort and laziness. 

This pairing is perfectly comfortable and perfect for lounging around the house, but it could be seen as being too much if you are planning on leaving the house.

Unless you are going somewhere super casual, you might want to think twice about this pairing, but if you feel confident and comfortable in it, who are we to say you shouldn’t wear it?

4. Heels And Leggings

Unless you would like to channel the energy of the 80s disco mom, leave the heels and leggings combination in the past.

Not only are these two items of clothing a complete clash of vibes (leggings are casual and heels are extra), but simply don’t tend to look great together. 

Even if you are a pro in heels, you might have a tough time making this pairing look good.

Of course, there could always be exceptions, especially if you have a pair of good-quality leggings (Also check out Why Do I Have To Keep Pulling Up My Leggings?), but it might take some experimenting to learn what those exceptions are. 

Try out some different options if you are determined to find something that works – just know that you will have your work cut out for you!

5. Leggings And Bling Aren’t The Look

Leggings are synonymous with comfort and athleisure. Like with heels, when you pair leggings with all your favorite bling might not be the vibe you’re going for.

While you might think that adding earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets (among other things) could result in a classy legging look, this very rarely actually works. 

The unfortunate truth is that this pairing usually results in a “trashy”, or like it belongs in the earthy 2000s red carpet events. In real life, this look usually just doesn’t work. 

6. Don’t Pair Then With Party Dresses Or Fancy Tops

Finally, this is another outdated look that most people are going to want to avoid when you step out of the house.

Fancy tops or blouses can look fantastic… when paired with the appropriate bottoms. Leggings are not the appropriate bottoms you are looking for! 

By all means, be adventurous and try new things, but unless you want to recreate the classic baby doll look, steer clear. 

What You Should Wear With Leggings

Looking for ideas that you can (and should) pair with leggings? Let’s take a look at some great options below. Hopefully, you will love some of these and try them out yourself!

  1. Oversized Sweaters and Tees – want to go for a lazy look? Pairing oversized tops with your leggings is definitely the way to go. It’s impossible not to feel comfortable in this combination, and there is no worrying about the potential for the issues you would experience with a bodysuit! 
  2. Flat Boots and Sneakers – with either of these options, you can still enjoy the casual look, but without going too far. Combat boots, sneakers, or whatever else you prefer will work great for a pairing like this. Just make sure that you wear socks with your shoes!
  3. Iconic Handbags – want to make a statement? Try out an iconic handbag that will stand above the rest. Yes, leggings are casual, but an eye-catching handbag is the perfect way to grab the right kind of attention and turn heads without even trying. It can be colorful and flashy, or a branded one that you have fallen in love with.
  4. Athletic Tees for an Athleisure Look – if you really want to go for the athleisure look, opt for an athletic tee instead of a sports bra or crop top. Try out various neon colors, or keep it monochromatic if you want something a little different.
  5. Structured Jackets – options like windbreakers or biker jackets work particularly well. However, if there is a jacket you really love, and would like to try out, do it! You would be surprised by how many jacket styles will work well with leggings. 

Final Thoughts

Objectively, there are lots of things that you should and should not wear with leggings.

Some of these are options that you might agree with, while others you might hate! It all depends on your personal style and preferences. 

Take everything we have to say with a grain of salt. There are always exceptions to rules, and you might find ways to make things work when they shouldn’t!

In the end, as long as you feel confident and comfortable, there is no reason for you not to at the very least try something. 

So, get out there and have some fun!

Jessica White
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