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Meet The Founder

Hey everyone! My name is Jessica, and I am the founder of

My whole life, I have always been a little bigger than my friends. I was always a bit taller, wider and just bigger built.

From my late teens, I would say that I was curvy. I really struggled to find clothes that fitted me as I was larger in the hip and chest area, but smaller at the waist.

I wouldn’t say that I am overweight, but I definitely go out in all the right places, which makes it harder to find clothes that fit. I would find myself going up a few sizes in clothing just to accommodate my curves.

Jessica White

Jessica White - Founder

Because I would always be a different size in every store I went into, I started to feel down about my body, and I would hide behind black clothes and baggy sweats.

I would see women in beautiful sundresses, cute outfits and tops that I was just too afraid to wear for myself.

As I got older, I started to realize that I shouldn’t care what the numbers are on my clothing. I should just wear what makes me feel comfortable, and what looks right on my body. I switched up my wardrobe, trying new shapes, colors and styles to see what worked for me.

When I found what clothing suited my body shape, my sense of self worth, style and confidence started to come back. Now, I know what works well for me, and what brings me confidence and happiness.

I only wish the same for every other woman. I know first hand how hard it can be when you feel like you don’t fit the ‘normal’ clothes in most stores. It can make you feel bad about yourself, and you can end up wearing the same old tired and ill-fitting clothes time and time again.

I created because I wanted other women to feel the sense of empowerment I have felt since changing up my wardrobe and finding out what clothes suit my body shape, skin tone and style.

I hope that you too can join me on this journey, and start making some amazing fashion choices that celebrate your beautiful body- instead of hiding it

Jessica's Right-hand Woman

Emma James

Emma James - Writer/Fashion Blogger

Hey! I’m Emma, and I am a writer here at A few years back, I started a fashion blog, as I was so fed up of seeing the same thin body types on my feed. There were hardly any body-positive influencers that could offer clothing recommendations for women with curves or a little extra something on their bodies.

The more I posted and blogged, the more I found like-minded women who were looking for the same things I was- clothing that fitted perfectly.

When I met Jessica, we quickly became friends. We had so much in common, and we both had a passion for fashion. She told me about her idea for making a body-inclusive and body-positive online space, and I had to be part of it.

We hope that you too can start to embrace your body and use our informative articles to find clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and so much more that can suit your style and body shape with ease!

Women’s bodies are truly amazing and every single body is wonderfully different. Embrace your beauty and your shape and celebrate everything that makes you uniquely you.

Join us today, and start loving your curves!


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