How To Dress For Your Body Shape When You’re Plus Size

There’s so much guidance out there when it comes to dressing all different types of body shapes.

From apple body shapes, all the way to pear body shapes – it seems as though the tips, tricks, and styling advice is never ending. But, what about plus-size dressing?

How To Dress For Your Body Shape When You’re Plus Size

We want to make sure that everyone feels their most beautiful and comfortable self, all while being able to dress in the clothing that they truly want to wear.

Regardless of personal style or body shape, fashion can be enjoyed by everyone, which is why we’ve created this guide.

Below, we are going to be providing you with some helpful style advice that will help you take your wardrobe to the next level.

Along the way, we’ll also be sharing insider tips and tricks to ensure that each and every one of your outfits is flattering, comfortable, and super stylish. 

Ready to discover all you need to know about plus-size styling? Just scroll on!

Dressing When You’re Plus Size: General Style Advice

5 Curvy Style Tips:

Even though there aren’t any specific rules to follow when it comes to plus size dressing, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make good use of a helpful style tip or two. 

Below, let’s check out some of the best curvy style tips that we have to share with you:

Curvy Style Tip #1: Understand Your Body Shape

Just like with all other types of body shapes, when it comes to style – it’s always a good idea to make sure that you have a good understanding of what your natural body shape looks like.

By doing this, you’re then going to find that you are in a much better position to be able to choose clothing pieces that are going to be able to flatter your body, while also allowing you to enjoy your personal expression.

If you’re plus size, it’s important that you note that you are still going to fall into a specific category across the major body shape groups: pear, apple, hourglass, rectangle, and more.

By gaining a deeper understanding of your natural body shape, you will be able to ensure that you choose the right styles of clothing for you.

By doing so, you’ll be able to bring your figure into balance, all while showing off the right places.

Curvy Style Tip #2: Don’t Fixate On Sizes

This is one of the biggest pieces of advice that we can give you. When shopping around for clothing items, refrain from fixating on what your size is. 

Instead, we highly recommend that you instead make sure that you are opting for clothing that fits and flatters you, rather than worrying about what the size of the clothing might be. 

Many people agree that shopping in accordance with comfortability and ( as well as how flattering a garment is) is far more important than what the size of it is. 

Plus, you should also keep in mind that clothing can vary from brand to brand, which means that there can often be fluctuations in sizing.

For this reason, there isn’t any “standard” sizing for you to refer to, which is just another reason why you shouldn’t place any emphasis on what size you are wearing.

Curvy Style Tip #3: Dress For You!

How To Dress For Your Body Shape When You’re Plus Size

When it comes to dressing, you are going to want to make sure that you are wearing clothing that makes you feel comfortable and look your best.

Along with that, it is also just as important to make sure that you are only wearing clothing that makes you feel your most confident self, rather than dressing for other people. 

No matter what your personal style might be, it’s important to always remember that clothing is a form of self- expression, so what better way to express yourself than with an outfit that you feel totally comfortable in and absolutely love?

Regardless of whether you want to wear casual clothing to feel cozy in, or you want to put your best foot forward in a pair of cute heels, the only person that you should be dressing for is yourself. 

Curvy Style Tip #4: Get Clothing Inspiration On Social Media

Nowadays, everything is online! Regardless of whether you’re a big social media fan or not, one thing is for sure – social media can be a great place to get inspiration, especially as far as clothing is concerned.

There are many different fashion influencers out there (such as on Instagram and TikTok) that share clothing ideas for women of all sizes, including curvy women.

If you haven’t already, why don’t you consider following some leading fashion bloggers that share clothing inspiration for curvy body types?

This is one of the best ways to refresh your wardrobe while also making sure that the clothing you are buying is on-trend and in-line with the season’s must-have styles!

Besides being able to make sure that you stay on top of fashion trends, getting clothing inspiration from fashion bloggers and influencers is also a great way to see what certain types of clothing might look like on your body.

From going out dresses all the way to various types of occasions, there are plenty of looks that you will be able to get inspiration for. 

Top Tip: If you’re super stuck on how to elevate your wardrobe, why don’t you also use social media to connect with other fashionistas with a beautiful, curvy body type?

Besides being able to make some new friends, you will be able to get some style tips and inspiration from them. It’s a win-win!

Curvy Style Tip #5: Learn Color Theory

Last but certainly not least, the final style tip that we have to share with you is to consider learning about color theory.

Of course, while it’s important to make sure that you are wearing clothing that makes you feel totally comfortable and confident within yourself, it is also just as important to make sure that you are wearing clothing that is going to make you feel as good as can be.

This is where the magic of color theory comes into the mix.

In a nutshell, as you might have already guessed from the name, color theory simply refers to the art of understanding the way that colors work, which colors complement each other, as well as how to use them.

When it comes to styling your body, one of the best ways that you can help to always ensure that you look put together is to wear colors that not only complement each other but also complement your natural skin tone. 

Besides being able to flatter your natural skin tone and undertone, learning about color theory will also help you to put outfits together in a pinch.

This will be especially important during those moments when you need to get ready quickly, or even on those sleepy mornings when you have overslept your alarm and need to get out the door as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the basic principles of the color theory:

  • Make sure that you are always wearing clothing that features colors that complement each other. While you can have fun with accessories, you should always make sure that your main outfit is matching.
  • Opt for accessories that don’t “match” each other in color theory, as this will help to create visual interest to your outfit and make your overall look appear more sophisticated, stylish and put together! For example, you could wear a boldly colored red bangle and pair it with a clashing blue bag. 
  • Mix neutral colors as much as you like. This includes colors such as the following: cream, white, black, brown, beige, off-white, and gray. 
  • Always wear denim as a neutral color, rather than an item that is going to pull focus.
  • If you can, organize your closet to suit the principles of the color wheel. This will help to keep your closet space organized while also providing you with the chance to see what type of colors you have to work with when choosing outfits to wear each day.

Wrapping Up

If you have made it this far into the guide, we just want to take a moment to thank you for reading through this article.

All in all, dressing when you’re plus size is no different from dressing any type of body shape – and there are plenty style options you have available to you that will flatter your beautiful body shape. 

Remember, what really counts is that you feel good. So, as long as you feel comfortable and confident, that’s really all that matters when it comes to styling your body.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and refresh your style with all of our top tips! Have fun shopping, and bye for now.

Jessica White
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