What Is A Figure 8 Body Shape?

The Figure 8 body shape is characterized by a curvy hourglass figure, with a smaller waist and larger hips and bust.

This type of body shape can be very flattering for some women, as it emphasizes the curves and femininity of their figures. 

What Is A Figure 8 Body Shape?

Understanding what a figure 8 body shape is, how to measure it, and how to dress for it can help women accentuate their natural curves in a stylish way.

What Exactly Characterizes A Figure 8 Body Shape?

The 8 body shape is characterized by being both powerful and feminine. Those with this body type typically have: 

  • Shoulders and hips of equal width, 
  • A full bust, 
  • A defined waist, 
  • Large thighs. 

These features all add to the curves of the figure that are so attractive about this particular body shape. 

To best flaunt your assets, it is important to pay attention to what kind of clothing works for this particular figure. 

Tailored blazers and skirts as well as wrap dresses can help highlight the waistline while emphasizing your curves throughout other parts of your figure, particularly in the bottom area.

Furthermore, accessories such as statement necklaces, strappy sandals, purses, and hats accentuate any outfit for an 8-body shape perfectly. Embrace color and prints to give yourself a confidence boost. 

Just remember not to layer too much fabric on top if you want to bring attention away from areas you don’t feel comfortable drawing attention towards; otherwise, everything will get lost in an overwhelming mass of fabric! 

Focus on showing off your voluminous curvaceousness through strategic pieces that create shape without looking baggy or overpowering your figure.

How To Best Dress A Figure 8 Body Shape

Dressing the 8 shape body can be tricky since the body is made up of equal widths from the shoulder, breast, and hips. 

Achieving a balanced silhouette requires clothing that has waist definition and is straight through the lower half. 

Enhancing The Shape

Boxy and square shapes should be avoided as they fit too tightly around the high hip region. 

For those with narrower shoulders, fashionable clothes like A-shape dresses and tops suit them to reduce the appearance of their wider hips and straight or boot-cut jeans remain essential for balance. 

To further enhance their physique, wide-leg trousers should be avoided at all costs as they do not flatter the 8 body type.

Skirts And Dresses

The 8 shape is one of the most enviable silhouettes. An 8 Shape should opt for clothing that creates a waist focus while not adding bulk to the hip area. 

  • The go-to skirt for the 8 Shape is a pencil skirt, which creates balance in the figure by sticking tight to the hips and tailoring straight down from there.
  • When it comes to dresses, an 8-shape looks best in sheath dress styles rather than flared dresses that could potentially widen their hips. 
  • Another way to add focus to the waist is by wearing a belt, although this may need to be avoided if you have a longer waist as belting can cause the fabric to stand out too much.

With its balanced figure, and just the right styling tricks, any 8 Shape will look her best!

Accentuate That Waist

8 shape bodies have nipped-in waists, so this should be accentuated when choosing outfits – making sure to look out for specific pieces that have matching prints on both sides of your waist. 

These types of garments create a beautiful hourglass figure while still keeping it proportional overall; adding a fun edge to otherwise basic looks! 

Clothes can enhance an 8 shape’s volumes appropriately without losing balance; moreover, clothing with details like pleats or peplums fitted at higher points is another great way to contour their bodies with finesse. 

What Are The Best Styling Tips For A Figure 8 Body Shape?

What Is A Figure 8 Body Shape?

If you have a figure 8 shape, there are many styles to consider. To begin with, you’ll want to focus on items that draw attention to your waistline, making it appear longer. 

  • One great way to do this is by opting for slim and mid-rise straight bottoms such as taper or skinny cuts. Peplum tops with sharper shoulders and collared shirts can also work well for your silhouette. 

Fabric Choices

In addition, opt for fabrics that support figure flattery such as tailored suiting materials, double-faced jersey fabrics, and light cotton. 

  • Also steer clear of anything extra floppy or draping, as this can easily overwhelm your frame. 
  • Fabric blends like knitwear in darker colors help elongate, while bright colors create an illusion of curves when worn in an asymmetrical design at the same time.
  • When dressing with an 8 body type, it’s all about creating an elegant balance between structure and softness.

Moreover, it’s important to pay attention to detail when shopping for a figure of eight body shapes since it always helps you achieve a flawless look! 

Start by choosing clothing items such as belts or dresses with small details like buttons at the waistband to draw in the eye, creating a beautiful and balanced look on your frame. 

Accessories should also be chosen strategically – use minimalist pieces to emphasize and draw attention to areas like the collarbone and neckline, avoiding large bags or oversized earrings that could distract from your overall outfit.

How Can You Determine If You Have This Body Shape?

The figure of eight body shape can be a tricky one to dress for, if your body fits between hourglass and pear shape figures but doesn’t quite fall into either accurately, chances are you might be this type. 

The key is to create an impactful silhouette. 

  • To do this, look for clothing shapes with clean lines that hug your body without looking too clingy or uncomfortable – think tailored coats and dresses, as well as high-waisted trousers. 
  • That said, you should still feel free to wear more voluminous pieces such as A-line dresses or layered jackets that create balance with the slight curve of your waistline.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out whether you have an 8 body shape can be tricky, but once you know what to look for, it is easier to tailor your wardrobe accordingly. 

To flatter your figure, the key is to opt for pieces that hug and elongate the waistline while adding structure and volume around the hips. 

When shopping, look for items that emphasize details like buttons or pleats at the waist, as well as asymmetrical designs that create an illusion of curves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Feel Confident As A Figure 8 Body Shape?

Everyone should have the freedom to dress according to what makes them feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. 

This can be done by incorporating an understanding of your 8-shaped body type into your wardrobe. Knowing what cuts and fabrics complement your frame best, helps you achieve your desired look. 

For example, monochromatic color schemes often look best on 8-shaped figures. Applying these helpful tips can make dressing become easier and more enjoyable for you!

Jessica White
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