Anything But Basic!: A Haute Flair & Parfait Lingerie Revie

Those of you who follow me on any form of social media know: I’m a huge fan of Parfait Lingerie. I’ve reviewed them previously, and carry a few of their styles in my own lingerie shop. I truly believe  their size range and price point is a fantastic affordable option for many full-bust women, and they can be counted on to release fun and on-trend pieces every season. 

A few weeks ago I was approached by Haute Flair, a new online retailer based out of New Jersey that offers a fantastic range of lingerie and shapewear. As a Jersey girl myself, I jumped at the chance to support this great growing business in my home state, and was so honored to be offered the Carol Padded Bra and Lace Hipster Panty in my choice of color. This set is available on Haute Flair in your choice of Lollipop Red and Imperial Purple, and as I’m always aiming to unleash my inner siren, I opted to go with red. 

Best. Decision. Ever. 

Aesthetically, this set is bright, bold, and ticks a lot of boxes for me. Soft molded underwire cups shape and uplift without added padding, while half-adjustable  straps help you get your best fit. Soft stretch lace adorns the cups and straps as a simple and pretty detail, and a center bow at the gore tops off this lovely leisure set. 

Now let’s talk fit!:

I requested this set in a 34FF, and at try on it fit wonderfully. I experienced no pinching, digging, or quad-boob, and the material felt lovely against my skin. The band was snug and secure without squeezing the life out of me, and the underwire was supportive without being uncomfortable.

My only issue came later, and was one that laid squarely on my own shoulders. You see, I lost weight in the two weeks between receiving this bra and shooting it with my best-friend-turned-photographer (shoutout to Sarah King Photography!) which resulted in some gaping in the cups post-weight loss. Oh, the struggles of an already shallow-busted gal–when my weight drops, my boobs go first. (😭). This may be something for shallow-breasted ladies to make note of, so be aware when selecting your size!
The coordinating knickers that came along with this set have quickly become a favorite in my collection! (I snagged a size XL for my ample tush.) Simple and sassy, these soft, stretchy hipster briefs feature a lace panel across the front and a center bow. They definitely prove that “basic” doesn’t mean “boring”! I’m pleased to announce that through a 9 hour shift chasing around little ones, I experienced nary a wedgie, and felt cool and comfortable all day long. My bum was a happy one, and I’ll definitely be adding the other colorway in this set to my collection!🍑

In all, I highly recommend the Carol set by Parfait to every woman looking to add bold basics and everyday lingerie to their collection! 

Love it, need it, gotta have it? Find it at 💕

Coming Up Rosae: A UKLingerie Review

I bet you thought I forgot you! (I didn’t.)

Hello, readers! It’s been a while, but we’ve all been there: sometimes, life gets in the way. As fate would have it, every time the world is getting me down, something happens to bring me right on back to where I belong.

This time, that “something” just happens to be red, sultry, and absolutely gorgeous.



You see, a few weeks ago I received a lovely email from “We love your site!” they exclaimed. (I blushed.) “We’d love you to choose something to review!” (I was ever-so-flattered.) And so I did.

(This is the part where I disclose: These products were provided to me free of charge for review purposes. This in no way impacts my opinions, and my reviews can be trusted to be 100% honest, forward, and thorough.)

UKLingerie actually stocks many brands that I know and love, but, wanting to try something a little different, I chose something a little out of my comfort zone from a brand I’d never tried before: the Rosae Full Cup Bra (93$) and Bikini Brief (68$) by Maison Lejaby.

Those of you who follow my blog already know: I have an affinity for molded cup bras and high-waist knickers, and this set (though gorgeous!) is none of the above. When my parcel arrived less than a week later, I nervously slipped into my new set, unsure of how I’d feel.  Spoiler Alert: I felt pretty damn good!


Let’s talk about fit:

The Rosae Full-Cup Bra is available in UK sizes from 32DD to 38G, with double-letter sizes only available up to a 38DD. This meant that in order to size myself into this lovely, I had to either go down a cup size, or up a one size in the band. Because I’m typically a 34FF these days, I opted for a 34F, and I’m glad I did! The 34F easily accommodates my chest, to the point that I think a 34FF would have been too large. The unlined cups of this bra are made of soft flocked lace in rich crimson. They have very slight stretch, and the half-adjustable straps are covered with the same decorative lace of the cups.

They say the devil’s in the details, and you all know how much I love surprise touches. This set is no different: a hand-embroidered rosette detail sits delicately on the left apex of this bra, pushing an otherwise pretty lingerie piece from ordinary to extraordinary!

Full Bust Notes: Full bust ladies take note, this works well for me because while I am full-busted at a 34F/FF, I am quite shallow in shape. Please keep this in mind when you are shopping, as more projected ladies may experience a different fit.


The matching bikini knickers feature the same lace detail as the bra cups and a rosette of their own, another unexpected touch that helps tie this set together. With my 44″ hips, I opted to size up to an XL in this panty. Ladies with big bums take note: these run on the smaller side! Size up accordingly.

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised by this set! The quality is gorgeous, and the attention to detail is impressive. The materials are soft, not at all itchy, and most importantly, I’m comfortable! By choosing this set, I learned an important lesson that I hope to pass along to every one of you. While it can be to push beyond your comfort zone and test the limits of your body-image concerns, sometimes you’ll surprise yourself and find that it’s worth the risk!


Beating The Heat: A Thigh Society Review

Oh ye of ample thighs, how you know the struggle that reigns supreme when the summer months roll in. Humidity in the air and rising mercury in the thermometer means that if your curves touch in any way, they’re bound to chafe eventually, and even the lightest graze can send your tender skin through the roof!

Hot-weather solutions for curvy girls are far and few between, and the hunt is exhaustive. So when I received an email from Thigh Society , offering up a pair of their light, breathable panty shorts for review, I couldn’t say no! Thigh Society is the brainchild of Marnie Consky, who noticed a serious lack of solutions for that painful “chub rub”. Tired of temporary solutions, she set to work creating something she believed in. And thus: the Thigh Society Panty Short was born.

The concept is simple: soft, lightweight and breathable, the panty shorts come in two styles (mid-rise and high rise) and two colors (black and beige). They are designed to wash, wear, and fit easily under skirts and dresses to help women of all shapes and sizes stay cool, dry and comfortable during the hot summer months! Without the bunching and seams of traditional bike-short style undergarments, and the squeeze of shape wear shorts, these air-wicking knickers are a unique option for women who crave simplicity as they battle the humidity. 

My current measurements (40/30.5/44) put me into a size M/L according to the size chart. I opted for the high-rise silhouette in black–a wardrobe staple color for every girl! Thigh Society shipped quickly, and my panty shorts arrived within a week from Canada. The parcel was small and discreetly packaged, and fit easily in my mailbox!



At first try-on, I was quite happy. These shorts are exactly what they claim: super lightweight, soft, and easy to wear! They hit about five inches above my knee, and were comfortable without being restrictive. As a long-torsoed lady, I was thrilled that the high-rise cut actually hit above my bellybutton–something that many so-called “high-waisted” items fall short on! They were discreet under my longer skirts (hello, Jenny skirts from Pinup Girl Clothing!), but were a tiny bit too long in the leg for shorter items.



With the first try-on successful, I decided to put these babies to the ultimate test: a 10 hour workday in balmy July heat, chasing a toddler and wrangling an infant during my day job! I popped them on under a jersey-knit sundress and went about my usual routine. After a day of music classes, playground frolicking and skipping through the sprinkler, I can happily report that my day was bunching/chafing/wedgie free.  I remained cool and comfy all day long!

Perhaps my favorite thing about this super-simple piece is it’s versatility! They style beautifully with nearly all of my bras for a look that is both beautiful and functional.


Still not convinced? Thigh Society has been featured by the likes of Huffington Post CanadaBuzzfeed and Refinery 29!

At $34 a pair, these simple-yet-brilliant panty shorts are a fantastic solution to the issues that come along with curvy girls and hot summer days. My only real critique would be the length, but fear not: a little birdie told me that a shorter-legged version of these shorts might be in the works. 😉

Don’t let the summer sun get you down, curvy girls. Beat the heat with Thigh Society!

Panty Shorts: Thigh Society

Red Lounge Bra & Longline: Fortuna Femme


24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear

This morning, as I was perusing my Facebook timeline, I happened upon an article that a lovely friend shared. It was entitled “24 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After Age 30”, and it triggered Maximum Eye-Rolling from everyone who took the time out to read it.

Written by Kallie Provencher for, this “article” (I use the term loosely) highlighted things such as “leopard print”, “graphic tees”, and “short dresses” (because “By this age, women should know it’s always better to leave something to the imagination”). Kallie, it seems, has a number of opinions on what women over 30 should and shouldn’t be doing, having also penned “30 Things Women Over 30 Shouldn’t Own” and “20 Pictures Women Over 30 Need To Stop Posting Online”. (What is this magical post-30 land where women are suddenly not allowed to do or own so many things?!)

Motivated by Kallie’s “article”, I decided to churn up one of my own! I bring you now:

24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear


24. Whatever the fuck they want.


23. Whatever the fuck they want.


22. Whatever the fuck they want.


21. Whatever the fuck they want.


20. Whatever the fuck they want.


19. Whatever the fuck they want.


18. Whatever the fuck they want.

17. Whatever the fuck they want.


16. Whatever the fuck they want.


15. Whatever the fuck they want.


14. Whatever the fuck they want.


13. Whatever the fuck they want.


12. Whatever the fuck they want.


11.Whatever the fuck they want.


10. Whatever the fuck they want.


9. Whatever the fuck they want.


8. Whatever the fuck they want.


7. Whatever the fuck they want.


6. Whatever the fuck they want.


5. Whatever the fuck they want.


4. Whatever the fuck they want.


3. Whatever the fuck they want.


2. Whatever the fuck they want.




Women in today’s world are hit from all sides. Do this. Wear that. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Speak softly. Smile. Agree, agree, agree. Assimilate. Shut up. Stay down. 

The last thing we need is other women telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. Stand up, ladies, and stand together. Don’t be like Kallie Provencher. (Especially don’t be like her.) Wear what you want, do what you want, and support one another! And like all of these fabulous ladies, don’t give a fuck.

Design (Your Own) Perfection: Lingerie by Impish Lee

*Products reviewed in this post were provided by Impish Lee for my review. All opinions are my own.

Social media is an incredible tool. With just a touch of a button, the entire world is at your fingertips! Whether you’re keeping your musings under 150 characters, or double tapping to show your love, social media is a fantastic way to discover what’s what in the world, all from the comfort of your own home. And while Instagram or Facebook are in no way a replacement for actual going and doing, it is a lovely peek into things you otherwise may have not discovered!

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how it all began.

There I was, sick as a dog and pinned to my pillows on a Tuesday afternoon. I had taken the day off, after begrudgingly admitting to myself that I needed the R&R, and was aimlessly scrolling through Instagram–barely registering the pictures I was skimming past.

“Very cute 😉 ”

As someone who uses Instagram for promotion of both my blog and business, I make a point to check out each and every person who likes or comments on one of my photos. This helps me to A) Cull out and block the creeps and B)Keep up on what’s what and who’s who amongst my followers! (Guys, seriously, thank you for following. You’re all amazing!)

My commenter at this moment went by the handle @ImpishLee, and one click onto their profile sent me twirling down the proverbial rabbit hole and into a wonderland of beautiful, handmade, fully customizable underwear! Feeling bold (and probably riding a NyQuil high),  I penned an email and sent it off. It was pretty straightforward: “I LOVE YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING.”

If there is anything I love in the world, it’s uniqueness. Creativity. Spark. And right from the start, Impish Lee positively oozes all of that and more. You see, Impish Lee is the brainchild of sisters/Super-duo Kali and Noelle. The road the Impish Lee of today has had many a twist and turn, beginning humbly (yet beautifully) on Etsy, pitstopping in wholesale for just a moment, before taking a rest stop, revamping, and becoming what it is now: designed by you, fully customizable, and completely luxurious.

I’m a self-described lingerie addict, and while I adore luxury items, my budget doesn’t always allow for spontaneous purchase! I completely believe that each and every woman deserves to treat themselves. (Even if it requires a little extra planning!) Sometimes, the prices of high end lingerie can give women pause, but it’s important to remember that when you shop from a small business, you aren’t lining the pockets from some CEO at a lingerie conglomerate–you’re supporting a person just like you and I, who’s trying to do something extraordinary!  I was already rearranging my budget and tucking pennies into my savings account when Kali responded to my email. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and responded to me with an offer to not only feature the brand, but use the design tool for myself to create a set for review.  “Over the moon” doesn’t even begin to cover it!

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.33.53 PM

The idea behind Impish Lee is simple: you, as the consumer, take the reins. Noelle and Kali provide the patterns; 30 different variations of bras, bralettes, panties and loungewear. They source the fabric: beautiful laces, vibrant meshes, lush velvets and limited edition wildcards. And you? Pick your poison! Keep in mind that as each piece is made-to-order, there is a 2-3 week turnaround on your orders. And as a company that truly embodies “Waste Not, Want Not”, they even sell off their pre-made return/exchange items and donate the proceeds to charity!

The Customizer tool puts you entirely in control of what you’re making! From the color of your model’s skin to the finishing touches on your set (or robe, or negligee, or bodysuit or…), you as the consumer are capable of bringing your dreams into reality. As I lay there in my sore-throated stupor, I mixed and matched until I came out with something that set my heart aflutter.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 9.33.17 PM

The tool’s interface was user friendly, and quite fun! There is something wonderful in knowing you are creating something completely unique to your own tastes. Because of the vast array of fabrics and colors, the design possibilities are almost endless. After a few hours plugging away at the design tool, I placed my order and the wait began. Two weeks later, my set arrived at my door…

And the results




Longline Classic Bra: $148.00  High Waist Panty: $78.00

One of the major things that left me squealing for joy over Impish Lee was their size range. Their loungewear and bottoms come in sizes 0-24, and both wired bras and bralettes are offered in sizes 28A-40J. Even when keeping in mind that US sizes–as Impish Lee employs–and UK sizes are different, (the US does not utilize multi-letter cups past a DD/DDD. UK sizing runs A,B,C,D,DD,E,F,FF and so on.) the range is impressive. The fact that a small business even acknowledges the existence of sub-32 bands is incredible enough on it’s own. Add the fact that they recognize that their plus-sized customers deserve the same beautiful luxury items as their slimmer counterparts, and it becomes downright astounding.

To make figuring out your size a bit easier, Impish Lee has an on-site calculator. Their clear-cut guides make it easy for you to whip out that tape measure, plug in your results, and choose the size best suited for your body.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 7.28.04 PM.png

According to Impish Lee’s calculator, I fell somewhere between a US 34F and 34G. As someone who takes a UK 32G/34FF, I opted for the 34G–the relative equivalent to my UK size. When my set arrived, I was not disappointed in my choice!


I’ll admit, I am not usually one for an unlined bra. I wear my Freya Deco bras almost religiously, and I love a bra that will push my otherwise shallow, wide-set breast tissue “up and in”. Even as a lingerie veteran of sorts, I still yearn for that pushed-up cleavage look and tend to reach for bras that give me that result. I hesitated in placing my order, unsure if I would feel confident in a bra that didn’t have those proverbial “safety nets” in place. And oh, how wrong I was!

From first try on, I was very pleased with the fit and construction of this longline bra! I felt that the fit was spot on, the band snug and comfortable without squeezing, and the center gore tacked to my sternum without digging in. As they say, no news is good news: and I’m happy to report I experienced no spillage or “quad-boob” while wearing this beauty! The straps of the bra are not only fully adjustable (so important for us smaller-shouldered ladies!), but also convertible! It was a lovely surprise to find that the straps could not only be worn standard, but also criss-crossed in the back. The band features two rows of seven hooks-and-eyes, and was one of the very few longline bras that do not roll up on my ribcage! (Here’s lookin’ at you, ribcage flare.) As far as sizing, I was spot on in my ordering of a 34G!. The bra supports beautifully, while lending itself to a lovely natural shape.


According to the Apparel and Lingerie size chart on Impish Lee’s site, my measurements put me somewhere between a size 12 and a size 14 in their panties and loungewear. I opted for a size 12, though my hips/butt are technically 1″ outside of the range, and I’m so so glad that I did! The velvet and lace used in creating these beautiful (TRULY!) high-waisted briefs is wonderfully soft and stretchy, and does not dig, pinch or itch in any way. If your measurements fall slightly beyond the size chart, I think going with the smaller of the two is a safe bet!


Pretty lingerie isn’t the only reason I felt so strongly about Impish Lee. Because what are pretty outer-things without also being pretty on the inside? Aesthetics aside, one of the biggest draws of the brand was their moral compass. I had the opportunity to have a bit of a chat with the ladies behind the brand, and was able to dig a little deeper into who they are, why they do what they do, and what keeps them going!

Warning:Curves Ahead: You two are women to be admired! Strong female entrepreneurs with an eye for business, a heart for diversity and inclusion, and a love for lingerie. And the fact that you are sisters makes it even more special! What inspired you to go into business together as a dynamic duo?
Impish Lee: Well it just kind of happened… You know the expression “if the shoe fits”? Well, the lingerie just fit, so we went with it. About 3-4 years ago Noelle started sewing as a hobby, making some very simple lingerie pieces. These were very beautiful and ephemeral, but very crude. I say that really just to emphasis how far we’ve come and to stress how Noelle has always been the visionary and I the perfectionist. We started an Etsy shop with the images that I would shoot and we pretty did well. It was really just something we did for fun until we got a few wholesale orders from stores like Urban Outfitters. We realized after trying our hand at wholesale and mass production that it wasn’t really the direction that resonated with us, and after A LOT of research we started to plan out how to transition Impish Lee into a mass customization business model instead. It was all a very natural progression from there.
WCA:. It isn’t often that I (as a consumer) stumble upon a retailer that is getting SO much right–all at once. I mean, beautiful diversity? An incredible size range? Customizable options? Made in the USA? Check, check, check, and check! Doing it all can’t be easy, and is clearly a labor of love! What inspired you ladies to stand apart from the crowd and do so many things right–right from the start?
ILCompassion is definitely at the heart of our company. We are inherently each very thoughtful individuals, constantly brainstorming ways to heal the gaps in our society and our planet, not just the lingerie and mass production industries. We feel deeply for individuals that suffer in any way whether it’s frustration at not finding garments that fit properly which may lead to body image struggles, or whether is people, often very young people, suffering due to unethical labor practices. We wanted to build a company that does as much as possible to adhere to our values while being something we love to do as well.


WCA: While I can imagine spending your days surrounded by lacy underthings is wonderful, it must also be hard work! What would you say your biggest challenges have been, and what keeps you motivated to keep going strong?
IL: Some of our biggest challenges since launching in November have been getting our name out there. It’s such a big world and we’re still a little fish. If I didn’t have Noelle, my sister, business partner and best friend, I probably would not have the motivation to keep going. We are an incredible duo, if I might say so myself. In areas that I am lacking she keeps me on track with staying positive and pressing on and vice versa. We’re a power couple because we bring very different skills and strengths to the table.
And one, just for fun! (Because even business owners can choose favorites!)
WCA: Do you ladies have a favorite piece/pieces from your collection? Why is it your favorite?
IL: Personally, I just love our bralettes. We size them just like our underwire bras, 28A-40J, which I think is something you don’t see very often. Bralettes are often size XS-LX, if that. I think women of all shapes and sizes should have bra options that are cute and comfy while offering the right kind of support for their unique body. Pair one of our bralettes with our highways panty and you’re set. I also really love anything cream and dusty rose these days!
And there you have it, folks! I was, and continue to be impressed by the dynamo that is Impish Lee.
Those of you who have followed me since the beginning know that I have a very strong sense of loyalty to the brands that I pitch here on the blog: meaning, I won’t pitch something if I don’t truly believe in it to it’s core! And quite frankly, what’s not to love about a small, by-women-for-women business dedicated to bringing beautiful, luxury lingerie to as many sizes and shapes as they can?!
I’ll definitely be making room in my lingerie drawer (and my budget) for more lovelies from Impish Lee!
Come on, ladies. We work hard, we play hard, and we deserve to treat ourselves once in a while. 😉

Mon Cherie, Jenny

When Pinup Girl Clothing first released their Jenny dresses and skirts, the Pinup’s of the world went wild. A simple, 1960’s style sundress, Jenny is characterized by a full gathered skirt and nipped in waist for the ultimate feminine silhouette! They flew off the proverbial shelves and quickly amassed a passionate fan following. Thousands of fan photos popped up on social media. There is even #JennyJanuary, started last year by the lovely Miss Amy May, in hopes to bring together pinups from all over the world for a week of Jenny styling and sisterhood!

As more colors and prints were released, older styles were retired to make way for new stock. Some of these colorways became so sought over, they reached Unicorn status. (By PUG-fan definition, a “Unicorn” is categorized as a long-discontinued and hard to find style, size, or print.)  Girls tripped over themselves to get their hands on these unicorns, sometimes paying double and triple the original retail value!

One such print is the Pinup Couture Jenny Dress in Paris Print:ParisJennyStockPhoto

Featuring a Pinup Girl Clothing exclusive novelty print, both the dress and skirt depict lovers, beautiful ladies and well dressed gentlemen cavorting in the streets of Paris. :


The easy-to-wear silhouettes and lovely print boosted this dress into Unicorn-level popularity, and suddenly everyone was dying and desperate to get their hands on one! Scouring Ebay, stalking the PUG Swap & Sell page and tolling the Sell board on the Pinup Girl Style Page, many a lovely lady searched in hopes that they would get lucky.

And one day, I did!



I was incredibly lucky to have happened upon this beautiful dress at a steal from the PUG Swap/Sell page. It was actually my first Jenny dress, and needless to say it was love at first sight. The Parisian print is truly beautiful up close, with pops of cool blue, yellows, and vibrant pink! It’s easily wearable with a myriad of colors, but I opted to let the print speak for itself with neutral accessories! At 40″/30″/44″, I wear my typical size Large in non-stretch PUG items. This dress fits snugly but comfortably, and nips my waist in! The full-skirt practically begs to be paired with a petticoat, which I happily did here.


The thing about Pinup Girl Clothing is, they listen to their fans. A few weeks ago they launched #ProposedPUG on Instagram and Facebook, as a way to gather our feedback and let our voices be heard! We hashtagged and posted photos, begged and pleaded, and wouldn’t you know it? They listened! PUG announced recently that the Jenny dress in Paris print will be returning for one more run! 


If you haven’t been able to get your hands on one yet, quick! Waitlist your size and snap one up as soon as they’re available! As Micheline said in PUG’s latest Periscope Broadcast: This might be your last chance to get one!


Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing

Shoes: Chase and Chloe (via Amazon)

Cardigan: MAK 

Stockings: Vintage (Coming Soon to Fortuna Femme!)

The Pursuit Of Pants


The very bane of my existence. Shopping for pants gives me all kinds of anxiety because when you’ve got a donk and any sort of waist-to-hip ratio, you’re in for a ride on the struggle bus.

My booty in particular has seen to the demise of many a pair of pants. Whether it’s a weak seam or a stubborn zipper, you can bet that if there’s something to go wrong with a garment, my butt is bound and determined to make it happen. I have to reinforce the back-seams of every single pair of pin-up pants that I own. And my waist? Not helping! While my booty bulges the seams of even the best-fitting trousers, my waist sits there, bagging and gaping like a champ. (Thanks, waist. Thanks a lot.) I know that you ladies understand my pain!

With all that in mind, I actually surprised myself when I opted to toss a pair of pants into the basket of my most recent Collectif order. Specifically, the Sally Denim Capris:

Collectif Sally Stock Photo

I am currently measuring in at 40″/30″/44″. According to Collectif’s size chart, my waist falls into a size UK12, while my butt and hips place me squarely into a size UK16.  In order to accommodate my largest measurement, I ordered the 16 and hoped for the best. Three weeks later, my new pretties arrived safe and sound from England! And?


Jessica Tested:


Booty Approved!!


Made from a thick stretch denim, the Sally Denim Capris can be worn turned up, or folded down into long pants! I was really impressed with quality of the fabric and will definitely keep me warm through these last few winter weeks! They have four (count ’em, FOUR!) pockets, and fasten with a side zipper that lays smooth against my waist. As I suspected, my 30″ waist is too small for the size 16, but my thighs and bum fit comfortably. I may take the waist in if time allows for it, but they are truly wearable as-is! Thankfully, these babies won’t require any sort of shortening, as they fall right below my ankle. (For reference, I am 5’6″ tall!)


Collectif Clothing, you have converted me! All in all, I’m thrilled with these jeans. In my opinion, they are the best ones I have tried from the pinup-universe and suit my frame the best. It’s definitely refreshing to put on a pair of pants that fit comfortably with minimal fuss. I can’t wait to style these through the rest of these chilly weeks and into the springtime, and can absolutely see the Sally capris becoming a wardrobe staple!


Want to snatch up a pair for yourself?! The Sally Denim Capris are on sale in select sizes in black, and available in sizes 6-22 in navy! 

My Vintage Valentine

NINE DAYS, ladies and gentlemen. Nine short, fateful days until Cupid rides into town.


Now I’ll admit, I typically don’t buy into the Valentine’s Day madness. My love and I opt to hang around the house instead of partaking in the pink-and-red free for all because we simply can’t be fussed with overpriced restaurants and cliches. This year, however, is different. This year has me feeling all oozy-gooey about love.

Maybe it was all the weddings. In the past year I was lucky to be apart of not one, not two, but THREE beautiful weddings. Through the madness, I was so thrilled to be apart of these special days. There’s nothing quite like that up-close-and-personal glimpse into the love of those that you hold dear. Whatever the reasons–be it the love that’s in the air or something in the water–my heart is going pitter-pat for Cupid this year! And what better way to celebrate the day than gussied up in some seasonally appropriate pretties?!

Whether it’s casual date-night, a fancy dinner, or a Valentine’s Gala, I’ve put together some of my favorite frocks with some even more sultry lingerie.

(Because the only thing better than a Valentine’s frock is the surprise underneath! 😉 )

Valentine’s Day Brunch:

Maybe you’re keeping it kind of casual this V-Day. You don’t want to spend hours primping and fussing! No! You’re a simple girl with simple desires, and you want to throw on something sweet and carefree, step into your sensible heels and bustle out the door before the brunch-rush hits. Enter the Unique Vintage  1940’s Formosa Swing Dress! There’s something about the sweet red and ivory polka-dot pattern that emanates sweetness, and the full skirt just begs for a good twirl. BUT… don’t let all that sugar fool you! Underneath it all lies sumptuous Italian lace and delicate embroidery. There’s nothing quite like the secret of rouge colored underthings to quicken your heartbeat and put just a little bit of strut in your stuff.

Love it? Need it? Have to have it? Find it here.

(Formosa Swing Dress: Avail. Sizes XS-4X from Bra & Panty Avail. Sizes 32B-38DD & S-2x from


Galentine’s Day Bar Crawl:

So maybe you just don’t give an F about February 14th. Maybe you’re kind of a badass, and instead of buying into some “Hallmark Holiday”, you’re hitting the town with your girls with every intention of painting it red. What says “I am woman, hear me roar!” better than painted-on red (p)leather and a cool-chick cropped moto jacket? (Nothing. The answer is nothing.) The Deadly Dames Deadly Curves Skirt in red faux leather has got your curves covered (and animal-friendly, to boot!) on the outside. And underneath? Slip into the sultry Monique girdle from Secrets In Lace. Lingerie worn for yourself is the most important kind of lingerie, and this sexy little red-and-lace number will have you feeling fine as you make the sidewalk your catwalk!

(Deadly Curves Skirt: Avail. Sizes XS-4x from Girdle: Avail. Sizes S-3x from


The Luxe Evening Out:

Maybe your sweetie is taking you out for a grand dinner. Perhaps it’s a gala. A fundraiser. A masquerade. Perhaps you’re just getting dressed to the nines for giggles, and you need something extra fabulousOr maybe you’ve hit the lottery and it’s time to (as they say) treat yo’self. Whatever your reasonings, you’ve got money to spare and you want “luxe” oozing out of your pores. WELL.

This dress. That lingerie.

I’m having palpitations.

The Lesley-Ann dress from Pinup Girl Clothing is everything I’ve ever wanted in a dress and more. Red. Tulle. A full swing skirt. Maximum twirlabilty. I want to wear it with diamonds. I want to wear it with pearls. I want to be a god-damned princess! If I could go back to high-school right now, I’d wear this to my prom. And underneath? Deep breaths, ladies, because I’m pretty sure that the Bricolage Collection from Dottie’s Delights is what Heaven looks like. Eyelash lace? Check. Chantilly lace? Check. Black Satin? You bet.

Oh, and it’s handmade to order. 

The two paired together: delicious disparity.

(Lesley-Ann Dress: Avail. Sizes XS-4X from Longline: Avail. Sizes 32B-36DD and custom sizes from


And For the Bois/Boys:


Retro-Style Bowling Shirt from Pinup Girl Clothing

Not exactly the “dress” type?

Whether you’re a more masculine-presenting lady, a dude lost in a sea of boring dress shirts or anything in between, you’re sure to look fantastic in this Retro-Style Bowling Shirt from Pinup Girl Clothing!*** Slick back your hair, shine your shoes and coordinate with your pinned-up sweetheart for a night on the town.

(Bowling Shirt Avail. Sizes S-3x from

No matter your style, you’re sure to find the perfect dress (or shirt!) to heat things up this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re the lady in red, you’re trying to impress one, or you are one, you’re sure to sizzle when February 14th rolls around.


***As always, KUDOS to PUG for their incredible inclusivity! The image featured above is from my absolute favorite Lookbook: Mrs. & Mrs. . It warms my little lesbian-pinup girl heart to see myself represented in advertising, and it’s things like this that keep me coming back! Thank you. ❤


Just days ago, I was in the backseat of a car flying 80 km/h through the winding Irish countryside. My beautiful longtime friend (and photographer!) celebrated her wedding at the incredible Ashford Castle , and I had the honor of standing next to her as she said her vows!

As it were, a destination wedding meant an international vacation for this girl! So off I went, two suitcases filled with PUG in tow.




Photo: Sarah King Photography


Photo:Sarah King Photography

Skirt: Darling Dames Skirt in Fetish Print

Top: H&M Basics Long Sleeved Tee

Coat: Modcloth

Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

Scarf: Things Remembered


Cliffs Of Moher:


Dress: Jenny Dress in Black 

Cardigan: Cropped Cardigan in Pale Magenta

Belt: Deadly Dames Wide Vinyl Belt

Boots: Chooka Women’s Flora Combat Rainboot (Via: Amazon)


Ashford Castle (Wedding Day!):



Dress: Monica in Red by Laura Byrnes

Heels: Chase and Chloe (Via Amazon)

(A Quick Aside: Those shoes, ladies, are probably some of the best vintage-styled heels I own! Comfortable and affordable, I was able to explore a castle for hours without any pain! I highly recommend for those looking for a pair of simple and comfortable vintage-inspired heels that won’t break the bank!)



Skirt: Queen Of Hearts Jenny Skirt

Top: H&M Long Sleeved Basic Tee

Belt: Sateen Covered Slide Belt





Skirt: Jenny Skirt in Mary Blair Umbrella Print

Top: H&M Basic Long Sleeve Top in Stripes

Belt: Wide Sateen Belt in White

Headscarf: Vintage


Cong Abbey:



Photography: Sarah King Photography

Dress: Jenny Dress in Dark Purple

Cardigan: Cropped Cardigan in Black

Belt: Deadly Dames Wide Vinyl Belt

Tights: Via Spiga

Boots: Capelli New York


In all, my trip to Ireland was fabulous (and fashionable!). I fell in love with the country immediately, and left a little piece of my heart there when I left. The wedding was absolutely stunning, and I was so proud to be counted amongst the lucky attendees. I can’t wait for my next chance to go, but until that day I’ll have the memories to cherish!

Mix and Match Wardrobe: Round Two 

As January flies past at warp speed and money flies out of my checking account at an alarming rate, I find myself digging into my wardrobe. What works? What doesn’t? Is this combination reaching or do I look as fantastic as I think?

The fact is, I much preferred spending my extra hard-earned dough on presents for my loved ones. And because of this, Mix and Match Wardrobe is forcing me to be creative!

Round Two: Lavender Lips and Roses Jenny


Lips and Roses Jenny skirt in Lavender $102.00

I’ll be honest, at first glance, my reaction to the Lavender Lips and Roses Jenny skirt was: “meh”.  Now don’t get me wrong. It’s lovely. I am a certified Jenny Addict, so I love the full silhouette and the lips and roses print. For whatever reason I just was not feeling this light purple offering, and so I passed on by.

Until the opportunity to swap came up. I was able to trade with a lovely lady from PUG Swap/Sell, thus bringing the Lavender Lips and Roses Jenny skirt home to me.

And boy, am I glad I did.

Red is one of my absolute favorite colors to pair with this skirt. I love to pull out smaller featured colors and make them pop! I find that Pinup Girl Clothing’s Voodoo Vixen top gives this combo a dressier feel. If I had been bothered to do my hair and makeup, this combination would lend itself well to this–the season of parties.

Top: Deadly Dames Voodoo Vixen

Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing

Shoes: Steve Madden

Petticoat: Malco Modes

This combination makes me feel very “Sandy” from Grease! I’m not sure if it’s the vintage lime colored scarf (pulling out those pops of green!), or my all-time-favorite saddle shoes, but I’d have proudly worn this to Rydell High’s end-of-school carnival! I opted to go without a belt this time around, proving that with or without cinching, these skirts are fabulous at nipping you in at the waist and creating a lovely silhouette!

Top: Collectif Clothing

Shoes: Payless

Scarf: Vintage

Petticoat: Malco Modes

Oh, lavender Jenny skirt, I will never again doubt your beauty and versatility! As the chilly months draw nearer, I have found myself obsessed with creating cooler-weather combos for all of my lovely warm weather skirts. This print typically screams “Spring!”, but I’ve tucked in my handy dark green H&M cardi, slipped on a black belt, and violà! The chillier it gets, the more layers I’d put on, so as the temperature gauge drops I’ll add a pair of thick black tights to the mix. For now though, bare legs, and a simple pair of Mel by Melissa flats! Instead of my typical Malco petti, I’ve opted for my trusty Laura Byrnes Canvas Underskirt. This thing is perfect for everyday wear in that it gives you the volume of a fluffy skirt without all the bulk of a full-scale petticoat!

Top: Deadly Dames Vamp

Cardigan: H&M Basics

Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing

Underskirt: Laura Byrnes


Well, what are you lovelies waiting for? The Lavender Lips and Roses Jenny skirt was released as a limited run, so snap yours up while you still can! It’s still available in select sizes from Pinup Girl Clothing!