Work Christmas Party Outfits For Women

If you work somewhere that likes to throw Christmas parties during the holiday season, you already know how difficult it can be to find the right outfit for the occasion. Sure, these parties are always a lot of fun, but preparing for them isn’t always.   

Work Christmas Party Outfits For Women

You want to look your best, but also be comfortable. You want to make an effort, but not go over the top. It’s a fine line to walk, and it’s so easy to fall in one direction or the other. 

Not only that, but trying to find the perfect work Christmas party outfit isn’t always as fun as it might appear. This is especially the case if you struggle to find clothes you like for daily use. 

However, it is Christmas, so you might think… why not? You’re allowed to have some fun, but now you just need to find the perfect outfit for you. One that you are going to love, and also feel comfortable and confident in – because that’s what you deserve. 

Some Great Style Options

There are countless options that you can choose when looking for the perfect outfit. Depending on your personal style and preferences (You might also want to check out The Style Essences Explained), you can do a lot of experimenting and exploring while looking for your next outfit. 

Some things work particularly well for events like work Christmas parties, and others do not. It’s important to remember that, while it’s a party, it’s still a work party. As such, you are likely going to want to keep things a little more tame than you would at a party of your own!  

1. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are always a fantastic option for events – no matter what they are. There are lots of different jumpsuit styles to consider, from form-fitting options to flowy and loose ones. Patterns and colors vary, so you will have plenty of variations to choose from.

2. Dresses

Like jumpsuits, dresses offer so much variety – which means a lot of fun! There are different cuts and styles, and patterns and also materials to choose from.

Since this is a work Christmas party, midi dresses are likely to come out on top, depending on how formal or work’s party is. 

3. Co-Ords And Suits

Suits and co-ord sets will always have a place in parties. Luckily, there are lots of breathtaking options to explore, with fun colors and patterns, and different cuts to suit everybody.

The combination of blazers and a formal pair of pants is seriously hard to beat, and you will feel like a boss wearing it.

4. Skirts

Again, depending on how formal your Christmas party is, you could opt for various different skirt options. There are beautiful floor-length designs, as well as midi and mini lengths to choose from.

Generally, we would suggest avoiding mini skirts to keep things professional, but get a feel for your personal work environment!

5. Trousers

Trousers will be many people’s go-to options for any event – and we can’t disagree. There is so much variety of shapes, cuts, fits, patterns, and colors, it only makes sense to prefer them!

Again, play around with different combinations to see what really stands out to you. 

Work Christmas Party Outfits For Women – A Few Ideas

Looking for some great ideas for work Christmas party outfits? We can help! Take a look at these, and see if any of them speak to you. Feel free to switch up anything you like and do some exploring of your own! You could find your new favorite go-to. 

1. Bring Out the Bling With Some Flashy Pants

Flashy pants will always steal the show. If you want some added bling, but don’t want to get too colorful, an outfit like this one is going to be a fantastic choice. As you can see, everything in this outfit works like a dream – from the belt to the blazer! 

You can switch out the shoes for your favorite comfy pair, or even add a pop of color with them and match your accessories to them.

2. Go Green

Green is one of the classic colors of Christmas, so why wouldn’t you want to opt for a green outfit? It doesn’t have to be a dress, and it doesn’t even have to be bright!

Try out different shades of green to find which one suits your skin tone, and find it in a style you vibe with. 

It’s hard to not look good in green, whether it is in the form of a dress, jumpsuit, co-ord set, or anything else. It’s also fantastic to pair with silver or gold accessories, so you can have fun with accessories.

3. Jumpsuits Always Win

If you love having easy outfits to throw on, then jumpsuits are going to be a new favorite. Anything that allows you to focus on shoes and accessories is a win-win here – no one wants to spend time trying to get everything to match! 

There are lots of jumpsuit styles to try, from loose and flowing options to more form fitting ones. This means that you will be able to find something to fit a work Christmas party no matter how formal or casual it is!

4. Be A Burgundy Queen

Just look at that dress. There’s something awe-inspiring about burgundy, and it would be a shame for you not to harness the power of it!

It doesn’t have to be a dress – there are beautiful burgundy jumpsuits, skirts, blouses, trousers, and anything else you can think of if you want something different. 

You won’t be able to get enough of this color once you try it, and it suits almost everybody. Experiment with silver or gold to see which combination you like more, and have fun!

5. Keep It On The Down Low

If you want an outfit for the Christmas party that is more low-key, something like this could be a great option. It’s elegant and formal, but also super comfortable.

You can feel (and look) your best without shining in the spotlight with bright colors and flashy jewelry. 

An outfit like this won’t make you yearn to leave early, because nothing is going to hurt – especially if you choose your shoes carefully.  

6. Snazzy In Black

Keeping with the theme of “not too flashy”, this outfit is another great choice if you want to be comfortable. There’s some great detail in the top, and the shoes tie everything together nicely. You will be able to enjoy your evening and really make the most of it. 

7. Velvet Dreams

There’s something special about velvet, isn’t there? It’s another classic Christmas vibe – especially when it’s in red! This dress looks super comfortable and warm, and really offers that holiday look you’re going for. 

Pair it with your favorite jewelry and shoes, and you have a look that you will want to wear over and over again. 

8. Shine Bright Like A Diamond

There’s no denying that a look like this will blow everyone away. It’s bright and cheerful, and lets everyone know that you’re the life of the party. The sleeves are magnificent, and the shape is wonderfully flattering. 

You can get away with wearing this anywhere, and everyone is going to love you for it. Just don’t be surprised when the compliments come flooding in!

Final Thoughts

Finding outfits for a work Christmas party can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Depending on your personal style and the colors you like, there are lots of options to consider. 

If you have been looking for some outfit ideas, hopefully this has helped! Now, get out there and pick your favorite, so you can attend that party. 

Jessica White
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