The 7 Style Essences Explained

You might not have heard of style essences, but they are an interesting representation of the harmonious reflection of your inner self, outer self, and your style lines.

This idea has been used to bridge the gap between your unique and stunning body with the clothing that you wear. 

The 7 Style Essences Explained

The style essences do not only take into account your physical look, they also consider the vibe that you give off and how the world might perceive you.

That being said, your style essence is not entirely reliant on your personality traits. There is a little more to it than that. For example, you might be a very sweet and gentle person and still have a dramatic essence style. 

Finding out what your essence style is and what exactly this means can seem impossible. How do you measure your essence? Well, that is what we are going to go over in this article.

We are going to go over the seven style essences and explain everything you need to know and more about them. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and get started!

The Five Main Essence Styles, and Where Did They Originate?

Before we got the seven style essences, a man named David Kibbe came up with five main style archetypes. These styles included the following: Dramatic, natural, classic, gamine, and romantic. 

However, Kibbe did not create this idea that concepts could exist to merge the body’s shape and your traits with what you wear. 

In fact, a woman named Belle Northrop proposed a concept back in 1936 that certain aspects of a personality and the details of a person’s appearance could be woven into their style.

These specific traits are not always a physical appearance, they are something that is felt. These balances and essences were then further divided into two distinct categories, known as Yin and Yang. 

Further down the timeline, a book came out which started to map out a scale, with Yin and Yang being on opposite ends. In essence, Yin refers to a style essence that is soft, rounded, and petite.

Yang style essence on the other hand is long, angular, and sharp. There are different combinations of both Yin and Yang qualities on this scale that have more or less of each of these base essences. 

But before the seven style essences we have today came about, there were McJimsey’s six main archetypes, which included the following: Athletic, Classic, Dramatic, Gamine, Ingenue, and Romantic.

From these six archetypes, the seven essences we know today came about. 

These seven style essences are as follows: 

  • Angelic – A person with the angelic style essence will have an image that is otherworldly and mystical.

    This is often done by wearing long and flowing garments with transparent and iridescent colors that aid in making them look somewhat ethereal. 
  • Classic – A person with the classic style essence creates an image that is both elegant and formal. Wearing timeless and classic clothes helps create this style. 
  • Dramatic – A person with the dramatic style essence creates a striking and powerful image. Sharp angles and ages help create this powerful yet dramatic image. 
  • Gamine – A person with the gamine style essence creates an image that is both bold and playful. Bright colors and patterns help achieve this style essence. 
  • Ingenue – A person with the ingenue style essence will create an image that is cute and innocent. This is done by adding small decorations and details to an outfit.
  • Natural – A person with a natural style essence will create a casual yet relaxed image. This is achieved through the layering of garments, which helps create this relaxed look. 
  • Romantic – A person with the romantic style essences creates a sensual yet mature image. This is done by wearing soft and flowy garments and romantic colors.

This exact scale has been debated and tweaked a lot over the years. But as it is now, it really balances out the variety of people that there are. So, there should be a place on this style essence scale where you fit in. 

What Do Yin and Yang Mean in Fashion?

We have mentioned Yin and Yang already, but what exactly do they mean, and where did these terms actually come from?

Well, this term is related to some of the Daoist principles which essentially goes over the idea that two opposite forces, no matter how different, can actually complement each other.

Opposites can also be interconnected or even interdependent in the world, and can even give rise to each other as they relate to each other. 

But, the idea of Yin and Yang has been appropriated by the Western World for a long time now, and it has been used in many different ways. In terms of fashion, and style essences, it can be used to represent two concepts that are very different and distinct. 

Yang is used to refer to a style essence that is sharp, angular, straight, and long. Yin on the other hand is used to represent the other end of the spectrum. It is a style essence that is soft, round, gentle, and short. 

Yin is often thought of as feminine, while Yang is masculine. This is not always the case with style essences. It creates an almost biased view of style and how you present yourself.

In fact, this generalization of Yin and Yang makes it so that most people want to class themselves on the Yin or romantic end of the spectrum. Women especially want to be on this hyper-feminine and romantic end of the scale. But it is not as clear-cut as that. 

Are Style Essences Important?

Is knowing what your style essence is important? Well, it can be beneficial to know. Mostly because understanding your style essence can help you to create an image for yourself that is well-rounded and suited to you as a person.

Knowing your style essence gives you an idea of what people see and feel when they see you. 

In short, it can help you to better exude the authentic, natural, stunning person that you naturally are. It can serve as a tool that helps you to explore your personal style and the vibe that people get when they see or interact with you. 

In the fast-paced media-hungry world we live in today, fashion trends and styles come and go at unimaginable speeds. While it is fun to jump on the trend train and enjoy new and fresh styles to fit in with the world around you. 

We have found that people tend to lose their personal style. They purchase clothing and wear them for a time, but they do not love them.

So, that article of clothing never makes it into the wardrobe and does not become integrated with the rest of the clothing that you have. As such, you find yourself needing something fresh and new again. So, the process starts all over again.

The fact that fashionable yet cheap clothing is readily available. But, at the end of the day, it is better for you to wear clothes that you like. So, if you like cheaper clothes that fall into the fashionable category, that is 100% okay. 

What we will say is that this can hinder the growth of your personal and unique style.

It is for this reason that these seven style essences can offer you a great deal of insight into your own personal style and what kind of vibe you give. This will help you to develop and grow. 

What Defines These Seven Style Essences?

Now that you know a bit about where the idea of the seven style essences comes from, we can finally take a close look at each of these styles and what they can mean for your own fashion development.

In this section, we are going to take a look at all seven style essences under a microscope so that you can get an idea of what they mean and what defines them.


On the scale of very Yin to Very Yang essence, the dramatic style falls under the umbrella of very Yang. In fact, the dramatic style essence is thought of as the most Yang and theatrical style essence.

For the most part, people in this will have angular features, be quite intense, extroverted, and they will have a love for fashion. 

They seem to always be keen to try new things and wear exciting and new fashion trends. That being said, this is not always the case. There will likely be some outliers. But this is a good rule of thumb to bear in mind. 

If you want an example of a person that exudes this dramatic style essence, Cher is a good one to think about. She is known for her bold fashion tastes and has even been known to wear over-the-top styles.

The confidence she exudes with every outfit is almost enviable. 

A person with a dramatic style essence will do best wearing clothes that are bold, and unique. The designs often include articles of clothing that are asymmetrical, contain animal print, or there may be an over-extension of the line. 

These people will happily wear clothes with bold textures, for example, rhinestones. Take Cher as an example again, she has been photographed wearing a bold rhinestone mesh, and she does it with absolute dramatic confidence. 

You can get combinations of dramatic and other style essences. For example, a person might have soft and romantic hair and makeup paired with a long dress and a leather harness.

This combination embodies both essences, while also remaining true to the core dramatic essence. 


This essence style is often referred to as being a playfully dramatic style that remains in the Yang category.

There are some style essence systems that would put the gamine style on the spectrum, kind of between Yin and Yang. But we think that it does belong more in the Yang category. 

People that have the gamine style essence are regularly described as being high-spirited with an almost pixie-ish nature. A good example of this style essence is Liza Minelli.

The physical traits of this famous woman are petite while also remaining captivating with a mildly top-boyish look.

This essence tends to have an energetic yet whimsical energy, which you can see in the articles of clothing and colors they choose to wear. 

The style of people with this essence tends to go for clothes with irreverent colors and patterns, while taking inspiration from men’s clothing and whimsical accessories. You can see a good example of the gamine style essence below:


Someone with a natural style essence is most often described as having a casual Yang essence. In simple terms, this style is a kind of sporty yet casual look. Natural essence individuals frequently have broad features with a strong shoulder line. 

They also typically tend to choose to be comfortable in their clothes rather than be stylish. That being said, this is a generalized statement, and it is not necessarily true for all people with the natural style essence.

In fact, in the seventies, this style essence developed a reputation as one that adopts style lines and creates a somewhat effortless and easy-going look. 

Some naturals might have a tendency to go for comfortable yet functional clothing, by simply using layers. This is not always a true representation of this essence.

They also enjoy natural textures, fibers, align with abstract shapes, and loose hair. This can give off a Gaia or mother earth vibe. Hence, the name!


People with the classic style essence is basically a balance between the Yin and Yang spectrum. These people have a timeless yet elegant feel that just looks stunning at all times.

This essence can include quite conservative styles that fit into the timeless look and feel of a classic essence. 

Nicole Kidman is a good example of a famous actress that is known to have a classic essence. Some debate that she is more of a flamboyant natural.

But if you look at her more closely, you can see that she is a classic. Her physicality may hit almost every point of a flamboyant natural, but the aesthetic she exudes certainly has more of a classic vibe. 

People that fall into this category will often choose to wear timeless articles of clothing that have only slight shape and construction to them. The looks tend to be balanced and very put together.


This essence is considered to be a sensual, mostly Yin style. Julia Roberts is a good example of a romantic essence. The way she looks, acts, and dresses certainly gives off a romantic vibe, which is why she fits into this category so well.

These people will tend to physically have curvy and voluptuous body types with stunning, alluring eyes. They are very feminine people that enjoy fashion, especially the feminine side of it. 

This essence is all about indulgent fashion and extravagant yet classy accessories (Also check out Tips To Look Expensive, And All The Things To Avoid!). They like to wear clothes that have a luxurious and silky texture.

On top of that, the romantic style essence will usually enjoy wearing clothing that accentuates their features and hug the body. 


This style essence is thought of as being a small-scale Yin. A good example of this style essence is the famous Marilyn Monroe and Emma Stone. The appearance of these people will typically exude a youthful energy. 

Their features are often thought of as being rounded, with wide-set eyes and soft bone structures. The style that Ingenue people will most often go for includes frills, florals, ruffles, and an almost vintage look.

They will also include little elements in their wardrobe that add to the overall youthful appearance they exude. 


The angelic essence is typically thought of as being the most Yin on the scale. These almost ethereal-looking people will often have quite soft appearances that can make them look younger or older.

A lot of people with this essence will have a tall and lean appearance with an oval-shaped face. This is not always the case, but it is a generalization that many people think people; with this essence will have. 

Angelic people will often exude the energy of an ethereal being such as a mermaid, goddess, fairy, angel, or another otherworldly being. These people will typically wear a lot of fine textures that drape over the frame in a way that looks ethereal. 

How Do You Find Out What Your Style Essence is?

You can eyeball your overall look and decide what your style essence is on your own. But, we recommend getting a professional assessment by using an official online analysis.

This will give you a professional look into your style essence and give you guidance on what you can do to bring your fashion game to the next level.  

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and learning about these seven style essences. Remember that you may not fall into any one of these categories, you could be a combination of them.

We suggest getting a professional opinion to get the percentage score of your style essence. This will give you a far more accurate reading. 

If you have enjoyed reading this article, make a moment to check out our site. We have a range of fun and interesting fashion articles available. You are sure to find something there that will pique your interest. 

Thanks for reading!

Jessica White
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