Doc Marten Winter Outfits That Are “Chefs Kiss”

When it comes to the Winter season- one of the most important parts of your outfit will be the shoes that you wear.

You will need to invest in a pair of boots that can withstand the weather, keep your feet warm, and give you good traction so you don’t slip on wet or icy ground. 

Doc Marten Winter Outfits That Are Chefs Kiss

But, if you are fashion-conscious, then you may want to find a boot that looks great with a range of different styles and outfits. We have the answer for you- Doc Martens boots. 

Perhaps you are not totally sold on these boots yet, and that’s just fine!

We have Doc Martens Winter Outfits that you will love here, and some of the reasons that Doc Martens are the best choice for your Winter wardrobe!

Read on to find out more! 

Why We Love Doc Martens

If you don’t already have a resident pair of Doc Martens boots, then you truly are missing out. Doc Martens are one of the best boot brands out there.

We absolutely love them, and they are a true staple of our Winter wardrobes. Why?

Well, they are super versatile. You can wear Doc Marten boots with jeans, layered up to brace yourself for the cold weather, or you can pair them with a cute dress if you are heading out for the evening. 

You can dress them up or down, which makes them a great investment!

Doc Martens are also really well made, and are high quality boots. You will have to break them in, but after that they will be the most reliable and comfortable boots you have ever owned. 

If you are anything like us, then you may have gravitated to other fashion brands to buy yourself a pair of winter boots, but most of the time, they don’t last longer than one Winter before they start to look tired and worn.

Not Doc Martens- these boots are made to last.

Are Doc Martens Suitable For Winter?

Doc Martens are style icons, but they are also very practical and weather resistant, making them a great Winter boot.

They are water-resistant, have great grip, and are really comfortable and feel cushioned to wear. 

Most Doc Martens are designed with fashion and quality in mind, so they are not specifically designed for hiking through snow, but they can be wonderful for general use during the colder months.

There are also styles that are completely waterproof, and some with layers of sherpa or fur on the inside to keep you warm. 

Doc Martens are designed to be versatile, and all-round shoes.

They do have good traction, and are comfortable and water-resistant, but if you are looking for boots that are best used in snow or ice, then you may want to go for something else.

However, if you want something that can generally keep your feet toasty and stop you from falling over in most Wintery weather, then Doc Martens are a great choice. 

How Should You Style Doc Martens In Winter?

At the heart, Doc Martens are all about combining fashion and style with durability and comfort.

So, when it comes to styling these boots, you should ensure that you are warm by layering up, and that your Docs can accentuate an outfit rather than make it look boring or dowdy. 

We love pairing Doc Martens with skinny jeans, and turning up the end so that you can see the boots for what they are.

But, if you live in colder weather, then tuck those skinny jeans into the boot for a seamless look. 

Doc Martens also look great with tights, or even with dresses.

They can add a level of rock-style to a pretty floral dress, and keep your feet safe from winter weather conditions such as puddles and rain or cold winds. 

We love layering outfits with Doc Martens. Think of chunky knits, thick fluffy socks (Also check out Best Compression Socks For Plus Size Women), and leggings or jeans! 

Doc Marten Winter Outfits You’ll Love

If you’re unsure how to wear your Doc Martens in the Winter, then we have some outfit inspiration for you below.

We love this rock-chic look, with skinny leather pants, a graphic tee and a plaid blazerfor heading out in the cold!

For a more polished appearance, try wearing mom jeans with a black turtleneck and a blazer. Match your Doc Martens to a cute purse, and you can be ready for work meetings, events or even an evening out!

We are obsessed with a simple, oversized knit and a patterned skirt with your Doc Martens during the colder months!

Why not hop on the ‘shacket’ trend, and wear an oversized shirt-jacket with stonewashed jeans and platform Doc Martens?

You could also wear a long-line slimming coat over your outfit, and turn up your jeans to reveal your Doc Martens!

Try wearing a cool white sweater, some light-wash jeans and your Doc Martens for a simple yet stylish look.

You could also wear Doc Martens with a knitted sweater dress to show off your legs!

Try a statement coat or jacket, with some leather trousers and Doc Martens

Finally, we love this laid back vibe with a striped black tee, jeans, dark jeans, and chunky boots. This is a dressed-down look, but it looks amazing when put together with Doc Martens. 


To summarize, we always end up wearing our Doc Martens with every Winter outfit.

They can protect your feet from cold, wet weather during the Winter months, and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on your style. 

Doc Martens are so comfortable, durable and look great with a range of different outfits, whether you are heading to the office, running errands, grabbing coffee, or going out for the night!

Jessica White
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