What To Wear With Black Tights, It Might Just Change Your Style Game

Tights are a very versatile accessory that is just as stylish as they are handy. Imagine you want to wear your favorite skirt or dress but it’s pretty chilly outside – a pair of black tights can keep your legs nice and warm! 

What To Wear With Black Tights, It Might Just Change Your Style Game

Black tights are great for boosting your confidence, changing up your style, and working with all kinds of trends and personalities. So, just what can you wear with black tights? 

Here are some of the various things you can wear with black tights to change up your style game! 

1. Colors

A common trend with black tights is to pair them with black clothing – little black dresses, black skirts, black shoes, etc. 

However, black tights are very versatile and work great with color too! So don’t feel that you have to limit your black tights to your all-black, sophisticated outfits.

If you love wearing lots of colors, black tights will work a ton of different shades as they are a neutral color! 

2. Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are the ultimate dress to wear if you are looking for comfort. They are oversized, typically made of wooly materials, and have long sleeves to keep you nice and cozy.

Lots of people love sweater dresses but doing bare-legged doesn’t always suit everyone. 

After all, some people like to wear sweater dresses as a cute way to stay stylish and warm – surely going bare-legged would undo that?  

This is where black tights come in. Black tights are neutral so they will match any colored sweater dress and they work well at keeping your legs warm.

So, if you want to wear a dress even in chilly weather, black tights have got you covered! 

3. Leather Skirts 

Leather skirts are popular with punks and rebels who love wearing cool, sleek materials and articles of clothing.

Tights work well with this style too and black tights can help colored leather skirts (typically in shades of emerald, red, or yellow) pop. 

Alternatively, leather skirts and black tights work well together to make cocktail-esque outfits.

If you are trying to pull together a formal outfit to wear at parties, bars, or even clubbing, then black tights might be the final touch you need to your outfit. 

4. Velvet Dress

This style of dress is soft and looks amazing, and black tights perfectly complement the material.

A lot of people wear velvet dresses to create soft, cozy fall-inspired outfits and black tights can help carry that theme throughout your outfit. 

Patterned black tights can also break up the monotony of your velvet dress if you desire and work well with strong boots or sneakers. 

5. Plaid Skirt

Your plaid skirt is probably the focal point of your outfit. If you want to make it stand out even more, then black tights can help you out! 

Because black tights are neutral and dark, they tend to fade into the background of your outfit. This helps brighter colors and patterns to stand out due to the contrast.

So, if you have a plaid skirt you absolutely love and want to show off, black tights can aid you. 

6. Ripped Jeans

This entry is a little alternative as most people don’t pair tights with jeans – but they work so well!

If you don’t want to bare any skin at all, black tights can boost your confidence and help you wear more types of jeans. 

Plus, they provide an extra layer for those really cold winter days. 

7. Combat Boots

When it comes to footwear, black tights work well with lots of different types.

This includes heels and sneakers, but we want to highlight combat boots and how great they look with black tights.

They bring a rebellious touch to any outfit and they are super comfortable to wear.

They can ground a more glamorous outfit and make it suitable for everyday wear! 

8. Patterned Dress

Most black tights are pretty plain and this makes them contrast nicely with different patterns.

If you have a busy, patterned outfit like a dress, then black tights can give them a boost and really make them pop! 

9. Denim Shorts

The denim shorts and black tights combo is a great way to add a touch of rebellious style to an otherwise casual outfit.

It also means you can wear your favorite summer shorts all year round as your legs are kept nice and warm. 

10. Playsuits

Playsuits are a fun alternative to a dress. Because there’s no flowing skirt, a lot of women prefer them because they feel more comfortable and secure. 

Tights add an extra layer of security and comfort – and black tights can flatter casual and glamorous bodysuits worn for very different occasions! 

Final Thoughts

And that’s it! Those were some of the different things you can wear with black tights! 

From jeans to playsuits, boots to skirts, there are lots of outfits where a pair of black tights can elevate your look and help you feel more comfortable.

They are practical, versatile, and pretty stylish – so don’t be afraid to try adding black tights to some of your favorite outfits. 

Who knows, you may love this new look even more! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Wear Underwear With Tights?

Tights aren’t supposed to be a substitute for your regular underwear.

As a result, most women wear underwear underneath their tights. You may want to try and color-coordinate your underwear so they don’t stand out against your tights but generally, it doesn’t really matter.

However, if you want to go commando, then do it! We aren’t here to tell you what and what not to wear so do what feels right for you!

Can You Wear Black Tights With White Sneakers?

The contrast between black tights and white sneakers is a fabulous, trendy choice. Not only do the tights protect your legs and keep you nice and warm, but it helps your sneakers stand out as a statement piece of your outfit!

So, if you want to show off your white sneakers, pairing them with black tights is a great idea.

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