Forget Doc Martens, Try These Combat Boots Instead

Doc Martens are very popular, however, they can be very expensive and not everyone can afford something as expensive as Docs. Some of us also love combat boots but do not need yet another pair of Docs. 

Similarly, breaking into Doc Martens is not an easy process, and going through the whole ordeal can feel the opposite of worthwhile, especially when you could get some other combat boots with less issue. 

Forget Doc Martens, Try These Combat Boots Instead

Whatever the case, we have decided to put together a list of Doc Marten combat boot alternatives to help you find the pair of combat boots you will love to use as a replacement for traditional Docs! 

Best Alternatives To Doc Martens

It all depends on what you are looking for, but Doc Marten alternatives can range a great deal in price from double-figure to triple-figure costs, some can be elegant, others leather, and some can look super cool and like real military combat boots! 

So, take a look at our list and see which combat boots are the best choice for you! Don’t forget to consider your budget when you are thinking about buying a new pair of shoes!

#1. The Best Look-Alike You Can Afford

This is one of the best look-alikes for Doc Martens we have seen, especially if you are on a budget. They look like Doc Martens combat boots and even have that traditional tread. 

DSW often has sales on, and if you are lucky you can catch a pair of boots like these for less than $40! They are fast sellers though, as you can imagine, so if you want a budget pair of Doc Martens you have to be quick. 

DSW is not a well-known site, however, if you want a pair of budget-friendly combat boots, lesser known sites like this are one of the best to go to!

#2. Best Combat Boots

These combat boots are Amazon Essentials brand, and while most probably wouldn’t think to choose Amazon Essentials, they are actually really chic and affordable. 

What we also love about these boots is how they have a 4.5-star rating with more than 1400 reviews, which says something about their value and durability. 

Sure, they might not be quite as chunky as actual Doc Martens are, but they are an epic option if you have a style that tends to veer toward the more feminine side of the style spectrum.

#3. Elegant Feminine Combat Boots

We were a bit torn between these and a Vince Camuto option, however, we find these super cute as an elegant and feminine option for combat boots. They are ankle combat boots and are available in 7 different colors. 

They are also 100% leather and are durable too. Sometimes taller combat boots don’t suit you, and when this is the case, feminine ankle combat boots can be the way to go to get an extra dose of style in your closet. 

These are often on sale for below $80 but are usually closer to double that price, so keep an eye on offers, shop wisely… No matter what you’re shopping for!

#4. Traditional Combat Boots

These may not look like the combat boots in old movies, but they are ankle boots, super comfy, and have a lot of style to them. They are also very affordable too. You can get them in 3 colors, brown, black, and white. 

They offer a comfortable fit with a non-slip sole, and a fashionable, stylish design.

People are sure to think you’re wearing Docs when actually, you’re wearing a sleek pair of alternative combat boots that you can get for less than $100 even when they’re not on sale!

#5. Heeled Combat Boots

If you are like us, and like your combat boots to have a heel, we have the perfect thing for you. If you’re a little on the shorter side, but love combat boots and want the best of both worlds, these will solve all of your problems. 

They are made from synthetic leather and have a rubber sole, while their heel is not quite as high as some others we saw, this heel is just enough to add some height without being uncomfortable. 

These are available with all these perks for around $100 when these shoes aren’t on sale, and with their classic design offered in 5 colors, these are one hell of a deal for boot lovers.

#6. Best High Quality Combat Boots

Some of us love good high-quality men’s shoes instead of Doc Martens. We would be lying if we said we didn’t love a good pair of Golden Fox combat boots from time to time.

They only come in one color, cordovan, but they have a comfy rubber outsole, with resilient and rugged leather. 

What is even better is how easy they are to break in.

Remember what we said about Doc Martens painstaking breaking-in process, well, with these you needn’t worry, even though they are high-quality leather, which most of us would usually expect to be a difficult break-in! 

While they are made for men, they can easily fit women as well, just make sure that you choose the size that will fit you best. Our only peeve with these shoes is that they do not come in more colors.

Cordovan does not suit every outfit after all!

#7. Best Versatile Combat Boots

These Steven Madden combat boots are awesome! They are very versatile too, which is a massive perk. They have a very simplistic silhouette which allows them to vary from being office attire to be suitable for a great weekend out.

You could even wear them hiking if you enjoy that! 

The sole is not as chunky as you would get from a traditional Doc Marten boot, and the overall boot is a bit more narrow. 

However, they have some amazing reviews and have even been reported to have lasted for years, which is ideal, as with something this versatile and stylish, you will not want them to retire from your closet!

They are also 100% leather and come in 4 different color options, they have a synthetic sole and are often under $150, but if you are lucky you can get them on offer, so, if you are on a budget and these combat boots have caught your eye, then keep an eye out for sales!

#8. Best Combat Boots With No Laces

If you know your boots and shoes, then you are probably familiar with Blundstones. These shoes are well known for being versatile and high quality. Blunderstones also have the reputation of lasting you for many years to come. 

We know the pain of having to lace up your boots every time you put them on, and we admit, even if you love the boots it can be annoying in a rush. So, why not invest in these? 

You could have a pair of traditional lace-up combat boots, and then a pair of these to save you on hectic mornings! For those of us who hate lacing up boots, these are an ideal option. 

We also love how these boots are brilliant in unpleasant weather, withstanding heavy rain! If you are outdoorsy and tend to face adverse weather, but want a nice pair of boots that will serve you well, we suggest trying out these!

They only come in black, but they have two variations of black to choose from. They can cost between $130 and $198 to buy, but they are definitely worth the investment in quality. With no laces, there is no faffing about too!

#9. ‘Ageless’ Combat Boots

Heard of Frye Veronica? No? No worries, let’s introduce you! These alternative Doc Marten combat boots are ideal for women who want a fitted but also elegant combat boot.

Their main downside is that they need some time to wear in, so they do not beat Doc Martens in that regard. 

However, they do have a narrow width with a more fitted boot shaft, which creates an overall more sophisticated look to them. While we probably would not wear these out hiking, they would go well with a chic pair of trousers or in the office! 

They are made with 100% leather and come in varying color options, so you have plenty to choose from. It also has a stacked leather heel which makes the shoes look rugged while also giving a durable step at the same time. 

They have good reviews and more than 350 ratings, the main complaint people seem to have is that some find the laces to be too short, but in terms of style and fit, all seem to be good! 

#10. The Jadon Doc Martens Substitute

These boots have the same chunky platform heel as the Jadon Doc Martens, as well as the classic rounded toe.

They are a brilliant alternative, especially if you like the Jadon Doc Martens, but either cannot afford official Jadon or like the style but don’t want to buy more Docs.

They work as a fantastic alternative, especially for those on a budget, as most people will be able to get them for less than $70, however, if you manage to get them on sale, you may be able to get yourself a pair for less than $55!

This is a definite bargain for some great shoes!

The bottom is chunky, and the sole is a lug, and you can also get them in up to 10 different color options. Also, they work well for people who are not fans of tying up their shoes with laces as they use a zip to close! 

#11. Alternative For Leather Doc Martens

Finally, we will finish with an alternative for those who love leather shoes! Leather is a great look and can appear sleek and smooth. While they are on the more expensive side of things they are cheaper than buying leather Docs! 

They are also available in 5 different colors too, white, olive suede, black, port suede, and olive patent.

They are fitted with a heel of 1.3 inches and also offer everyday comfort with a three-zone comfort system built into the shoe as is common with Vionic shoes. 

The Vionic three-zone support helps to support feet better, providing cushioning to the arch midsole, and deep heel.

This makes these shoes not only stylish, but also super comfy and suitable for long walks, and even work environments. 


We love combat boots, and while Doc Martens sell plenty of great ones, they are not for everyone. Docs can be wonderful, but expensive and hard to wear in.

This is why it can be highly advantageous to look at alternative options. 

The options we have looked at today are all great and can suit different people with different needs.

Whether you love or hate laces, prefer leather or velvet, if you’d rather have a heel, or want something more durable, there are plenty of options for you. 

Combat boots are brilliant, but you do not need to empty your bank account for a great pair! 

Combat Boot Frequently Asked Questions

Are Combat Boots In Style?

Combat boots have been in style for a while, back in 2021 the top combat boots were traditional, chunky Chelsea boots and lug sole boots. However, combat boots are a boot type that never goes out of fashion it would seem. 

Is It Okay To Wear Combat Boots To Work? 

As long as you do not work in a formal workspace, or have to wear specific footwear, combat boots can be great for the workplace.

If you wear business casual then heeled combat boots or narrow ones can be some of the easiest boots to integrate into your working outfit. It does depend on the dress code, however!

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